[SOLVED] PS5 Data Not Syncing

Although the PlayStation 5 (PS5) is a far more powerful successor to the PlayStation 4 (PS4), there are presently several bugs and stability issues.

Meanwhile, the PS5 Couldn’t Sync Your Save Data Due to a Conflict is another issue most dissatisfied PS5 owners are dealing with these days. However, that is essentially the information that users obtain. There are no further details on what caused the problem in the first place.couldnt-sync-your-saved-data

To make matters worse, some players’ game data was destroyed due to unexpected or unplanned disputes.

You’ve come to the proper place if you’re one of them and have the same difficulty for an unknown reason. Occasionally, the console will display a notice informing players that it could not sync failed data due to an unanticipated conflict. We’ve spoken about some solutions to this problem here.

Why does my PS5 not sync data

If your PS5 console fails to sync saved data, it means there is a discrepancy between data recorded in console storage and data saved in cloud storage. The two storage platforms were unable to interface and transfer data effectively. The error message that comes on the screen confirms this. It reads, ‘There is a conflict between the saved data in console and cloud storage.’ Select the saved data that you want to sync’.

Furthermore, if your Internet connection is lost, your console will be unable to sync saved data properly. When this warning occurs, gamers have two options: disable auto-sync or manually select storage. Let’s see what you can do to help address PS5, not sync data problems.

What is Auto Sync for saved data on PS5?

Using the PS5’s new Auto-Sync feature, your gaming progress will be automatically synced to the cloud. You can begin a gaming session on one device and finish it on another without manually downloading saved files. In games like NBK2k21, FIFA, and Ghost of Tsushima, saved files cause this data corruption problem.

Cloud storage jargon might be Auto-Sync. Your saved data is quickly transmitted to the cloud when you exit a game or put your PS5 to sleep. You can transfer your PSN data to a new PlayStation system if you purchase one.

For players who wish to make use of the increased features, the first few months after the debut of a new gaming console are typically a learning curve. Users of the PlayStation 5 are no exception, and they are looking for answers to their PS5-related questions on the internet.

Fortunately, those players have access to a number of resources, such as PlayStation’s current PS5 settings video or instructions. People are still having trouble getting their game files to autosave. The steps to auto-sync data on the PS5 are as follows:

  • Select the Settings option.
  • Choose between game/app settings and saved data.
  • Select saved data (PS5).
  • Choose x to sync saved data.
  • Enable auto-sync of saved data.

To save data in the same way, you can enable auto-sync on your PS4. There is, however, a catch. Cloud saving works differently when playing PS4 games on a PS5. Many PS4 owners will undoubtedly switch to the PS5 as quickly as possible, especially for their favorite games.

If you play PS4 games on a PS5, keep in mind that, unlike PS5 games, your saved data may not be uploaded to the cloud automatically. For PS4 users, return to the “Save Data and Game/App Settings” tab, but this time look for “Save Data” (PS4).

If PS4 owners like it, they can enable their games to upload to the cloud automatically. Gamers can specify whether all their PS4 game saves are automatically uploaded to the cloud or must be selected individually. There will be a multitude of saving files from managing because the vast majority of PS4 titles are backward compatible with PS5. Otherwise, gamers must manually go through and manage their PS4 cloud saves.

How to fix PS5 data not syncing

Before making any changes, keep in mind that your account must be set to primary only in order for it to autosave download/upload save files on your cloud storage. To access the cloud storage, you must also have an active PS Plus subscription. Without a ps plus subscription auto-sync, data will not work.fix-ps5-data-not-syncing


The saved data, on the other hand, will not work if you previously played the game on disc and are now playing it digitally, as the digital region differs from the disc region. The same may be said with DLC material. You will be unable to use earlier save files and sync data on PS5 if the area is different.

Why couldn’t PS5 sync due to conflict?

As a result, your PS5 is getting PS4 to save data from your internet storage rather than PS5 data or creating a new one for the PS5 upgrading game. This is where the data corruption happens because you cannot play the PS5 version game with PS4 save files. Because this flaw affects so many players in NBK2k21, the producer’s technique to correct it is essentially identical in all games.

Now that we’ve found the issue let’s begin troubleshooting.

Manually delete PS4 save files

You’ve come because your favorite game isn’t playable on your PS5, but it is on your PS4. So the PS5 downloads the PS4 save games first, followed by the PS5 save games; this is where the problem rises. If you delete the PS4 save games, the bug will be gone.

The steps to erase PS4 save files are as follows:

  • Choose Settings.
  • Access previously saved data and game settings.
  • Select Save data (PS4).
  • Choose cloud storage.
  • Select Delete.
  • Delete any game files that are no longer synchronizing.
  • Go to the stored data folder (PS5).
  • Select cloud storage.
  • Choose Download.
  • Download the NBK2k21 game files.

Then, restart the game to ensure that it is still operating. If not, go to the next method.

Restart the PS5

A simple reboot can occasionally fix data corruption problems. I tried multiple times, and each time, it worked. To restart PS5, perform the following steps:


Hold down the PS5 button.

  • Choose the Power icon.
  • The PlayStation 5 should be restarted.
  • Start the game that is giving you difficulties. If the data sync issue persists, consider recreating the database on your PS5; it should work.

Rebuild PS5 Database

Any difficulties will be resolved by rebuilding the PS5 database. Restart your PS5 in safe mode and refresh the ps5 database. The procedures for rebuilding the PS5 database are as follows:

  • Turn off the PS5.
  • Hold the power button down for 7 seconds.
  • Connect the dual sense controller.
  • Recreate the database after clearing the cache.
  • Select rebuild database.
  • Wait for the operation to finish.

It will be bricked if you unplug your PlayStation 5 while the process is still going. After you’ve finished rebuilding, try launching the previously troublesome game. If that doesn’t work, try the way below.

Reinstall the game

If you still can’t play the game because of file corruption, uninstall it and reinstall it. Delete the game first, followed by all of the game’s saved data from your hard drive. Perform a clean installation after removing everything from your console. Check that the game’s region and your PSN account are the same. Furthermore, your previously saved data will not work otherwise. Following this method, maybe you will be able to enjoy your game.

Disable auto-sync.

If you don’t want to go through the following steps every time the problem occurs, turn off auto-sync for the affected game. As a result, your saves will not be automatically synchronized to the cloud. Just keep in mind that if you turn off auto-sync, you risk losing your game progress if your console fails. Remove PS4 cloud saves. Many consumers were able to address the issue by deleting their PS4’s cloud storage data.

  • Under Settings, navigate to Saved data and Game/App settings.
  • Then select Saved data (PS4). The goal is to use Cloud Storage for your PS4 instead of your PS5.
  • Choose Delete. Wait until you see the list of games that you have installed and saved.
  • Remove the game causing the issue from your PS4.
  • Go back to Saved data (PS5) and select Console Storage.
  • Select the option Upload to Cloud Storage.
  • Select the save game that did not sync to the cloud. Click the Upload button.
  • Select Apply to All to overwrite your cloud data with what is now on your console.

If you continue to see this problem message on the screen of your PS5, please get in touch with the PlayStation Support Team.

If your PS5 was unable to sync saved data, this signifies that data in console storage conflicts with data in cloud storage. To fix this issue, you must manually select which saved data from syncing. RPG games, such as Skyrim and The Witcher, require saved data because you cannot restart them from the beginning if it is not a new game+. In games like FIFA, however, NBK2k21 save files are critical; if they do not match the criteria, the game will not launch. 


Do I select console or cloud storage?

You must select that option if you want to save your game to your console’s storage. If you are using a cloud storage service, it is suggested that you select this option. The majority of gamers will have to go with the first option, which is to save their data on the console’s storage space.

How do I check my saved data on PS5?

Your PlayStation 5 system maintains track of how much hard drive space is taken up by games, media content, and saved data. To find out how much free space you have, go to the home screen and select Settings > Storage from the menu that appears.