How to Find Trending Keywords on Facebook

Social media marketing has been a go-to tool for most businesses to reach out to their audience. It is practical and can be carried out in no time.

But the base of social media marketing campaigns will always be the trending topics. That said, Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform. Through it, a business can cater to a broader audience.


To make digital marketing successful on Facebook, proper Keyword research is a must. But how to find trending Keywords on Facebook?

The process is a bit tricky, but we will make it easy for your convenience. After reading this article, you will know the proper ways to find trending Keywords and curate them to serve your needs.

What is the keyword for Facebook

Keywords are basically the phrases used to target the audience on digital media. They can be meaningful or random, but their usage is crucial for businesses and individuals who want to connect with a specific demographic.

Generally, the usual way to find suitable keywords is keywords research. Through this process, you can search for keywords relevant to particular topics.

This keyword research aims to find relevant keywords, which will later be optimized to cater to a specific section of the audience on Facebook.

How can you search for Keywords on Facebook

The search feature of Facebook is helpful and intelligent enough to find the things you are looking for. This feature was created so that it filters out all the irrelevant content that a user might see.

Before this, Facebook used a graph search method, which was more complicated. It needed the highest level of specification to generate the desired search results.

But with keyword search, there is no such thing. Unlike the graph search method, it doesn’t require any algorithm-based phrases.


If you type something particular in the Search box, the search results will show all the things associated with it. And it will be categorized based on your preference, location, and social media activities.

Besides, keywords search on Facebook enables you to generate search results through filtering. When you type a keyword on a search bar, you will automatically see a filter option on the left of the screen. This option allows you to view results in different sections based on what you are searching for.

How to locate what is trending on Facebook

To identify what’s trending on Facebook, you need to look at the top part of your news feed. It will help you get a total summary of everything going on.

That said, all of the things that you see on Facebook are personalized for you. Based on your social impressions, the photos you like, and the things you share, everything they are curated to create trending topics for you.

And these trends are shown in the peak moment so that you don’t miss it and be able to participate in the conversation.

The best way to figure them out is to identify the highlighted topic in gray. If you want to view a specific category, a better way to choose them is through filters.


Or else, Facebook will show you random trending topics.

You need to click on the topics to have further insights to navigate to the stories. You will also see the posts related to that same topic after that.

If you scroll down, you will see photos and videos related to the same topic you clicked.

The best part is that you can customize the trending topics. You can eliminate the issues that you don’t want to view, and you can do this simply by ignoring them by clicking the ‘x’ sign on the right side.

Facebook might ask you a few questions regarding this. You can click on whatever you want, and the end result will be avoiding all those topics.

What are the differences in the Facebook Keywords

When you see the keywords in the interest section based on your activities. It means that you get shown topics relevant to the pages you liked and or the posts you recently shared with your friends.

It’s hard to decode FB’s method to generate these Keywords. But when you look for something synonymous, you will find the target groups for which these are grouped.

If it is for your page, the better target would be to find the fans of other pages similar to your page. This is a total hit or miss, so don’t rely on this very much to find the keywords.

Do keywords matter in social media

Keywords matter in social media because it has a lot of effect on the content you are curating.

One of the most important factors is that the proper placement of keywords drives traffic to your social media content. When your targeted audience finds your content, they share it, resulting from the appropriate placement of keywords.

As a result, your content is reached as many people as possible. The best part is that the people who didn’t even think of getting your content will be viewing it.

For social media, proper keyword research is necessary for the content to be successfully catered to the audience.

Final Thoughts

Curating social media content with the relevant keywords is crucial for their better reach. Suppose you want some specific posts on Facebook to have a considerable interaction. In that case, you must hook it up with trending and relevant keywords.

In this article, we have tried to include all the relevant processes of finding trending keywords and other insights. We hope that helps your case and lets your Facebook posts have a wider reach.