How to Disable Discord on Startup in the Easiest Way

Are you annoyed by the startup feature of Discord?

Don’t worry because in this post, you will learn how to disable Discord from opening on startups on both Windows and Mac OS.


Discord’s automatic start is a useful default feature for the discord users as it reduces a few of your clicks to open Discord.

But most people don’t want this feature as they don’t always use it.

You can stop Discord from opening on startup by disabling the Open discord feature in the discord app settings. It’s easy to quickly configure this default feature of Discord through a few simple steps that I will discuss here.

So, let’s get started.

How to stop Discord from opening on startup

The simplest way to disable discord startup is to turn off the Open Discord feature. But the most efficient way to disable Discord from opening on startups is to stop it from the operating system then disabling the Open Discord feature.

Restricting Discord from opening on startup is easy yet a different approach from different operating systems. That’s why I have provided easy steps for both mac and windows separately.

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So, here are the steps to stop Discord from opening on startup:

Stop Discord from opening on startup in Windows

These are the steps to Disable Discord on startup on Windows:

  1. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc
  2. Go to Startup tab stop-discord-from-opening-on-startup
  3. Right-click on Discord and hit disable

And it’s done.

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Disable Discord on startup in Mac

Here are the steps to turn off Discord autostart on Mac OS:

  1. Open settings in Mac(system preference)
  2. Go to Users and groups.system-preferences-users-&-groups
  3. Select Current User
  4. Choose the Login Items tab.
  5. Select Discord by clicking on itdisable-app-start-up-in-mac
  6. Click on the minus button to Disable Discord on startup on Mac.

And your problem is solved!

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Turn off Discord Autostart from the discord App

You can do these steps for any OS(Operating system). This is the most significant way to disable Discord autostart feature.

Steps to stop discord startup from the discord app:

  1. Open Discord and go to settings.discord-settings
  2. Scroll down and open the OS settings (windows settings or mac settings)
  3. Disable Open Discord to stop the discord auto-start feature.


In this way you can completely disable the Open Discord feature and stop Discord from opening on startups.

How to quit from Discord

Discord doesn’t stop running and showing you online when you close the app just by clicking on the cross button. You need to manually close it from discord or from the OS. I suggest you to do it from the OS.

Quitting from Discord is pretty straightforward. To quit Discord, you will have to click on the Arrow in the taskbar to show hidden icons, then right-click on the discord icon and select Quit Discord.


If this icon doesn’t appear on the hidden icon’s tray, then open task manager> go to process tab> select all the processes named Discord and end then one by one.



Question: Why does my Discord open on starting my PC?

Answer: It is a default feature of Discords open on startup.

Question: Is Discord safe for my PC?

Answer: Discord is a worldwide popular app, and it’s 100% safe for your PC.

Question: Can I stop Discord from opening on startup?

Answer: Yes, you can stop Discord from opening on startup by disabling the Open discord feature from the discord app settings.


Open Discord is irritating one among all the default set of features. This feature allows Discord to open on startup automatically.

If you don’t want Discord to open with your computer’s startup, then the steps provided here will help you out.

I hope that all worked for you perfectly. Let us know if you have any further queries.