Top 9 Best Online YouTube Downloaders

If you’re looking for an easy way to download YouTube videos online for free, then you have come to the right place.

Because in this post, you will get to know about the best YouTube downloaders online websites.


YouTube is the most significant worldwide streaming service where you can upload, watch, and share different types of wonderful videos.

But this fantastic video content sharing platform doesn’t allow you to download any videos from directly from it.

That is why there are several other websites and apps that helps you to download free YouTube videos effortlessly on any device.

And here you will get to know about them in a detailed manner.

Why doesn’t YouTube allow you to download videos directly

YouTube doesn’t allow you to download videos directly on your computer and mobile devices because they want you to stay on YouTube and watch them.

Also keep in mind that:

Downloading YouTube videos from any other free online YouTube video downloaders and softwares is against the terms of service of youtube.

According to YouTube:

You don’t have the permission to download youtube videos unless you’re the content owner, or you’ve gotten permission from the copyright owner of the video.

Another thing I want to mention is that, all these video downloaders download videos at 30-60FPS only so don’t expect them to do something extraordinary in you 144Hz overclocked monitor.

Best YouTube Video Downloaders Online

We have sorted the best online YouTube downloaders based on reliability, user-friendliness, and special features like video converters, language support, video editing, etc.

So here are our top 9 picks for the best free YouTube downloaders online:

1. Y2Mate

y2mate is an excellent website for free YouTube video downloading.

This website is straightforward to use as and has a simple interface.

You can search for any videos in the search bar of this website. You can also copy-paste the video URL of YouTube videos to download them for free.

This website can convert the videos to different video formats such as MP4, WEBM, 3GP, WMV & FLV.

You can also convert YouTube videos into different audio file formats such as MP3, AAC, and WMA.

Y2mate it also supports 19 different languages. But sometimes I found that this website gets low due to high download requests.

There’s an android app of Y2Mate too which is pretty lite and simple to use.

Incase you face any no audio error then you can fix it easily by updating your audio drivers.



Vidmate is an Android app to download free YouTube videos.

This app also supports various platforms like facebook and netflix to download videos and audios.

There is a vast library of video content inside vidmate, including TV series, movies, music videos, etc.

You can download YouTube videos in different file formats such as MP4 and MP3 in different resolutions and file sizes.

The best thing about vidmate is:

It also has a built-in media player for playing these videos and audios smoothly inside the app.

The main problem with vidmate is:

Sometimes you will find disturbing and irrelevant notifications.

But don’t worry. You can simply disable these notifications from your phone settings (Settings>notifications>vidmate).

3. BitDownloader


BitDownloader is the best video downloading site that helps you to download videos from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and many other popular websites.

You can download an unlimited number of videos from this website for free.

BitDownloader is a free YouTube video downloading service that allows you to download videos in MP4 format up to 720p only.

The best thing about BitDownloader is:

Its website is speedy and responsive.

It also supports three different languages. And you can download large file sizes without any worry.

But keep in mind that:

BitDownloader doesn’t support 1080p videos. So, it doesn’t support 1440p and 4k too.



Vidpaw is another excellent free YouTube downloader that allows you to download videos by providing the video URL or by searching it from their website.

VIDPAW is the only website that allows you to download videos up to 8k resolution. That means your downloaded youtube videos will be of super high-quality.

I have tested downloading 720p, 1080p, 1440p 4K, and 8k videos, and every one of them ran fine.

You won’t find any audio quality loss in the videos, although being colossal size.

There’s an android version of Vidpaw too that makes it more convenient to recommend.

The worst problem of vidpaw is:

Sometimes it struggles to find videos after copy-pasting the URL in it.

That’s why I recommend you to search for YouTube videos directly from the website because it works seamlessly.


save-from-net is a free online YouTube downloader that is highly user-friendly and capable of downloading any video upto 1080p.

No matter which video you download, it will convert it to an MP4 web or an MP3 format only.

All you need to do is haste the video link in the search box, click the arrow on the right side of it, and download the video or audio under a few minutes.

This website also comes with a guide for downloading YouTube videos for beginners.

You can also download Facebook videos from

I find the ads a bit annoying, but their service is worthy.

6. YouTubeNowyoutube-now

YouTubeNow is one of the best sites for downloading youtube videos.

This online youtube downloading site has its search engine to download free YouTube videos.

It supports a few essential formats too.

You can download full HD videos from YouTubeNow easily by providing the video link or by searching the videos from its search engine.

YouTubeNow is a very safe website to download YouTube videos.

Download speed from this website is fast, and that’s why I use YouTube now.

7. KeepVidProkeep-vid

Keepvid Pro is a beautiful YouTube ripper that allows you to rip YouTube videos for free.

This web based YouTube downloading site is excellent for downloading videos from Netflix, Facebook, youtube, Lynda, Instagram, Vimeo, Hulu, etc.

You can also download songs from SoundCloud just by copy-pasting the URL of it.

Keepvid Pro is straightforward to use, and it can scan YouTube videos very quickly just after pasting the video URL.

But there is no search engine on this website.

I think this is the all in one best online YouTube video downloaders of all time.

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8. Any Video Converterany-video-converter

Any Video Converter is a free online YouTube downloader that is excellent for converting videos to different formats.

The most exciting thing about AVC is:

You can edit and crop the YouTube videos before downloading it.

I think Any Video Converter is the best website to download YouTube videos if you get their ultimate version (paid).

Otherwise, this YouTube video downloading website is better only for a few high-quality downloads.

9. TubeMatetube-mate

TubeMate is the best YouTube video downloader for Android devices.

You can download free YouTube videos online through the TubeMate video downloader.

Among all the YouTube downloaders, I found that tubemate is the simplest one to use.

The great thing about TubeMate is:

You can choose the file formats and sizes of the videos and audios before you start downloading the YouTube them.

But the ads are sometimes annoying.

How to download YouTube videos for free

Free YouTube video downloading is fun because you can keep your favorite videos on your devices and watch them anytime.

You can enjoy watching these videos offline whenever you are outside or in a place where there is no internet.

Here’s the easiest way to download YouTube videos:

  1. Copy the video URL right clicking on the YouTube
  2. Paste the Video URL in the url box of any online Youtube video downloader.insert-video-url
  3. Select the resolution and file format of the video.
  4. Click on the Download button to start downloading YouTube videos for free.

But there are few websites where you need to select the file formats for your desired video or audio type.

If you don’t know much about file formats, I suggest you download MP4 for videos and mp3 for audio files.

Final thoughts

Now that you have known the best online YouTube video downloaders, you can simply visit their sites to rip YouTube videos as you wish and download them for free.

I have included two YouTube video downloader softwares for ease of use on Android devices.

Hopefully, you have found the best YouTube downloader online for you.

Thank you for going through this post.

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  1. I think, Vidpaw is the best as it can download videos at 4K. Anyways, thanks for such helpful info. keep up the good work

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