Can VR Games Be Played Without VR Headsets?

You might be thinking, can VR games be played without VR headsets or not?

When playing a virtual reality game, the player’s objective is to complete the game with the assistance of a VR headset, which must be worn on the player’s head during the duration of the game.

The ability to play virtual reality games without using a VR headset has been made feasible by technological advancements. Still, it is crucial to highlight that this has not yet been achieved in most scenarios.


The makers hope that you will acquire their VR headgear and VR-connected games shortly to ensure that they will continue to enjoy financial success in the years to come. By utilizing this strategy, they can earn two independent sources of money from a single product or service.

In this post, we will go through the most notable exceptions to this rule. However, there are a few important exceptions to this rule that are worth discussing right away. There are certain important exceptions to this rule, which will be described in greater detail farther down on this page, should be acknowledged.

So, Can VR Games Be Played Without VR Headset?

Some VR games can indeed be played without VR headphones. While some games are meant to be played in virtual reality, which implies that they need a virtual reality headset, others are designed to be played without the use of a virtual reality headset, which is known as flat gaming and does not deliver a virtual reality experience.

It should be noted that there are some notable exceptions to this rule, which will be discussed in greater depth further down in this article. There are some significant exceptions in this rule, which will be described in greater detail lower down on this page. Some tremendous exceptions to this rule exist, which will be discussed in greater depth further down on this page.

There are some notable exceptions to this rule, which we will discuss in greater detail later in this article. Virtual reality games are frequently inaccessible without the use of a VR headset. Still, there are a few notable exceptions to this rule, which we will discuss in greater detail later in this article.

Furthermore, to play the overwhelming majority of the games that are now available, you will need to invest in augmented reality headgear that is customized to your specific needs and specifications. If participants in the game do not have the requisite access codes to the virtual world, they will be unable to interact with one another.

If you do not have the appropriate access codes, you will be unable to engage in any activities. Instead of requiring specialized equipment to be experienced, alternative virtual reality experiences such as game-centric virtual reality may be enjoyed in the same manner as a traditional video game.

Virtual reality video games, which take place in a virtual environment, are becoming increasingly popular, and below are more detailed explanations to help you better comprehend them. These are the games on which you should be focusing your efforts for the upcoming future because they are all-encompassing and meet your needs.

How To Play VR Games Without VR Headset?

A virtual reality headset is required to have a complete virtual reality experience; however, certain virtual reality games may be played without using a VR headset.

A VR headset is required to enjoy a whole virtual reality experience. Consider that many PS VR-compatible titles, such as The PlayRoom VR, will provide local multiplayer options, allowing users to chat with one another via the PS VR’s Social Screen.


Even though certain games will support local multiplayer, others will require the usage of a virtual reality headset to be played at all. Those kinds of games, on the other hand, are pretty uncommon. But several virtual reality games can be played without needing a VR headset, and they are included below.

Which Of The VR Games Can Be Played Without VR Headset?

There are a variety of games that may be enjoyed in both virtual reality and traditional gaming environments. By adjusting the settings for VR and VR Only, you’ll be able to tell the difference between entire VR experiences and crossplay games that integrate the best of both worlds of gaming into a single package.

Virtual reality titles are video games that can be played in a virtual reality environment and a traditional gaming environment. Virtual reality titles are video games that can be played in a virtual reality environment and a traditional gaming environment.

In the case of video games, titles that can only be played via a virtual reality headset are referred to as VR Only titles. Those who prefer to play virtual reality games without using a headset should carefully explore the various solutions presented below.

Best VR Games That Can Be Played Without VR Headset

A VR Only title is designed to be played only through virtual reality headsets, and you will not be able to hack your way into it using a traditional monitor or television.

Then there are the games that have been marketed as virtual reality experiences. It is increasingly common for them to be more adaptable in that they allow you to select whether to play flat or fully immerse yourself in their environs by wearing a headset while playing them.

As a starting point, let’s look at some of the most popular video games that are accessible in virtual reality and traditional video game formats.

The Playroom VR

While playing this game, users will have the opportunity to engage in various virtual reality mini-games. The Playroom VR provides a lovely and funny experience akin to a highly futuristic PlayStation recreation of Nintendo’s Mario Party game and a delightful and entertaining experience.


Players who do not have a VR headset can still participate by engaging with the PlayStation VR social screen, which is separate from the local multiplayer. It’s been created just for this reason, which is fantastic and a wise move on Sony’s side, but sadly, this type of game is somewhat of a unicorn in the gaming business, so don’t hold your breath on seeing it.


Perhaps you are aware that there has been a non-virtual reality version of the Skyrim video game accessible for quite some time, but if not, you should be.

There is a virtual reality version of this game available, but for those who already possess the game, what may be more relevant is that Skyrim non-VR options can be used to convert the original game into a virtual reality experience.

Skyrim, with its enormous, player-defined experience, revolutionized the open-world gaming genre, and now the VR edition of this game transports you even further into the Fatherland than ever before. Contrary to popular belief, the VR Skyrim Special Edition of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the same game as its VR counterpart, and it was explicitly created for flat-screen play.

Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are available, with the Xbox One being the most recent of the two. The Steam key, which enables you to play the game on your PC, is also available for purchase.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazards

For the most part, the eighth installment in the venerable horror survival series is all you would expect it to be, including fascinating, disturbing, and outright horrifying, to mention just a few features.

Even though Resident Evil 7: Biohazards is a flat game, similar to the Bound series, it is compatible with PlayStation VR, allowing you to play it with or without a virtual reality headset at your discretion. On the PS4, a game like this is PS VR compatible, enabling users to choose whether or not to play the game in virtual reality while still playing the game.


Bound is a video game that blends aspects of platforming with artistic features, with the principal character being a dancer as the central character. The PlayStation 3 version of the game, developed by Plastic Studios and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, was released by Sony Interactive Entertainment on November 15, 2013.

Taking the player to explore a world that is both abstract and beautiful in its sights and music, Bound takes them on a journey with a dancer through an ever-changing fairy tale universe. People who do not have access to a virtual reality headset may still participate in this epic and beautiful journey since it allows them to play in traditional and virtual reality modes.

Half-Life: Alyx

In 2020, Valve Corporation released Half-Life: Alyx, a virtual reality first-person shooter video game available on PlayStation VR. Windows users may now access it through a download link that has been made available publicly.


Although it is a virtual reality game, it can be played without using a virtual reality headset, thanks to the usage of modifications (VR headset). In the manner of Resident Evil, Half-life: Alyx is a survival game with a visual aesthetic that is radically distinct from the original game.

Even though this game was initially designed to be played only in virtual reality, several players have converted it to be flat-compatible by modifying it.

Fallout VR

The same can be said for Fallout, a post-apocalyptic, open-world adventure that is a must-play. You may buy a standalone flat version of the game online and play it on your computer’s monitor if you want to save money.

This version of Autumn 4 VR includes the whole core game and new combat, crafting, and construction systems that have been extensively redesigned for virtual reality play. The sense of freedom that comes with exploring the wasteland is brought to life in a way that has never previously been witnessed. After waking up in a world that has been utterly destroyed by nuclear war, you realize you are the sole survivor of Vault 111. Playing in the flat version is possible regardless of whether your VR headset is connected.

Doom VR

Depending on the version of Doom you play, you will be able to experience the hellish portions either on a flat screen or in virtual reality, depending on your preference. There is a non-VR version of the game available for purchase on the internet, which is convenient.

With great pleasure, we announce the release of Doom VR, which delivers to virtual reality the fast-paced, deadly action that fans of this genre have come to expect from the DOOM franchise. Experiment with life as a robotic survivor who has been reawakened by the United Autonomous Corporation (UAC) to resist the demon invasion, keep the facility operational, and avert a horrific tragedy. Shooters’ destiny is determined by how well they perform in combat, and Doom VR’s performance is exceptional.

The free locomotion version of Dooms VR has been published due to consumer feedback addressing teleportation issues, and that is fantastic news for players all across the world.

Star Trek Bridge Crew

Suppose you are acquainted with the Star Trek television program and franchise. In that case, the Star Trek video game, which is available in virtual reality and non-virtual reality, will completely immerse you in the Star Trek universe.

Virtual reality action-adventure video game Star Trek: Bridge Crew was developed and published by Red Storm Entertainment. It is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Oculus Quest platforms, and the PlayStation Vita.

The game, which was created by Red Storm Entertainment and distributed by Red Storm Entertainment, was published by Ubisoft after it was developed. As a single-player, you may take on the role of Captain of the USS Aegis or USS Enterprise while taking part in the Ongoing Voyages feature of Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

In this crew, AI will be in control of each crew member, including the Helmsman, the Tactical Officer, and the Engineering Officer.


Except for the PlayStation 4, there is no necessity for a virtual reality headset to be used to play Star Trek: Bridge Crew on any of the platforms.

This clause applies to the interplay between virtual reality and non-virtual reality on all platforms, regardless of the forum. Keyboard and mouse help are supplied when playing on a computer without employing virtual reality technology.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many games that can be played in virtual reality and non-virtual reality since game developers would have to create two games due to the integration of controls in both environments (keyboards, mice). In the world of virtual reality, it’s rare to come across a game that can be played both in virtual reality and in a non-VR context. It is challenging to play the vast majority of virtual reality games within the limits of a flat gaming environment.

In virtual reality, in addition to the one you’re now using to look around, you have two more pointing devices. A controller and television will not be enough if you want to perform the job.

Is There A Way To Trick Your PC Into Thinking You Have A VR Headset?

There is a clever technique to deceive your computer into thinking you are wearing a virtual reality headset, even though it will need a significant amount of time and effort and will not function on the great majority of virtual reality games.

All controlling parts of a headset, such as head tracking, are replaced with other methodologies to reach this result. You can give it a shot by following the steps outlined in the next section.

  • Open Steam and navigate to the Library.
  • Click on Tools and choose the appropriate choice from the drop-down menu.

First, get the download link for the SteamVR driver, then installing the VR driver is as simple as downloading it from the relevant website and following the on-screen instructions.

  • Steam VR may be accessed via either the Steam window or by right-clicking the Steam icon on your system’s taskbar, depending on your preference.
  • There will be a chat box stating that there is currently no headset attached to the PC when the Steam VR window appears. To dismiss the dialogue window, use the OK button. Ignore this and instead click on Enable or Disable TVR on the VR window to toggle the feature on or off as required, depending on your needs.
  • The time-shift recording feature may be enabled by choosing the appropriate option from the drop-down menu in the TVR’s recording box.
  • If required, Steam should be shut down and restarted. When you turn on your VR headset, a window called VR Output will emerge, from which you may view the game’s graphics. There will be no missing headset issues this time around.
  • Now that you’ve gotten your virtual reality headset setup, you may customize it to your preferences. It is recommended that you begin in an empty room rather than your virtual reality home if you want to get the most out of the experience.
  • The keys Alt + Enter must be pressed at the same time to activate the full-screen mode.

Connect a pair of gaming controllers for optimal performance.

To do this, closing the Steam VR driver window and reopening the Steam VR window is required.

  • It is necessary to launch the software Tracker Manager.
  • Drop-down menu, Select Open the toggling device support window from the list of options.
  • Once you’ve done that, you will be presented with a list of compatible devices. The control you’re looking for can be found in the list of available commands. For example, consider the Switch Joy-Con controllers, which are wireless devices that must be connected to your computer to be utilized.
  • It is essential to enable tracking to proceed.
  • Using the Steam VR driver’s setup menu, pick the Virtual option Tracking from the Hand Tracking drop-down menu to make virtual tracking available.
  • Using the drop-down menu, pick Tracker manager from the available options.
  • Set up your controls on each tracker in the order you want them to appear while viewing the tracker.
  • Now that the Steam VR driver has been restarted, you may proceed with configuring your virtual reality environment as usual.
  • On the other hand, A Kinect may be used to set up full-body tracking for gaming reasons, which is very useful.
  • Start with a Kinect to PC adapter, and then download and install the appropriate Kinect drivers, which can be found on Microsoft’s website.
  • Navigate to the Steam driver menu and choose Kinect Skeleton from the drop-down menus to enable tracking of the head and the hands, in addition to the head.
  • Choose Startdriver4VR from the drop-down menu that appears to the right of the screen.
  • When the visual of your space comes on the screen, click on the drop-down menu that appears on the right side of the screen and pick Kinect device settings.
  • To verify whether or not the tracking works properly, place yourself in the center of your play area and move about a little bit using the Kinect.

All it takes is a few minutes to set up your virtual reality environment and then to stand in your play area until the calibration procedure is completed.

Can You Play VR Games Without A Controller?

Several virtual reality games can be played without a controller, such as the one described below. For example, Microsoft Flight Simulator X only requires the FlyInside addon from a third-party developer to work correctly.

More impressive, though, is that this flat, non-VR game demonstrates that non-VR 3D games can be effectively transferred to virtual reality while maintaining an extraordinary degree of realism and realism in the translation.

  • Smash Hit is a virtual reality game that was initially designed for mobile devices. It can be played entirely without the need for a controller, using just a VR headset as the primary input device.
  • If you adore roller coasters, then this game is for you. VR Roller Coaster is a virtual reality version of the famous ride. Additionally, it may be played in virtual reality without needing a controller by just donning a virtual reality headset and entering the game. You may experience what it’s like to ride the roller coaster you developed from a first-person perspective when you utilize the VR mode, which gives a fantastic adrenaline rush. The most excellent part is that you don’t even need a controller to have a good time with this game in terms of gameplay.
  • The VR experience of Deep Space Battle is unique. If you have an Android smartphone, you can travel into space and control the game just with your VR headsets, which is a truly remarkable experience. As soon as your ship detects an opposing spaceship in its sights, it will immediately launch its armaments against it. Said, that’s all there is to it. Turn your head around to find the best aiming location for your shot.
  • Alternatively, if you don’t have an Android smartphone but still want to play a virtual reality game, End Space VR is the ideal solution to your problem. Your virtual reality headset’s trigger button is configured in such a way that you may fire with it throughout the game. Alternatively, if your headset does not have control, you should remove it in the settings and instead use the head gaze-based shooting capability to take photos and videos of your surroundings.

There are a lot of other virtual reality games that you can play without the need for controls, such as Darknet, VR Street Jump, VR Racer – Highway Traffic 360, Snow Strike VR, Trooper 2, VR X-Racer, and so many others. Darknet is a virtual reality game that you can play without the need for controls.

The vast majority of virtual reality games cannot be played without using a virtual reality headset. However, there are a few significant exceptions to this rule. The usage of a VR headset is not required to play some games, as previously said; nonetheless, most of the time, they are variations of games designed for flat gameplay.

When it comes to technological sophistication, in actuality, there are two entirely different games, and one of them can be played with virtual reality headsets, while the other cannot. Additionally, because they are two completely different games, you will be unable to combine saves from a VR game and a non-VR game, as previously stated.


How do I play VR games if I don’t have a VR headset?

You can launch the game in Desktop Mode, eliminating the requirement for VR equipment.

How can you use VR cardboard to play PC games?

Using a USB cord, connect your phone to your computer, and you’re ready to go. Use the drop-down menu to select USB tethering from the drop-down menu on your smartphone’s Settings->More->Tethering & mobile hotspot->USB tethering menu. Start both the Trinus Server program on your Windows PC and the Trinus Virtual Reality application on your Android phone after that.

How do I open a VR file on my computer?

Launch the Movies & TV app and navigate to the area labeled 360° videos. To begin playing a video, click on it. If you’re watching from a Windows 10 computer, you can move your mouse around the screen to see the 360° films.