Best RAM for Intel 12th Gen CPUs

Intel’s Alderlake processors are surprising in performance but you can’t get the best out of it without using the best RAM for Intel 12th Gen CPUs.

Don’t worry. Here, you’ll get to know about the most popular RAMs that will enhance your intel 12th gen setup.


It has been announced that Intel’s 12th Generation Alder Lake desktop processors (CPU) have arrived, along with a new LGA 1700 socket for the Z690 chipset motherboards that have been recently updated.

Almost all of these boards are compatible with the latest DDR5 RAM. However, some are still limited to DDR4 compatibility.

Hence, because you are purchasing a new CPU, you’re most likely also looking into the best RAM to pair with your new Intel 12th Generation processor. If you have no idea which RAM will fit perfectly with the processor, then don’t worry.

We have gathered a selection of the top DDR4 and DDR5 RAM modules right here. So, read this article until the end to pick your desired one.

Top 8 Best RAM for Intel 12th Gen CPUs

Award Model Capacity Speed
Best RAM for Gaming Corsair Dominator RGB 32GB 5200MHz
Best RAM for Overclocking Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB 32GB 4400MHz
Best RAM for Streaming Corsair Vengeance 32GB 5200MHz
Best RAM for RGB Sync G.Skill Trident Z 64GB 4000MHz
Best RAM for Speed T-Force Delta RGB 32GB 6400MHz
Best RAM for Non-RGB Setup G.skill Ripjaws S5 32GB 6000MHz
Best RAM for Workstations Crucial DDR5 RAM 32GB 4800MHz
Best Budget RAM OLOy Blade DDR5 32GB 4800MHz

Corsair Dominator RGB

The Corsair Dominator RGB module is capable of multitasking and doing quite difficult tasks with ease. Additionally, the external design is so stunning that it is certain to divert anyone’s attention.

It has exceptional XMP performance, which dramatically improves your gaming and multitasking experience. However, if you have a mostly white computer build, you can choose this one because the Corsair Dominator RGB is also available in white. As a result, it will complement your white setup well.


Key Features:

  • Available in high-performance speeds of up to 4,800MHz
  • Built with a custom 10-layer high-performance PCB for guaranteed signal quality and stability with excellent overclocking ability.
  • Hand-sorted, securely screened memory chips offer high-frequency performance and fast response times, with enough room for overclocking.
  • Corsair’s revolutionary Dual-Path DHX cooling technology cools the memory via both the PCB and the exterior housing, enabling the module to remain cool even when pushed to intense stress.

Due to its incredible features and perfection, the Corsair Dominator RGB has gained considerable popularity and attention in recent days. And it has captured the hearts and minds of a sizable number of devotees. However, the fact that this memory kit is so inexpensive makes it significantly more trustworthy.

The Corsair Dominator RGB memory module is a high-performance module that can be customized using Corsair’s iCUE software. iCUE is a Corsair-developed customization software that is primarily used to personalize Corsair peripherals such as memory kits, keyboards, and mice. There are further performance-enhancing options available, such as altering the RAM bus speed or even enabling XMP.

Each ram stick is equipped with a total of 12 Capellix LEDs arranged in a ring pattern. Each square conceals the numerals one and two, while the Dominator logo conceals the numbers three and four. Corsair’s Capellix LEDs are substantially thinner than typical RGB LEDs in terms of dimensions.

Corsair is a well-known brand that has established a strong reputation for providing clients with a number of unique features and benefits. Many computer aficionados worldwide regard Corsair as one of the top manufacturers of computer equipment, particularly when it comes to RAM.

Because their ram is amazing straight out of the box, and they back it up with a lifetime warranty. Personally, I use Corsair RAM in conjunction with a Corsair B550 Motherboard. As a result, you can purchase this RAM without reservation.

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Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB

Crucial is a brand whose products are just out of the box. Nowadays, many gamers rely on Crucial’s products since the level of quality they give is unmatched in the price range at which they are offered.

And Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB is one of the greatest RAM modules available, capable of operating at a CAS Latency of 16 microseconds. As a result, you may get a better understanding of how much power and capability this ram possesses.


Key Features:

  • Can be run at a CAS Latency of 16
  • Comes with a sleek and non-intrusive design
  • Lightbars can easily be replaced
  • Specially designed for maximum overclocking and performance.

Furthermore, the smooth and non-intrusive style will undoubtedly catch the attention of your gamer’s mind. In addition, the replaceable light bars on this ram are a standout element of the system.

As a result, if the light bar becomes broken or isn’t functioning properly, you have the option of replacing it.

You can, however, adjust the light bar if you want to give your room a completely different appearance. There are numerous light bars available on the market that are both functional and visually appealing.

As a result, even with all of these amazing characteristics, this RAM may have a somewhat higher price tag when compared to the other RAMs that we have evaluated previously. However, the quality of this ram is unquestionably worth the investment of your time and money.

Anything and everything on the planet has advantages and drawbacks in equal measure. As a result, there are certain negative aspects to this RAM.

The management system, as well as the performance of the XMP, are both extremely lacking. In addition, careful tuning will be required for brilliant gleaming. However, it is not a significant issue. It will be a perfect fit on your computer.

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Corsair Vengeance

Corsair is a market-leading company that has created a reputation for providing cutting-edge features and benefits to its clients. Also, they are frequently recommended by PC fans as one of the best companies to choose from when purchasing computer components, particularly RAM.

Because Corsair RAM modules are packed with features and created to a high standard of quality, which are preferred by everyone, additionally, they offer a lifetime warranty, which is a huge benefit in this regard.


Key Features:

  • Comes with onboard voltage regulation.
  • Includes the Custom INTEL® XMP 3.0 profiles.
  • You can save your own XMP profiles with the iCUE software
  • Optimized to be used with the most recent Intel® DDR5 motherboards.
  • Offers lifetime warranty
  • Signal quality and stability are ensured, resulting in greater overclocking capability.

The Corsair Vengeance has been fairly popular and garnered a lot of attention over the last few years due to its incredible features and brilliance. However, utilizing the Corsair iCUE software, the CORSAIR Vengeance memory kit may be customized to be a very specific memory module.

iCUE is a Corsair-developed customization software that is primarily used to customize Corsair peripherals such as keyboards and mice. Additionally, there are additional performance-enhancing options available, such as altering the RAM bus speed or even enabling XMP.

With timings of at 1.25 V for its XMP profile, the Corsair Vengeance kit we’re evaluating today maintains its position in the middle of the pack. It should not be neglected that DDR5 is incompatible with DDR4 slots, despite the fact that both contain 288 pins or vice versa. Individuals attempting to install the DIMM will fail, as the notch has been altered to prevent this from occurring in the first place.

Because you can easily tweak the XMP performance parameters and select from a variety of data rates, the Corsair Vengeance will give a level of performance that is unmatched by many other RAM kits.

As a result, if you want RAM that is visually appealing and may help to improve the presentation of your area, you might consider acquiring this model. Due to its superior performance and eye-catching RGB LED illumination, the CORSAIR Vengeance is a superb choice for your setup.

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G.Skill Trident Z NEO

G.Skill DDR4 Trident Z NEO is a high-performance DDR4-400 series RAM module that delivers minimal gaming latency while delivering quick performance.

When looking for a high-performance RAM kit, you will almost certainly come across the G.Skill RAMs, which are well-known for their speed and reliability.

Since the G.skill brand is well-known for its incredibly binned RAM and overclocking capabilities, it makes sense to use it in a high-end build.

g.skill-trident-z-neo-series32gb(2x16gb) 3600mhz

Key Features:

  • Optimized DDR4 Performance for Intel 12th Gen CPUs
  • The dual-toned heat spreader is designed with a contrast of black brushed aluminum and powder-coated silver, resulting in a build that is both powerful and bold.
  • Designed with a beveled edge for a sleek and professional appearance.
  • Fully control and customizable 8-zone RGB lights with the Trident Z lighting control software.

A highly exciting specification can be found in this Trident Z NEO kit from G.Skill, which we will be reviewing today. Because it is a very affordable RAM, it is ideal for those on a tight budget.

The G.Skill Trident Z NEO measures only 44mm in length and 1.73 inches in height, making it a miniature weapon. Additionally, there are eye-catching, customizable RGB LED lights with a diffuser on the head that is available. The RGB lights on the Trident Z Neo, on the other hand, are completely under your control. There are, however, two ways to exert authority.

With the DDR4-15-16-17-36 4000’s timings, we can state that it is the ideal alliance for high frequency, low latency, and broad platform adaptability, as demonstrated by its 15-16-17-36 timings.

One advantage of this device is that its operation is powered by only 1.5V of electricity. Comparing the specs of the RAM, it is remarkable that only 1.5V is required to keep the memory running properly.

Trident Z NEO will be able to withstand the test of time thanks to all of these specifications. This memory module has a maximum speed of 4000MHz. As a result, your RIG will be as fast as lightning.

T-Force Delta RGB

It’s like a gamer’s paradise when you have TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB memory installed. Many gamers prefer to purchase this RAM because of its superior performance and lower pricing.

It has a pleasing aesthetic appearance that may easily steal anyone’s focus away from them.


Key Features:

  • Equipped with a full-frame of 120° super wide-angle illumination.
  • Heat spreader made of aluminum alloy with a simple asymmetric design.
  • Compatible with the ASUS Aura Sync software synchronization.
  • Features the latest JEDEC RC 2.0 PCB
  • Consumes less power (1.2V~1.4V)
  • Features a one-click overclocking using the XMP2.0 standard.

This ram is ideal for productivity because of its high overclocking potential. You can get this amazing RAM in a very affordable price range, which is significantly less expensive than the prior goods with the same specifications as this. Many PC enthusiasts are now preferring to purchase this ram because of its performance.

In the back of one of the modules, there is a little installation manual, which should already be known for many users.

The modules are distinguished from rival companies mainly by the shape of their heat spreaders and the LED diffuser that expands the overall height to 1.92″ (49mm) and overall width to 5.75″ (146mm). However, because the operation is done by software, there are no fancy edge connectors included in the box for additional LED control.

On top of that, now that Asus’ Aura Sync software has been fully upgraded to include Team Group RGB functionality, we are able to successfully sync it with any of the lighting effects on the T-Force Delta RGB RAM. Even while some of these are entertaining to experiment with, you will eventually go back to the standard Rainbow scheme.

Aura Software is used to configure the TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB ram. It is thus possible to manipulate the device using that program. In order to keep the machine cool, this kit includes an aluminum alloy heat spreader.

Designed to provide you with beautiful RGB LED lighting to illuminate your setup, this product is a must-have. The result is a one-of-a-kind design with distinctive elements. As a result, we are confident that you will be pleased with this item.

G.skill Ripjaws S5

G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance memory and gaming accessories, recently announced the Ripjaws S5 series, a completely new low-profile, high-performance DDR5 memory kit built specifically for the latest DDR5-enabled processors.

Each Ripjaws S5 is built using hand-screened highly tuned memory ICs that have the analysis of variance G.SKILL performance testing to provide the greatest possible performance, compatibility, and stability.


Key Features:

  • Designed and optimized for the newest 12th Generation Intel® Core CPUs and the Z690 chipset platform.
  • Has the evolution of Extreme Speed with the increased memory speed of up to 4800 MT/s or higher.
  • It comes with a minimalistic chromatic design that is animated by classic racing stripes and grills.
  • Offers a low-profile length of only 33mm.

The Ripjaws S5 is available in both matte black and matte white color, which is a fantastic match for any PC builder who wants the best performance.

The G.Skill Ripjaws S5, like the G.Skill Trident Z NEO that we previously evaluated, is another example of G.Skill’s best-manufactured memory. If you are more concerned with performance than with RGB lighting and appearance, then the G.Skill RipJaws V will be the ideal choice for your computer system.

It operates at a frequency of 3400MHz, which should be more than sufficient for Intel 10th Generation processors. It needs only 1.35V operational voltage at that pace, which is very low. As a result, the product will be more energy efficient.

Furthermore, it has a delay of 16-18-18-38 milliseconds. As a result, even if you are a heavy player, you should not have any frame drop issues. As a result, this RAM is ideal for use with your computer.

OLOy Blade DDR5

OLOy brand may seem new to you, but they make some of the best DDR5 RAMs to fit into your Intel 12th Gen CPU. In terms of performance, we have found that OLOy memory fulfills or exceeds all of the standards that have been advertised. Generally speaking, OLOy memory kits are optimized with low latency (CL16 is the most commonly used, as is the case with most other brands) and speedy in operation.


Key Features:

  • Aluminum heat spreaders coated with eco-friendly digital imaging
  • Various speed variants are available from 4800MHz to 6400MHz
  • Comes with Intel’s XMP automatic O.C. technology.
  • Environment Friendly

The company manufactures RAM kits with clock speeds of up to 4000MHz, which is significantly more than you would likely ever want. For comparison, the fastest kit we’ve seen is a 5000MHz kit from T-Force, which is considered borderline extravagant.

OLOy will most likely release some DDR5 memory kits once the technology becomes more widely available, which will feature even faster clock speeds.

This OLOy Blade DDR5, a high-performance RAM kit, will provide gamers with an increased overclocking experience while leaving a far less carbon footprint than is typical.

Instead of using oxidation treatment, the punched aluminum heat spreaders are coated with eco-friendly digital imaging to give them a high-quality metallic appearance while remaining environmentally responsible, which is more appreciable.

On top of that, a never-before-seen RGB lighting effect is exhibited in a manner that has never been seen before. Also, those lights are highly customizable with any motherboard software.

When the module is not in use, the light guide will be concealed by a thin metal-like coating, but when illuminated, the coating becomes transparent and distributes ambient lighting uniformly in soft color tones. The design achieves a simple, attractive appearance without even sacrificing performance.

Crucial DDR5 RAM

Announcing the availability of Micron Crucial DDR5 desktop PC memory products, Micron today revealed that they would deliver up to 50% faster data transfer speeds than previous-generation DDR4 memory, enabling mainstream PC users to experience enthusiast-level performance.

If you use the computer for business, education, innovation, interactive entertainment, or personal usage, its performance, flexibility, and efficiency will define the total performance that you will experience.

Key Features:

  • Loading times and file transfers speed are significantly faster.
  • Extreme innovation for long-term reliability and stabilized performance.
  • You can multitask with greater responsiveness.
  • The power efficiency has been optimized.

However, most of the multi-core CPUs require more data bandwidth to perform multitasking and other demanding PC activities. But don’t worry, Micron’s Crucial DDR5 memory technology is able to deliver roughly twice the amount of data capacity per core, which effectively doubles the memory bandwidth offered to you.

DDR5 is the latest memory technology that lets you enjoy more reliable power efficiency by lowering the operating voltage to 1.1 volts. Furthermore, because of its unique characteristics, future chip densities will increase from today’s 16 GB to 24 GB, 32 GB, and even higher, doubling the module density of DDR5 DRAM over DDR4 DRAM. DDR5-enabled systems get benefit from the additional headroom and scalability provided by this feature. And the increased effective bandwidth is the result of improved bus efficiency, which will give you immense performance.

DDR5 enhances performance for new computer programs such as 4K and 8K content creation, digital entertainment, commercial and personal productivity, and virtual reality, which you can experience because of the higher bandwidth, reduced power consumption, and high capacity. DDR5 memory makes multitasking more efficient by feeding hungry multi-core CPUs without degrading overall system performance.

DDR5 memory from Micron Crucial has been tested and found to be compatible with the new 12th generation Intel Core processors that support DDR5 memory, in addition to a large number of the major DDR5 compatible desktop motherboards now on the market.

If a system-level memory speed downclocks occurs, Micron Crucial DDR5 RAM has predefined XMP profiles that will allow you to quickly regain memory performance for up to JEDEC rates. So, for your new Intel 12th Gen CPU, this one should fit perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does intel 12th gen support DDR5 RAM?

Intel 12th gen CPUs support DDR5 memories with a base clock of 4800MHz

Does intel 12th gen support DDR4 RAM?

Intel 12th gen CPUs support DDR4 memories with a base clock of 3200MHz

Are DDR4 and DDR5 RAM slots different?

DDR4 and DDR5 RAM slots are physically different and any of them can not be inserted into another slot.


The recently released Intel 12th Gen CPUs have moved up to a new LGA 1700 socket. That means you can no longer fit these processors in your old motherboards.

The only supported motherboard is the Z690, where you have to pick only one category of RAM, DDR4 or DDR5. Obviously, if you want greater performance, DDR5 will do the job perfectly.

So, we rounded up some of the most efficient RAM for Intel 12th Gen CPUs where you can decide and pick your preferred RAM kits without any hesitation.