Best RAM for Z690 Motherboards

If you are looking for the best RAM for Z690 motherboards, then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to show you some of the best RAM for Z690 that you can consider buying.


With the arrival of Intel’s newest 12th-Gen Alder Lake Processors, paired with the latest DDR5 RAM technology, the PC community will be in for a very interesting year in 2022! So, to deal with such massive amounts of processing power on hand, choosing the appropriate RAM for the Z690 motherboard has become very critical to avoiding bottlenecks and maintaining peak performance.

As long as the more affordable H670 or B660 chipsets are not launched yet, the Z690 is the only best option available right now. That’s why it’s important to research what you’re getting yourself in for when purchasing anything new.

But you won’t have to do a single thing. A $400 luxurious no-compromises RAM may be out of reach for you, but we’ve got plenty of affordable alternatives for you as well. So, stick together with this article until the end to get the best RAM for Z690 motherboards.

Best RAM for Z690 Motherboards

Award Model Capacity Speed
Best RAM for Overall Features G.Skill Trident Z5 32GB 7000MT/s
Best RAM for Overclocking Kingston FURY Beast 16GB 6000MHz
Best RAM for Affordability Aorus Memory DDR5 32GB 5200MHz
Best RAM for Performance T-Force Night Hawk RGB 16GB 4000MHz
Best RAM for Aesthetics Corsair Dominator RGB 32GB 5200MHz
Best RAM for Non-RGB Setup Crucial DDR5 RAM 32GB 4800MHz
Best RAM for Mid-Range Setup Patriot Viper Steel RGB 64GB 3600MHz
Best RAM for Gaming Kingston FURY Renegade RGB 64GB 3600MHz

G.Skill Trident Z5

Starting with the popular and best-released RAM of 2021, the G.Skill Trident Z5. It got its attention because of the very fast in-memory sensitivity and top-notch design that catches the eye. Although it is not the ideal choice when it comes to affordability, still considering the latest DDR5 technology and other features that it offers, this should be the Best RAM for Z690 Motherboards.


G.Skill is a well-known RAM manufacturer in the PC business, particularly among gamers and enthusiasts. And they have been continuously focusing on improving their memory kits to the next level. Trident and Ripjaws seem to be two G.Skill memory kits that have been the center of attention ever since the beginning of the company.

And these two series are now already popular with enthusiasts and people who like to overclock their computers because these RAMs have a lot of good features along with some of the latest designs in the industry. This is why these are now popular. However, recently a new member has been added to the Trident family called Trident Z5, which is capable of a very high speed and comes with the Samsung ICs and several configuration possibilities.

The G.Skill Trident Z5 comes in three different versions of speeds which are the DDR5-5600, DDR5-6000, and DDR5-6400. When it comes to performance, the highest-end version has fast DDR5-6400 speeds and either CL 36-36-36-76 or CL 40-40-40-76 of latency, depending on the situation. Furthermore, the newest G.Skill Trident Z5 memory kit uses the most up-to-date Samsung memory integrated circuits that enhance the total perspectives. And with the G.Skill, manually screening the memory chips themselves is going to assure you the optimal performance and high reliability.

However, when it comes to looks, the G.Skill Trident Z5 DDR5 RAM has a completely different appearance when compared to prior Trident Z series units. This version of the Trident Z5 has a unique multi-textured heat diffuser design and is featured with two versions which are the black-top bar (Z5) and a new transparent RGB light bar (Z5 RGB).

Additionally, you can get this RAM in black and silver color, with a black brushed aluminum accent along with the length of both hues to make it stand out even more from the crowd. Hence, now let’s take a look at the key features of this RAM.

Key Features:

  • Features the Samsung memory integrated circuits
  • Performs quite well
  • RGB lights are highly customizable
  • Has many color variants

Kingston FURY Beast

Kingston’s Fury Beast RAM is one of the most reasonably priced alternatives available when it comes to the 6000MHz DDR5 memory kit, making it a great choice for a budget gaming PC setup. Despite the fact that FURY Beast is a budget DDR5 kit, it has many amazing features that improve the total experience of gaming.


Hence, to talk about history, it is now possible to purchase DDR5 memory kits, thanks to the introduction of Intel’s 12th generation of Core CPUs. And Kingston was one of the first manufacturers of DDR5 RAM when intel introduced this new tech. Actually, we are impressed with the results. With it, you can expect lightning-quick speeds as well as outstanding timings and a high-end structure.

So, for whom is this RAM for? Actually, if you are a gamer and constant content creator who demands high-end performance and speed, then this Kingston FURY Beast will be the best choice for you.

In addition, if you want to build a high-end gaming PC, or planning to get a 12th Gen Intel processor and a Z690 motherboard, then you can consider buying this kit. Because of the 6000MHz (PC4-28800) clock speed, it makes the Kingstone Fury Beast an excellent option for both productivity and gaming preferences.

Also, it comes with black low-profile heat spreaders that make this RAM look unique and eye-catchy. Being compatible with Intel’s XMP 3.0 profiles makes it even more reliable if you are planning to overclock this RAM. You will also get a lifetime guarantee with this, which means that if you have any type of problem, you will be able to replace it with no hassle.

Specifically, this Kingston’s Fury Beast RAM kit has a low latency of 18-22-22 at 1.35V and is capable of operating at DDR5-6000 speeds. This means that you’ll be able to save money on your energy bill since it will use less power than other devices. However, the Kingston FURY Beast has got my interest, and after analyzing all the features and characteristics, I believe it is the finest budget RAM for the Z690 Motherboards. As a result, if you’re looking to build a gaming setup on a tight budget, this kit is a good choice.

Key Features:

  • Performs very well with the 6000MHz speed.
  • Has heat spreaders with a low profile and a stylish design.
  • It performs best when used with Intel’s newest 12th Generation Core CPU.
  • Supports Intel’s XMP 3.0 profiles, which are particularly handy for overclocking.

Aorus Memory DDR5

GIGABYTE has released their first AORUS-branded DDR5 memory module, which is the best move from their end. This RAM is going to be recognized for its superior performance, which is quicker than its competitors with comparable specifications, as well as its outstanding power efficiency. However, this Aorus Memory DDR5 has ten layers of PCB board that are subjected to provide you best quality control to ensure consistent performance.


AORUS DDR5 memory has a more efficient copper-aluminum composite heat spreader that keeps it super cool even under high pressure. While the benefits of copper’s heat conduction are combined with the advantages of aluminum’s heat dissipation, you can be guaranteed that no limitations will be there when you are overclocking.

Furthermore, while running at high-performance levels, the NanoCarbon coating will aid in the improvement of the passive thermal spreader, which is mandatory to provide you with the best performance possible.

The coating element covers the whole surface of the heat spreaders. As a consequence of this strategy, the heat will be eliminated more rapidly. Hence, if the voltage is too high, it may cause a memory peak temperature of more than 70°C, and also a memory failure.

As a result, the Copper-Aluminum Aloy with NanoCarbon Heat Spreader, which is a design specifically for DDR5, significantly assists in avoiding any possible difficulties while overclocking and maintaining the temperature below 70°C during the operation. So, there is no question that this Gigabyte RAM kit is primarily built for functioning under tremendous stress and offering better performance than you imagined.

Furthermore, this most recently released Gigabyte Aorus DDR5 RAM supports the new XMP 3.0 capability. As a result, you may fine-tune your performance even more. The AORUS DDR5 RAM module not only supports the most current XMP 3.0 standard but also has increased overclocking capabilities and profiles.

Users may now not only utilize the pre-tuned XMP profile but also develop and fine-tune their own profiles, which they can subsequently store to the SPD ROM. Now get ready to experience the advantages of XPM 3.0 with the AORUS DDR5 RAM module.

Key Features:

  • Has thrilling performance and a guaranteed speed of DDR5 5200MHz
  • Working voltage is optimized for better energy saving.
  • Comes with ten layers of PCB board
  • Features the Power Management Integrated circuit.
  • Supports the latest XMP 3.0 for extended performance.

T-Force Night Hawk RGB

The T Force Night Hawk RGB RAM from TeamGroup is a revolutionary piece of art that has altered the way people think about memory. With Intel’s 12th Gen CPU with a Z690 Motherboard, you will be able to make use of all of the excellent features and performance that this memory kit has to offer.


Even if you use this RAM at its factory default XMP settings that come with the kit, you will get most of the potential performance to give you the best experience.

But if you enable the XMP settings, then this will let you make use of the RAM’s greatest potential performance to the fullest extent possible. On the other hand, it may also be able to provide you with the best experience when used with MSI processors, according to the manufacturer.

On top of that, the TeamGroup T Force Night Hawk RGB RAM is a superb option due to its amazing RGB color saturation and high performance. You will, without a doubt, be drawn in by the lighting effects since it is so visually stunning and eye-catching.

Additionally, the RGB lighting effects can totally be modified with the use of the RGB software that comes with the motherboard, which is another plus point of this RAM. Examples of such software are Asus Aura Sync and MSI Mystic Light, which may both also help to improve your gaming experience.

Hence, it is, on the other hand, both economically priced and of great quality because it allows the users to get class-leading speed timings, which is the most important aspect in ensuring that you get the maximum potential performance out of your computer.

However, the one and the only downside of this T-Force Night Hawk RGB is that the XMP settings are not completely stable at 1.35V, which is the highest voltage supported by this RAM. This is the single drawback of this RAM which is, on the other hand, not a tremendous problem in the grand scheme of things. You’re free to ignore it.

If you are able to go over that, the TEAMGROUP T-Force Night Hawk RGB RAM will be the best option available to you. You will not be disappointed. Hence, now let’s take a look at some of the most important characteristics:

Key Features:

  • Comes with stunning RGB full-color lighting effects that are fully programmable.
  • RC 2.0 circuit configuration from the JEDEC Association is used, which is the latest tech available.
  • Supports the T-FORCE BLITZ control system.
  • Compatible with the ASUS Aura Sync software.
  • With an ultra-low working voltage of 1.2 to 1.4V, you can save as much as 40% on your energy bills.

Corsair Dominator RGB

The Corsair Dominator RGB RAM kit is capable of multitasking and performing complex tasks with ease. And this RAM is believed as one of the finest RAMs for gaming that you can consider buying. Because of its sleek and minimalistic style, sophisticated cooling technology, and unrivaled performance, the Dominator RGB is unbeatable.


Furthermore, the Corsair Dominator RGB boasts excellent XMP performance, which significantly increases gaming and multitasking efficiency. However, if your computer is mostly white, you may also choose this one since the Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB is available in white as well. As a result, it will complement your white decor very well.

Hence, because of its great features and efficiency, the Corsair Dominator RGB has gained significant popularity and attention in recent days. Likewise, numerous enthusiasts all around the globe recommend this RAM more regularly. So you can see how fantastic this kit is today. However, the fact that this memory kit is so inexpensive makes it much more dependable for budget PC builders.

On top of that, the Dominator RGB from Corsair is a high-performance module that can be customized using the company’s iCUE software. iCUE is a Corsair customization application that is primarily used to customize Corsair peripherals, including memory kits, keyboards, and mice. Also, there are further performance-enhancing options available, such as adjusting the RAM bus speed or employing XMP, and so on.

On the other hand, each ram stick has 12 Capellix LEDs arranged in a ring shape that helps to enhance the total appearance. In terms of size, Corsair’s Capellix LEDs are far thinner than ordinary RGB LEDs from other companies. So, you will get the full brightness as possible.

Hence, Corsair is a well-known brand with a good reputation for providing clients with a number of unique features and benefits. Many PC builders throughout the world consider Corsair to be one of the top manufacturers of computer equipment, particularly RAM. 

Because their RAM works great straight out of the box and is backed by a lifetime warranty, it will be the most reliable option to choose when buying a budget memory kit. I personally use Corsair RAM, so you may purchase this RAM with confidence.

Key Features:

  • Offers high-performance rates available of up to 5200MHz.
  • To assure signal quality and stability, as well as great overclocking capabilities, a unique 10-layer high-performance PCB is engaged.
  • Hand-sorted, securely screened memory chips provide high-frequency rates and rapid response times.
  • Comes with Corsair’s ground-breaking Dual-Path DHX cooling technology.

Crucial DDR5 RAM

When it comes to the best RAM for Z690 motherboards, crucial plays a crucial role in giving you the best quality kit from their end. And recently, they announced their first DDR5 RAM, which is able to make you build even faster than before. Up to 50% faster data transfer rates than DDR4 memory, this kit is like a revolution to the industry.


Whether you’re using the computer for work, school, innovation, interactive entertainment, or just for fun, the overall performance you’ll get from this RAM will be great because of its speed, adaptability, and efficiency.

Multitasking and other resource-intensive PC activities need higher data bandwidth for most multi-core CPUs. But fear not, Crucial DDR5 memory from Micron has twice the data capacity per core, so your memory bandwidth will be increased by two times!

Hence, to talk about this new innovation, DDR5 is a new memory technology that lowers the operating voltage to 1.1 volts, allowing for more consistent power efficiency. Additionally, the higher effective bandwidth is the consequence of better bus efficiency, which results in incredible performance for you.

In order to enjoy modern computer applications, such as 4k and 8k content production, digital entertainment, or commercial and personal productivity, you will get benefit from Crucial DDR5 RAM’s increased bandwidth, lower power consumption, and high capacity. It also allows several cores to be fed at the same time without sacrificing overall system performance.

This Micron Crucial DDR5 RAM is compatible with the latest Intel’s 12th generation Core CPUs that support DDR5 memory, as well as a significant number of the DDR5 compatible motherboards that are now available on the market.

Key Features:

  • The speed of loading and transferring files has been greatly improved.
  • Long-term dependability and performance stability.
  • You’ll be able to multitask more quickly.
  • Efficiencies have been improved.

Patriot Viper Steel RGB

In this age of DDR5 technology, if you are still looking for the best DDR4 RAM, then the Patriot Viper Steel RGB will be the perfect choice for you. Having the best clock speed, high performance, and amazing RGB LED lighting effects makes this kit even more attractive in this affordable price range. The most outstanding performance and next-level features will make you buy this RAM for sure.


Hence, this RAM offers a large storage capacity that is ideal for content creators. Patriot, like many other memory companies, offers a more extensive range of products. Patriot’s Viper Steel, on the other hand, remains the finest invention to this date.

It comes in the DDR4 version, which allows you to achieve speeds of up to 4000Mhz. While using just 1.35V while operating at such a high pace makes this kit more demanding.

So, if you’re concerned about power usage, you shouldn’t be worried. It is the Patriot’s most energy-efficient product ever created.

The package is available in Dual Channel kits, which implies that there will be two 8GB RAM modules in the box due to the fact that a dual-channel is superior to a single channel.

Additionally, Viper Steel is equipped with a passive cooling system. As a result, you will not have to be concerned about the heating problem. So, we think this RAM will be the best as a companion for your computer.

Key Features:

  • Highly customizable RGB LED Lights
  • Provides the best performance possible.
  • Comes in the dual-channel package
  • Power-efficient
  • Affordable

Kingston FURY Renegade RGB

Kingston’s Fury Renegade is a DDR4 RAM that can run at 3600Mhz. I think it’s one of the fastest DDR4 memory modules for PCs that you can buy now. This RAM is equipped with heatsinks and RGB lightings for further convenience.


You can control the lighting by using the motherboard’s software. MSI Mystic Light, Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2, and Asus Aura Sync are some of the best motherboard lighting software out there that you can use. You can change the color of the LEDs as well as the full configuration by using these.

Infrared Sync technology from Kingston will help the memory module run at a faster speed. So, there will be no slacking off on the job. Another thing is that it has been certified by Intel XMP. So, you can relieve that this RAM is made for Intel’s new chipsets.

I think the best thing about this Fury Renegade is that it has a fierce aluminum heat spreader that helps to make the smooth RGB effects. Also, that looks like a lot of fun. So, if you want to add a lot of color to your build, then you can choose this Kingston FURY Renegade without any doubt.

Key Features:

  • Comes with stunning RGB lights
  • Includes the fierce aluminum heat spreader helps to smooth RGB effects
  • Offers high speed and low-latency DDR4 performance
  • Intel’s XMP certified.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do Z690 motherboards support DDR4?

Yes, Z690 motherboards are compatible with DDR4 RAMs with up to 3200MHz. But to get the full potential performance, we suggest purchasing RAM with DDR5. Because with DDR5, you will get 4800MHz of clock speed.

DDR4 or DDR5: which one should I buy?
It depends on how you are going to use the computer and on your preferences. DDR4 has a maximum die density of 16Gb, whereas DDR5 has 64GB. And the clock speed is also enhanced as well. So, if you need more capacity and higher speed, then you should choose DDR5 over DDR4.

Is DDR4 outdated?

No, DDR4 is still shaking the market. DDR5 has just recently been released, so it’s quite expensive right now. So, for the budget PC builders, DDR4 is still the best choice.


The latest Z690 motherboards are made for newly released Intel’s newest 12th-Gen Alder Lake desktop processor, which is paired with the latest DDR5 RAM technology. As DDR5 is kind of new, there are many newbies who are having a tough time choosing the perfect ram for this motherboard.

So, we tried to cover up each and every aspect of buying the best RAM for Z690 motherboards. We hope that this article has helped you to choose your desired one.