[SOLVED] PS5 DualSense Controller Update Greyed Out

For the most recent video game iteration, a gaming technology called the Dual Sense controller, also commonly referred to as the PS5 controller, is a game-changing addition to the industry.

The most recent generation of video game consoles has been significantly improved thanks to the introduction of several cutting-edge technologies, two of which are haptic feedback and customizable triggers. Everyone, from the most devoted gamers to the people who make games, has a soft spot for the controller.


Even the most devoted Xbox fans appreciated it, which prompted Xbox researchers to study the PS5 controller in search of design ideas. On the other hand, the capabilities of its backup batteries were lacking. Regardless of this, the most recent Update brings some improvements to the backup battery.

In spite of the fact that the PlayStation 5 is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked and dependable gaming consoles, a number of users have complained on various online discussion forums that they cannot upgrade the firmware of their consoles when they attempt to do so. This is the case despite the fact that the PlayStation 5 is undoubtedly one of the most popular and dependable gaming consoles.

As a direct consequence, they cannot update the software they are using to the most recent version. It is essential to bring the software up to the most recent version possible because doing so is the only way to ensure it can efficiently communicate with the server.

If you are experiencing the identical problem stated in the previous sentence, you have arrived at the right location.

Do PS5 controllers have updates?

There are frequent updates made to the PlayStation controller that brings about various enhancements. After a significant update to the system software of the PS5 is released, a new iteration of the controller will become available for purchase.

As a result of the enhancements, the system will be more reliable and have increased battery life and connection speed. The ability to upgrade controllers is currently unavailable to many users. Back in the day, when we were both struggling with the same issue, we worked together to find a solution that worked within a relatively short amount of time.

Customers must connect their DualSense controller to their PlayStation 5 (PS5) using a USB cable that is compatible with the system to finish the upgrade process. The cable can be purchased on its own, independent of the system. Although the controller is plugged into the console, there are occasions when the console does not recognize the controller.

This might take place under extremely unusual circumstances. The issue has not been fixed even though some users have attempted to solve it by modifying the connection settings on their devices to “USB only” or deleting connectivity choices such as “Communicate over Bluetooth.” However, these actions have not been successful in solving the issue.

Customers are even more angered by the fact that they are needed to apply the Update to continue using the DualSense controllers that they have acquired for the products that they have purchased, as this makes it impossible for them to use those controllers. As a direct consequence of this, their controls are, at the very least, for the time being, rendered completely ineffectual. Utilizing a brand spanking new USB cable was the solution that helped someone address the issue.

Because of this, the issue could be resolved successfully. If you have more than one cable, you may try using a different one to address the problem. This would only work if you had more than one cable hanging about. This would only be successful if several cables were lying around.

How to Update PS5 DualSense Controller Firmware

Updating your PS5 controller can be completed in a realistic timeframe since it only requires a few simple steps. Your controller will notify you, in the same manner it does when an operating system update is ready to be installed or when a patch is ready to be downloaded and installed. When an upgrade to the system is ready, this will occur in the same manner as before.


It will not be possible for you to download any updates for your controller if it is not connected to a PS5 system. This indicates that before your controller can be used, it must, in addition to being connected to the console through the HDMI line, also be connected through the USB cord and synchronized with one of your PlayStation Network accounts. The synchronization process must be completed before your controller can be used.

The following is a list of the many different ways that the firmware on your PS5 controller can be upgraded:

  • Now is the time to boot up your PS5.
  • Before proceeding, make sure the PS button is depressed.
  • Keep an eye out for the notification that an update is available for download.
  • A USB cable can be attached to the controller if it is something that is desired.
  • Click the now button to get the most recent version.

When the firmware update is downloaded, the controller will power down itself. You will need to continue pushing the PS button to re-establish a connection with your controller after the Update has been successfully installed.

Even while the PlayStation 5 is one of the most well-liked gaming consoles in the industry’s history, this does not necessarily mean it is without flaws. Even Sony’s fancy new DualSense controller needs periodic updates; the company has supplied a huge number of patches for the platform to improve the platform dependability and performance, which can be viewed here.

Updating your PS5 controller is neither challenging nor unpleasant because Sony has gone to great lengths to make it as user-friendly and practical as possible. As a result of these efforts, the process can now be completed in a matter of minutes.

Why should you update your PS5 controller

Before I installed the most current Update for my gadget, I had issues with the dual sensing controller. It appeared to have a battery life of about three hours, which is not particularly amazing for a controller that was supposed to be used with next-generation gaming systems. As a direct consequence of the Update, the controller has been upgraded, and it can now support roughly 6-7 hours of continuous gameplay without charging.

It is in your best interest to maintain your DualSense controller up to date for many reasons, the deletion of those annoying Update prompts being one of the less crucial. Since the PlayStation 5 (PS5) was first made available to consumers, Sony has issued various software updates for the gaming console.

These changes are being made to enhance DualSense’s dependability and performance. Consequently, anybody who has struggled to connect to their controller should seriously think about upgrading to a more recent version of the software.

The updates for the PS5 system and the enhancements for the DualSense system are closely related to one another. Early on in this year, a problem that had been affecting the PS5 controller’s battery indicator was addressed and eventually fixed. Because of this glitch, the screen would always alert you that the battery on your PS5 controller was low, even if you had recently charged it. This would happen even if you didn’t use the controller in a while.

Updating DualSense has not yet resulted in adding any important new capability; however, this may change in the not-too-distant or not-too-near future. Until now, it was updating DualSense has not resulted in the inclusion of any substantial new feature.

How to fix ps5 controller update greyed out

An issue could have brought about this mistake with the system, which is a possibility—on the other hand, making the necessary adjustments will not be difficult at all. Resetting your console or reconnecting the controller should get you past this obstacle and cure the issue. These two stages must be completed in order. On the other hand, to address this problem, in some instances, you will have to reset the controller that you are using.

The following are the steps that need to be taken to fix the problem where the PS5 controller update is unable to be enabled:

Reset PS5 Controller

Turning off and then turning on the controller is the first step that we recommend taking, and after that, you shouldn’t perform any other actions. Simply restarting the controller is all required to fix the inconsequential problems that have been occurring with the application. It occasionally occurs whenever we use the console, which ultimately leads to a disordered state within the system.


You will be relieved to learn that several people who have put this method to the test have reported that they were satisfied with the results they produced by utilizing it, which you will be happy to learn. If the option to update the controller continues to be unavailable, you will almost certainly be required to do a factory reset on the device. Before the controller can be reset, a few things need to be done first. Here is a list of those things:

  • Using the menu labeled “Accessories,” delete the profile associated with your controller.
  • To control the device, toggle the control switch.
  • Searches the region around the bar code for a gap.
  • Place a very little pin in the hole and secure it.
  • Please keep your hand on the pin as I count down from five. The countdown will begin in five seconds.
  • Check that the PS button is depressed before moving on with the process.

After resetting the system data to factory settings, you will need to restart your PlayStation 5 and watch for a notification to display on the screen. You can update your controller by first inserting the USB cable into the controller and then connecting the cable to the controller simultaneously.

After you have returned the PlayStation 5 to its factory default settings, you will need to restart the system and watch for a notification to show on-screen. Establish a connection between the controller and your computer using the included USB cable so that any software patches or updates may be installed on the device. If the issue that was stated above continues to occur, you need first to attempt to connect a second Dual Sense controller and then update the firmware on the one that is now being used.

If you are only able to update the second controller successfully, this suggests that there is a problem with the first controller. Please take this into consideration because it suggests that there is a problem with the first device. This is a result of the fact that the settings of the first controller cannot be altered in any way.

Be sure to check the cables

To begin the process of upgrading your controller, you will first need to connect your Dual Sense to the PlayStation 4 using the USB C connector that was given by Sony. If you do not do this first, updating your controller will not be an option for you. If the “Update Now” option isn’t functioning as it should, you should check the operation of your cables to see whether or not the problem can be resolved.

In addition, if you are attempting this procedure without first connecting the C wire, you must connect the cable before continuing. Once that is complete, we will keep our fingers crossed that you will be able to upgrade your controller. On the other hand, if you use a Type-C cable that is of lower quality and lower cost, Sony may choose not to support your use of the cable.

This is because Sony does not support all Type-C cables in their products. Instead, we advise utilizing the actual controllers that are packaged with your PS5, as these are the most reliable option. If you are using cables that have been approved but are still not working, you should test them with other devices to ensure that they are in excellent working order if you use the ones that have been certified but still don’t work.

Shut Down PS5

You may run into some entertaining technical issues if you keep your PlayStation 5 turned on for an exceptionally extended amount of time. As a consequence, beginning again from scratch can be the most prudent course of action for the time being.


In order to put the PS5 to sleep, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Keeping your finger on the button allows you to turn the device on and off at will.
  • After you have heard two beeps, you can remove your finger from the power button.
  • Ensure that the console has been turned off completely and correctly before leaving.

After the PlayStation 5 has finished powering down, you will need first to turn the gaming system back on before you can connect your controller to the console. Keep your composure and watch the screen for the Update while you patiently wait. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll get the opportunity to upgrade to a more recent controller model.

Reconnect the controller

It is conceivable that the issue can be fixed by severing the connection that you have established between your PlayStation 5 and your controller. If you delete the controller profile, you will also lose all previously saved configurations that you had made to the controller. As a consequence, it is likely that when the reconnection has been restored, you will be required to make adjustments to the settings on the device you are using.

The following procedures need to be carried out in order to reconnect the controller for the PS5 successfully:

  • Proceed to the options for configuring the system.
  • Scroll down the page to view all of the available accessories.
  • Choose general.
  • To make use of accessories that are connected via Bluetooth, hit the x button.
  • Pick the controller that offers the features and functions you need most.
  • Select Delete.
  • It is necessary to make use of a cable in order to connect the controller.
  • Make sure the ps button is activated before moving on with the process.

You should be able to update your controller; however, if you are unable to do so, proceed to the next technique. If you are unable to update your controller, move on to the next technique.

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The controller for the PlayStation 5 was an enormous leap ahead of the next generation of video games, and it was the factor that was responsible for the game’s total and utter metamorphosis. It has a few minor issues, but it is undoubtedly one of the best controllers that can be purchased right now. 


How do I force update my PS5 controller?

Connect your PlayStation 5 controller to your console via the USB cable in order to begin the process of updating your system. For the time being, it is not feasible to do wireless software updates on the DualSense controller. To begin the process, you must first connect the device and press the Update Now button. After that, you can take some time to unwind, put your feet up, and wait for the Update to finish installing before moving on to the next step.

Why do PS5 controllers need to update?

It is simple to update the software on a PS5 controller. In most instances, the console will notify you and finish the Update shortly after a new software version is made available to the general public. The updates normally occur once every few months, and their primary purpose is to correct any bugs that may have appeared while also making room for newly released games and features. These improvements are also meant to accommodate newly released games and features in their respective categories.