Best Aura Sync Compatible RGB/ARGB Fans

Everyone dreams to have a magical atmosphere while gaming on their PC. Do you know? What is the best option to get a balanced performance on your PC? Without any doubt, Aura Sync compatible RGB fans work for both cooling down and balancing the performance of the pc.


But among the numerous choice, you may feel puzzled about which to choose. To choose the best aura sync-compatible RGB fan, anyone needs a complex accommodation of knowledge.

We all are busy in our own life. So, after hours of researching, we have listed the five most popular Aura Sync compatible RRB fans that will surely provide you with the best features.

5 best Aura Sync compatible RGB/ARGB fans

Always our goal is to make the best use of our money.

In this regard, we always try to find the best one for you. We are trying to enhance the performance quality but not reduce it.

Before continuing to the review, one thing we want to clear is that you have to choose an RGB fan according to your PC model.

So, at this point, you have to be very careful to choose a compatible RGB fan for your pc.

If you don’t match the RGB fan with your pc model, that won’t influence the performance.

Let’s, get started.

Cougar Hydraulic Vortex CF-V12SET-RGB HPB 120 mm

Are you looking for a silent cooling RGB fan with the best features? Then, Cougar Hydraulic Vortex HPB will be the best choice for you. This RGB cooling fan comes with a tri-directional lighting effect that creates an awesome atmosphere for your pc.


When you will connect the kit with your pc, you will get a comfortable environment for a peaceful gaming experience.

This kit offers the following specs:

  • Tri-directional lighting
  • Hydro-dynamic bearing technology
  • Remote control
  • It supports up to 8 RGB fans as well as 4 RGB LED strips.

Hold on! Can you imagine getting an RGB kit that enhances the fan’s durability, reduces heat production, and operates silently in the most possible way at the same time?

This is possible with the Cougar Hydraulic Vortex HPB cooling kit. Because it is enriched with Hydro-dynamic bearing technology.

It offers 100 lighting effects. You can set any effect which you like most.

With its included HPB 120 three fans, it creates a soothing performance in a dreamy atmosphere. Everyone wants to build a gaming suitable aura.

With this RGB fan kit, you will get balanced performance in your pc as well as a super comfortable zone. It doesn’t matter how much pressure gaming is creating in your pc.

This fan kit will cool down the hot production area.


  • Cheapest cooling solution.
  • Almost 100 lighting effects with a remote control system.
  • Makes a comfortable environment.
  • Supports for the direct motherboard.


  • The included cable may not work.

DEEPCOOL RF120M 5IN1, 5x120mm RGB PWM Fans

Nowadays adding an RGB lighting effect on a pc is an expensive thing. Besides some people has to connect a cooling fan to balance the performance of the pc.


Do you need a unique lighting effect with a cooling method at an affordable price? So, you are in the right place.

Deepcool RF120M is one of the most affordable RGB lighting systems with a cooling fan case. It will take your computer to the next level by creating a truly suitable atmosphere for game-loving people.

This kit offers the following specs:

  • 120-millimeter fans that are RPM range is 500 to 1500 airflow.
  • Multiple control mode.
  • Supports up to six pieces of RGB devices.
  • Intelligent PWM function.

Can you imagine an RGB case fan may have the feature that will support up to six devices? It will happen with the Deepcool RF120M fan case. It supports six devices including RF120 3IN1 V2, GAMMAXX GT Series, Captain EX RGB, RGB 200EX.

You can use it for RGB lighting effects as a cooling fan or for both reasons. It works flawlessly with the Aura Sync motherboard.

The connection process is too easy that doesn’t take too much time. The intelligent PMW function works like magic for cooling down the performance. So, you will get an awesome lighting effect with an effective cooling method.

The six lighting effect creates a game appropriate environment. When you will turn on the RGB lights, you will feel you are in a professional gamer’s place.


  • It has five 120 millimeter fans those RPM ranges are 500 to 1500 airflow.
  • Enriched with intelligent PWM function which meets the cooling demand of the system.
  • Multiple control mode (Breathing, static state, and multi-color cycling.)


The quality of the screws is not so good.

EZDIY-FAB Moonlight 120mm RGB Case Fan

The game-loving people always want to have a mystic lighting effect on their pc. A cooling system is also a must-have function for them. EZDIY-FAB Moonlight RGB case fan has brought these two features together.


The tri-aperture inside and outside lighting effect releases an outstanding effect into the pc.

This kit offers the following specs:

  • Self-lubricant bearing and function that doesn’t release too much noise.
  • Tri-aperture inside and outside lighting effect.
  • Anti-vibration feature.
  • Supports automatic speeds.

When the word cooling fan comes into our mind, we also think about the annoying noises of the fans. Some people want to play a game without any outside noise.

This EZDIY-FAB Moonlight cooling fan case is enriched with self-lubricant bearing and friction-resistant material that ensures noise-free operation. Besides, this material increases the ability of heat-resistant.

It also has an eight anti-vibration rubber pad that reduces the vibration while operating itself.

It’s too easy to install and control. You don’t need any professional to set up the fan case. Besides, the fan’s lights can be controlled through mainboard software.

When you will turn on the case fan, you will feel like you are in a different magical world.


  • Tri-aperture inside and outside lighting effect that creates a wonderful environment for game-loving persons.
  • Anti-vibration rubber pad.
  • Self-lubricant bearing and friction-resistant material for lower noise.


  • This RGB fan case is not sealed properly. So, it may face issues in a dusty place.

Cooler Master MasterFan MF120R ARGB 120mm 3 Pack Fan

Do you need a smart cooling solution for your CPU? Then you have come to the right place. This Cooler Master MasterFan maybe your required CPU cooling solution with an amazing RGB lighting effect.


What can be more dramatic to feel the airflow with an addressable RGB lighting effect? This RGB cooling fan flawlessly matches almost all pc themes.

This kit offers the following specs:

  • Combination of noise reduction technology and sound absolving rubber pads to control excess noise.
  • It has a smart sensor to prevent jam from the fans.
  • Addressable RGB lighting effect.
  • Combination of the Jet engine and helicopter blade.

This cooling fan’s specialty is it is equipped with the combination of both noise reduction technology and anti-sound rubber pads to minimize the excess sound to a low level.

The addressable RGB lighting effect will provide you with a refreshing gaming mode on your pc.

Some cooling fans get stuck after some days of use. But this Aura Sync compatible CPU cooling RGB fan is built with high-quality material that keeps the fans zam protected.

Both Jet engines and helicopter blades can produce stable air pressure for cooling down the CPU.


  • Smart fan sensors prevent the cables and other things from being jamed.
  • Smart CPU cooler with possibly minimum noise.
  • High-quality material.
  • Without an addressable RGB compatible motherboard, you can control the pc theme.


  • The included cables are too short.

Antec RGB Fans, PC Fans 120mm RGB Fans

Who doesn’t want to get more than one feature in one product? So, Antec brings two must-have features for a gamer into a single product. Antec RGB fans have brought cooling fans with super RGB lighting effects.

antec-rgb-fans-pc-fans-120mm-rgb-fansIts dual ring design offers to display RGB lighting effects on both sides of the fan case. It will provide a refreshing lighting effect on your pc.

This kit offers the following specs:

  • Dual ARGB lighting effects.
  • Properly sealed bearing that keeps all the things dust-free.
  • Curved baled design for ensuring stable airflow.
  • PWM technology allows to adjustment of the fan’s air pressure according to the temperature of the motherboard.

As some of the previously mentioned cooling fan cases have not been sealed that’s why those may have faced issues for the dusty area. But Antec RGB fans come with a high-quality sealing system that keeps all the essential components dust-free.

The PWM technology allows controlling the airflow according to the temperature of the motherboard. So, it won’t waste excess energy.


  • Dual ARGB lighting effects for both sides of the case.
  • PWM technology to control the airflow.
  • Properly sealed.


  • The controller is not quality-based.


In this article, we have listed the best Aura Sync compatible RGB/ARGB fans so, you can choose one of them for your aura sync.

We tried our best to point out all the necessary information that you may need to find the best one for you.

All of the aura sync compatible RGB cooling fans have gained the most positive reviews from the customer.

So, you can feel freely choose anyone adjusting with your requirements.