Historical Domain Authority | An In-Depth Guide

Search engines often rank websites based on a score given how successful that website is. This search engine ranking score can be termed the domain authority.

To be precise, it is a kind of favor by the search engine shown to some specific websites over others.

But there is more to it.


Historical domain authority is the total accumulation of all the previous results used by SEOs to determine the value of any website. It also allows ranking the website based on a score by a search engine.

That said, in this article, we will tell you about some core insights and the process of finding domain authority.

So, let’s check it out!

What is Domain Authority

It is essential to determine domain authority and what is not in steering your digital transformation strategy on the appropriate path.

Domain Authority is a Moz-developed indicator that forecasts the likeliness of a domain to rank in the SERPs compared to its rivals.

It is not a statistic that will help you rank higher in a particular search engine results. Domain authority, on the other hand, is a good indication that can assist you in measuring the website’s performance in comparison to rivals.

A higher Domain Authority score indicates a more powerful site that is more inclined to appear at the top of search engines. Whereas a lower score indicates a poorer website that will struggle to rank for targeted keywords.

Moreover, DA aims to ensure that your site reaches a broader audience and thereby helps you achieve the target.

Why is domain authority necessary

With domain authority, you will get a clear view of google’s website ranking dynamics.

For most people, it is hard to comprehend the process that Google follows for ranking websites. The reason is that Google never will let you know the way it pulls off-website ranking.


Domain Authority enables you to have the most precise representation of the Google search results. It will also provide you with critical insights regarding the website ranking process.

As you already know, a website with the highest score is considered powerful.

That’s why a relationship exists between high DA scores and website rankings.

What is a good domain authority score

If you want to know the weak domain authority score, it will be around 0-20.

Now, if you prefer a score that is considered as good, it should fluctuate around 20-50.

That said, when the score goes above 50, your website is perceived as a strong website.

A DA score above 60 is the best you can get. Anything within the range of 60-100 is excellent. But reaching this range isn’t that easy.

You need to invest your time and energy in link building, which will pay off later in a higher DA score. Your strategy should focus on getting the best quality links, as these are crucial for improving the website ranking.

What is a domain authority checker

A domain authority checker is basically a tool that allows you to determine what a site may score in the domain. It also allows you to examine the rankings of several websites simultaneously.

It indicates the reasoning behind the website ranking by search engines based on the value between 0 and 100.

A DA checker’s score or rank is calculated depending on many parameters. Some of the most prominent ones are – level of readability, linking profile, and some other things by google that we aren’t aware of.


It clearly means that the output level of your domain is obtained by combining many metrics. Such as a comprehensive list of links and page authority to maximize the accuracy in assessing the actual potency of the site.

Now, after knowing a bit about them, you may wonder why you need them. It will enable you to understand the websites you should compete with. Also, it will allow you to determine how your personal website may rank.

We understand that not every website is made equally. Specific sites receive greater visitors, are much more well-known, and have a more comprehensive online presence. Whereas others are still striving to generate traffic. Because of the differences across websites, a rating scale must be implemented.

Why is a rating scale essential for websites

The rating scale or a scoring system for websites is essential because it lets the website know its ins and outs.

That said, the data you can get from this type of system can show you many insights. Some of the prominent ones are as follows:

  • It may be used to determine how the website performs concerning relevant sites.
  • It may be used to track your performance and results. So you can define whether your promotional strategies are producing results or if you need to step up your efforts.
  • It also helps track your competition and determine who you need to concentrate upon.
  • You may utilize the findings to see an increase in your SEO.
  • It may be used to evaluate what websites to visit for whatever purpose you have.

Understanding where to utilize domain authority check outcomes, you may well consider how scores can be enhanced. There are several strategies to achieve this, like creating excellent content and promoting the use of social media and its reach so that you can reach a wider audience. Others may assist in recommending your website due to this, which is yet another fantastic way to grow your site.

Finally, keep 2 factors in mind at all times. The first is that the higher your website ranks, the more probable it is to grow, while the other is that a low-ranked website might harm your business.

Top domain authority checkers

When using DA checkers, you must be cautious about which one you select. Because picking the wrong one provides information that would be an alarming prospect to base your judgments on.


That said, it can be damaging to your website. This is why you should always opt for the best available. Domain authority checks are classified into two types: free to use and those that need payment.

The fundamental difference between these two types is that one gives you limited information. The other provides more significant insights for which you have to pay.

That is why here are some of the best paid and free domain authority checkers listed below:

Google Search Console

Google Search Console allows you to freely analyze and monitor your website and improve its organic presence. Monitoring the referring domains, mobile site performance, rich search results, and most-trafficked queries and pages are all part of this.

It is among the most effective methods for determining the DA score of your website. You may also utilize the interface to access services like “Links to your Site,” located underneath the Search Traffic section.


Semrush is a product bundle that helps you improve your web exposure and find actionable insights. Their services and analytics can help managers that operate in the following sectors: SEO, PPC, SMM, Keyword Research, Content Marketing, and Campaign Management.

It is an excellent technique for extracting data for any URL. SEMrush helps track backlinks and other critical details on the specified domain. It provides a broad array of features for which you have to pay to enjoy them fully without constraint.


Clickminded DA checker tool is simple to use. You don’t need to register or use a credit or debit card to examine the information on any website.

There is only one option for entering the URLs of a website, and the layout makes it very easy for many marketers to utilize this product.

From your part, you are required to input the URLs of various websites, and the next step you need to perform is to tap on the button for a quick bulk DA testing.

After this testing, you will get the result of domain authority. And the best part is that you will be able to use this tool unlimited times.

Bulk DA Checker

With this tool, you will check five links simultaneously without any subscription. This tool incorporates the MOZ API, which displays the domain authority number with the highest authenticity.

To proceed with the checking, you need to go to this site first and then input all the links. After that, you will view different options, and selecting one of them will navigate you to the type of result you want to see.

SmallSEO Tools

This is yet another website with which you can check your site’s DA score. The best part is that it is free and can give you accurate outputs, just like many other websites.

Moreover, its wide range of features can give many paid checkers a run for their money.


This is basically an SEO tool provider, which also caterers towards improving website SEO through its advanced features. This website comes with a feature called MozBar that analyzes a site very quickly.

In it’s analysis, it can calculate the DA score very quickly with utmost precision.

It comes with unique tools for determining a website’s linking root domains and relevant keywords. You need to input the links on the box given and rapidly examine every ranking factor of a website.

When you press the Analyze Domain button, the program displays the website’s top rank pages and linked domain.

It also provides the predicted clicks for a keyword with only one click.

In addition, if you run the MozBar, it evaluates a site instantaneously. It reports the domain authority, page authority, and spam score.


It is crucial to know the historical domain authority of your website because it will determine whether your site is in the proper condition.

The domain authority is vital because it lets you know the actual rank of your website. When you see the domain authority score, you can determine what’s right or wrong with your website.

Through this article, we have tried to explain the importance of domain authority and the relevant insights that you should know. We have also included some of the best domain authority checkers for your convenience.

We hope that helps your case, and if there is any confusion, do let us know.