[SOLVED] Arrow Keys Not Working In Teams

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to solve the problem of left and right arrow keys not working in Teams. Over the last several years, many video conferencing platforms have witnessed a significant increase in their number of users. And Microsoft Teams is one of them.

Because of the recent pandemic, Microsoft Teams has gained a lot of users alongside the other video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Meet. Microsoft Team is an all-in-one video conferencing platform that also includes file storage and application integration features.arrow-keys-not-working-in-teams

Currently, there are more than 145 million people registered on Teams, and most of them are regular. In other words, when a problem appears on the platform, many people will be impacted and irritated.

And recently, we found a lot of reports saying some Microsoft Teams users are not able to use the arrow keys like left or right while using MS Excel. Surprisingly, the Up/Down arrows work as expected.

Even though this looks to be a fault in the Teams system, Microsoft has not yet officially addressed the issue. There are, however, some simple troubleshooting solutions that you may also attempt. And we briefly described those solutions in this post through which you can solve the arrow keys not working in Teams problem.

So, keep reading this post until the end to fix the issue.

How to Fix Arrow Keys Not Working In Teams Problem

There are a lot of methods to solve this problem. However, as a first step, some claim that merely restarting your computer would resolve the issue temporarily. But this isn’t always effective in other cases.

That’s why the best course of action for you would be to attempt each troubleshooting method listed below and see if the problem with the arrow keys not working in Teams disappears or not.

1. Restart the Microsoft Teams app

When a problem first arrives, the first and foremost common method to solve that problem is to restart that software or your computer. And this arrow keys not working in Teams problem is not any exception. So, it is recommended that you restart the Microsoft Teams application as a starting point.

This solution has the highest success rate of any available issues you have on your computer and will almost certainly resolve the underlying problem. However, there is still a catch: it will only be in nature for a short period.

And, the problem may reappear even after the program has been restarted, although the length of the re-occurrence will be somewhat longer this time. Hence, keeping that in mind, to exit the app, there are two options available: 1) shut the program completely from Taskbar and 2) force the app to quit from Task Manager.


From Taskbar:

If you are currently using the Microsoft Teams software, the app icon will be visible in the taskbar and system tray.

  1. Right-click on the Microsoft Teams icon on the System Tray or notification area and select the Quit option to close it.
  2. Now, wait a few minutes and open the Teams app afterward.
  3. Check if the left and right arrow keys are working or not.

From Task Manager:

  1. If you are using Windows 11, then right-click on the Start button and click Task Manager or press Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
  2. Navigate to the Process tab and select Microsoft Teams.
  3. Click on the End Task button, which is located at the bottom right corner. Or you can also right-click on the program and click End Task.
  4. Now, wait a few minutes and open the Teams app afterward. This will fix the issue even for a short period.

Now that you have closed and relaunched the software, the problem should be gone by now. However, if the problem persists, then don’t panic at all. Follow the below methods to solve the issue.

2. Delete Cache Files of Microsoft Teams

There is another troubleshooting solution offered in several forums, which is to delete every Microsoft Teams cache file. And that’s because if a massive chunk of temporary data is generated throughout a certain period, it may interfere with the correct operation of the software.


So, these cache files may also result in a few defects and difficulties, which is in keeping with the previous statement. As a result, it is advised that you erase these cached files regularly, and right now is an excellent moment to do it. So follow the steps outlined below to put it to the test:

  1. Completely close and exit Microsoft Teams app.
  2. Open file explorer by pressing the Win + E button on your keyboard.
  3. Then go to the following address (change the username with the appropriate one):


However, if you don’t find the Teams app according to the above address, then go to the below address:


  1. After you have reached the Teams directory, go to the Application Cache > Cache folder and erase the whole contents of that folder (including any files).
  2. After that, navigate to the Blob_storage folder and remove all the files.
  3. The next step is to remove all files from the Cache
  4. After that, go to the Database folder and remove the files from there, too.
  5. Make a list of all files in the GPUCache folder, and then remove them all.
  6. In the IndexedDB directory, remove all the .db
  7. Continue by deleting all files in Local Storage
  8. Finally, remove everything in the tmp

After that, restart the Teams software, and the problem will be solved. (It would be better if you restart your computer instead).

3. Disable GPU Acceleration In The Teams Settings

The two above solutions should do the trick, as these are the methods that came from Microsofts forum. But still, we do know that these are temporary solutions to make use of it until Microsoft fixes the issue from their end.

However, some users suggested a solution that may solve the issue. And that is to disable the GPU acceleration settings. Although we can’t guarantee if it will work or not, still, it’s worth a try.

To disable the GPU acceleration settings, follow the below steps.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams apps and click on your profile picture, and hit the Settings
  2. Click on the General tab and scroll down to navigate to the Application
  3. Now check the box where it says Disable GPU hardware acceleration.
  4. Now close all the windows and relaunch the app.

Once you have all the steps above, open Microsoft Teams and check whether the problem persists or not. Now, there shouldn’t be any problems regarding the arrow keys not working in the Teams issue.


Why are the keyboard arrows not working in Teams?

This is a bug from Microsoft’s end. However, this problem, according to a Microsoft employee who posted on the official forum, may be resolved by quitting the Microsoft Teams app and restarting it later on. But I suggest using the Task Manager to shut down the Microsoft Teams app.

How can I fix my arrow keys not working problem?

If you have mistakenly turned on the Scroll lock option on your keyboard, then the arrow keys won’t work. So, to fix the problem, take a look at your keyboard and press the Scroll lock key once to turn it off.


So, now this brings us to the end of our article on how you can solve the problem of the left and right arrow keys not working in Microsoft Teams. We have provided two distinct ways of solving this problem. We hope you found this guide useful and fixed your problem.