[SOLVED] PS5 Friends List Not Showing Up

In this conflict, friends’ function is of the utmost significance. It has nothing to do with exclusive games or performance testing and everything to do with the people you hang out with. Regardless matter how much you like the gaming system you already possess and how much your friends like the machine they just bought, you will eventually buy the same thing they do.

Suppose your pals have already upgraded to the PlayStation 5 system. In that case, it is difficult for you to acquire a console from the Xbox series X or S. If I’m being honest, it’s because there are no cross-play options available across any of the many gaming platforms. Nevertheless, the preferences of your pals should heavily influence the console you select.


Through its various upgrades and additions throughout the past few years, the Playstation Network has been responsible for providing Sony’s gaming consoles with a large amount of additional online functionality. PSN users can engage in social activities with their friends and maybe make new connections via the utilization of online gaming.

Additionally, users have the opportunity to purchase games in an environment that is both handy and online. Even though the service is primarily operational, it is inevitable for any platform to experience a few bugs every once in a while. This is the case even if the service is primarily functional. It is safe to presume that, given that you are reading this, you cannot view your friends’ profiles on either the PS4 or the PS5.

According to the data at our disposal, this issue is probably brought about by servers either offline or experiencing some technical difficulty.

On the other hand, it is possible that the connection you are using is faulty or there have been some issues with your console. Both of these possibilities are worth considering. If your friends’ profiles don’t load on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, we have created a list of all the methods you may attempt to make things simpler for yourself. You can find this list below.

Why is my PS5 not showing my friends list?

If the PlayStation server is down, this might explain why your PlayStation 5 cannot display its buddy list. The problem may stem from the fact that the software on your PlayStation 5 is out of the current. If you experience difficulty with your internet connection, you may be unable to access the friend list. When participating in gaming activities, players have reported a considerable number of connectivity troubles on their end. Even though Sony has previously provided a cure in software upgrades, this flaw continues to affect many customers.

Don’t worry, we’ve been playing with PlayStations for a while now and will supply you with the exact solution you require to overcome this issue.

How to see my friends list on PS5?

The PlayStation 5 has undergone several changes. It is somewhat challenging for someone who has previously utilized or grown acclimated to the user interface of the previous generation of PlayStation since Sony has ditched the old UI and rebuilt a new one for their next-gen console. This is because Sony has removed the old UI and revamped a new one.

But once you’ve used it a few times, you’ll find that it comes in quite helpful. It is entirely up to you to decide whether or not you prefer the new user interface. However, it has a highly advanced and sci-fi-seeming appearance.


The following is a rundown of the procedure to access the friend list on a PS5:

  • To use your Dualsense, press the PS button on your controller.
  • Proceed through the control center in the appropriate manner.
  • Head over to the Game Base.
  • To use the R1 button, tap it.

As soon as you log into the Game Base for the first time, a list of all of your parties or all of the individuals you have previously texted will appear. If you then push the R1 button or manually click on the friend’s control, you will be presented with a list of all your friends who are currently online. In addition to their current condition, you can see what they are playing, what party they are a member of, and what console they are using.

Or, if you choose to see all parties, you will be presented with a view of the whole Game Base. There, you will also be able to view the friend requests sent to you and search for individuals you are interested in becoming friends with. In addition, you have the ability within the game base to create your very own party with the other players you know.

In contrast to the PS4, this party will remain together and continue to function as a unit, allowing you to pick up just where you left off when you return. While you are navigating the gaming base, the following information should be viewable to you at all times:

If you are a close friend of another person, you will have that player’s profile picture or avatar shown on your profile page. A person’s identity can also be represented via an avatar. Checking this area will let you know whether or not your friends are available to hang out with you at the moment. If you are a player’s close friend, you can view their real name or online ID.

However, if you are not a close friend, you will only see their online ID. If you are not a close friend of this person, the only thing you will be able to see is their online ID.

 A verified tick icon will appear in the user’s profile if PlayStation has confirmed the person’s identity. If the player subscribes to PlayStation Plus, the PS Plus logo will appear on their screen. Because of this, you can participate in online gaming with them and use features like shared play. You may utilize the option called “current game and console/device” to see what games your friends are now playing on their PS4 or PS5 systems and what system they are using.

If a friend of yours is not currently online, the time and date of the person’s most recent online session will be displayed next to their name. The issue, however, emerges when you cannot locate the gaming base that your friend list won’t be visible to you in any capacity.

 Why is my game base not showing on PS5?

If there is a bug in the main menu, it is possible that your control center will not appear. You can also have trouble accessing the game base if the PlayStation network server is undergoing routine maintenance when you try to access it. Additionally, you will have access to all of your friends and will be able to start parties from your mobile phone. The functionality will be available on the PlayStation application for Android and iOS. In addition, if you live in the United States, you can share gameplay recordings and screenshots directly from your mobile device.

How to fix the PS5 friends list not showing up?

It is pretty typical to find that none of your friends are playing the PlayStation 5, so don’t worry about it. Or your trophies. A comparable scenario has also occurred to me in the past. This issue only arises whenever I attempt to access my trophies. My whole collection of game thumbnails in trophies has mysteriously disappeared. After that, the error message Couldn’t load comes anytime I try to browse my friend’s list.

The issue could not be fixed until I first unplugged from the internet, and only after that did attempt to rejoin it. And it’s not like my PlayStation 5 is cut off from the internet; can still play games online and engage in other things. This is a perplexing scenario.

However, if you follow the steps below, you will be out of the situation in no time. Here are the ways to correct a missing PS5 friends list:

Check the PSN Network Status

Before trying other repairs, checking and seeing if the PlayStation servers are up and running is a good idea. If there is a problem with the servers, you may be unable to browse your friend list.


The following procedures must be carried out to ascertain the present condition of the PSN network:

  • Move on to the configuration options.
  • Choose one of the options.
  • Simply clicking the View button on your controller will allow you to view the current state of your PlayStation network.

While you wait for the findings, try not to breathe too deeply. If you verify the status of the services and discover that they are all indicated with a green tick, you can confidently conclude that the servers are online. On the other hand, detecting any yellow or red flags means that the servers are currently having some problems. At the moment, you must wait until the server finishes making its backup before proceeding forward. Once that time has passed and the servers are back up and running at total capacity, you can browse your friend list.

 Restart your PlayStation 5

It’s possible that from time to time, strange faults will show up in your user interface (UI) or in the control center, which will then make it impossible for you to access the gaming base. The following is a list of the procedures that must be completed before you may restart your PS5:

  • Ensure that the PS button is depressed before continuing.
  • Find your way to the symbol that looks like a power button.
  • To restart your PS5, you just hit the appropriate button.

After the computer has rebooted, you will need to press the PS button once more and ensure you are connected to the internet. Your command and control center should suddenly materialize, and it should be staring at your game base while also presenting itself in the most cordial manner possible. If you are still experiencing issues, the following strategy is one that you should attempt to use.

Update your PlayStation 5

The capabilities of the PlayStation 5 have not been fully realized as of yet. As a result, problems are unavoidable, and keeping your console up to date is the most efficient way to deal with them when they appear.


The following steps can be taken to do an update on your PlayStation 5:

  • Navigate to settings.
  • Please scroll down to access the system.
  • Make sure you pick the right piece of system software.
  • Find the application corresponding to the device, and refresh the configuration settings.
  • Utilizing the internet will allow you to make the necessary modifications.
  • Download the file and run the installation wizard to apply the update.

Your PlayStation 5 should immediately restart after the installation of the update, and the underlying issue should no longer be an issue when the update has been applied.

Re-login your PSN account

If you have already attempted everything, you will be required to deactivate your account and establish a new one before you can progress with the process. It’s conceivable that signing into your account once again would fix the problem, so give it a try. The following are the steps that need to be followed on your PS5 to re-login to your PSN account:

  • Move on to the configuration options.
  • Choose the user and the account you want to use.
  • Scroll down to get to the user.
  • Just hit the button that looks like a trash can to erase something.
  • Eliminate the user in its entirety.
  • Make sure the Add User option is selected.
  • Sign in to the PlayStation Network using your established credentials for that service.

After you have finished doing that, you should be able to see a list of the people who are your friends. If you are still unable to access it, you should get in touch with PSN and explain the issue you are facing to them. In addition, the Profiles app on your PS5 will not load correctly if you have an unreliable or spotty internet connection.

Conduct a check on the functionality of the network. If the test results show that the issue is with your connection, you should reset your network router so that you may continue using the internet. After removing the power cable from the wall socket of your router, you should wait at least five seconds before re-inserting it. This will ensure that the power wire is connected correctly. Simply reattaching the power supply wire to your router will result in the device resetting itself.

After you have validated that your router is functioning normally, you should run a second set of tests to determine whether or not the issue has been resolved. You may also restart your router from within the browser if you choose to. If you still have problems with your connection, you need to get in touch with your internet service provider to fix the issue. Also, make it a point to look into our expert’s advice.

Check and Reset Your Internet

The profiles on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 may not load if your network connection is too sluggish or unreliable. If you’re using either console, this might be the case. Go to the website Fast.com and run a speed test on your network. This will enable you to determine the amount of upload and download bandwidth your network presently has, allowing you to confirm this information.

Speed Test

If the test results suggest that the problem is with your connection, you should restart your network router. Before removing your router from the power supply and detaching it from the wall socket, you should wait at least five seconds. Following that, you must revive your router by reconnecting its power supply.

Restart the Router

After setting up your router, you should run another test to check if the problem has been resolved. If the slowness of your connection does not improve, contact your Internet service provider and firmly recommend that they investigate the issue.

Modify Your DNS Settings

The default DNS service provided by your internet service provider (ISP) may be now experiencing technical difficulties, leading your network to fail. We strongly recommend utilizing Google’s DNS to fix this problem because it provides substantially more significant levels of reliability than other DNS providers. If you wish to change the DNS settings on your Playstation, follow the methods provided below:

  • You may reach the Network setting on your Playstation by heading to the Settings menu and then choosing the option.
  • Now that the Internet Connection Setup option is visible click on it.
  • Then, pick the radio option labeled Use Wi-Fi and Custom from the choice.
  • Make sure your IP Address setting is set to Automatic, and then choose Do Not Specify in the DHCP Host Name section of the settings.
  • Next, go to your computer’s DNS Settings menu and select the Manual option. Fill in the blanks with the following information:
  • To complete, change the MTU Settings value to 1456 and choose the “Do Not Use” option for the proxy server.
  • Return to your buddy’s profile after making the necessary modifications to your domain name system (DNS), and check to see whether it loads appropriately.

Report the Problem to PSN

If your PSN profiles continue to fail to load on your PS4 or PS5 console, you may be dealing with a much more severe problem with your account. You might be able to obtain help with the problem you’ve been having with your console by going to the official Playstation page and contacting their customer service personnel.

Please include the model of your Playstation and your PSN account details so we can expedite the debugging process. Our step-by-step tutorial on what to do if your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 cannot load PSN profiles has ended. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section below, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Most players are likely to use the buddy system, which is one of the elements that is included in the game. Users can connect using the buddy system, which was introduced on PlayStation consoles with the PS3, requiring them to utilize their own PlayStation network IDs. As soon as they are linked, these users can see when their friends are online, exchange messages, participate in voice chat, and join online sessions while playing specific games.

Customers will want instructions on connecting with their friends online to get the most out of their PlayStation 5 (PS5) purchases because playing games online is an integral part of the system.


Why can’t I add friends on PS5?

Because of the privacy settings they have chosen for their accounts, some gamers won’t be able to add any new friends. Manage how other users interact with you and how they view you by navigating to the Users and Accounts area of the PlayStation settings and selecting the option under control of how people see you and interact with you.

Why is my PlayStation not showing my friends?

If the friend list on your PlayStation 5 is not loading, you should first check the condition of the servers that make up the PlayStation Network. Users can check the current status of the PlayStation Network (PSN) on a website that Sony has designed explicitly for this purpose. You will specifically want to examine the current state of the Gaming and Social features.