[SOLVED] Discord: You Do Not Have Permission To View Message History

When it comes to social applications, people really like Discord due to the fact that the program brings in a variety of methods in which users may communicate with one another. After joining a Discord server, you should be capable of seeing all of the messages that have been sent on each channel you join.


In relation to this topic, we have observed that certain users have difficulties whenever they try to see messages of this kind. They have indicated the circumstances within which they received the notification “You do not have permission to view the message history on Discord.”

It doesn’t matter how many times you attempt; you’ll always end yourself in a scenario where you have no idea what to do next.  Made up nonsense!!!

It’s possible that you’ll find yourself in a position that’s difficult to understand, but you shouldn’t let that frustrate you. This issue has affected a great number of people, including myself, and I am not alone among those affected.

After doing a lot of studies, I was eventually able to figure out what led to me having to deal with this situation and how I could find a solution to it.

So, keep reading this post until the end to know the solutions to this problem.

Why You Can’t View Message History on Discord?

The primary reason why you do not have access to see message history on Discord is due to the fact that the channel administrator has disallowed permission for any user to read message history for that specific channel. In addition, one of the reasons for encountering this problem is the fact that the channel has not been refreshed for a considerable amount of time.

If you are the owner of the server or if the owner of the server sets responsibilities for any member to do so, you will be the only one who can establish permissions and roles for the members of the server.

It is not at all like that; because it is my server, I can prohibit whomever I choose from being a part of our community. I will put a block on anybody I want, and anytime I choose, I will relieve someone else of the burden that was entrusted to them.


So, you are unable to see the history of messages sent on Discord due to the following reasons:

  • When a moderator or the owner of the server considers you to be a possible danger to the community.
  • If there is a chance that your actions may cause disruption.
  • Another reason is that you use language that is harsh.
  • Sharing stuff with others that has the potential to provoke them.
  • Another motive would be to avoid saying anything that would offend the religious sensibilities of other group members.

Now then, let’s take a look at the solutions to this problem.

How To Fix You Do Not Have Permission To View The Message History On Discord Problem

In the previous section, I went through all of the various explanations for why you could not have access to see chat history on Discord. I’m going to teach you how to solve this problem right now.

The following is a list of potential solutions to this problem:

1. Refreshing The Server Channel Page

It’s possible that a simple issue in the program is the cause why you are unable to access these messages on Discord. If this is the case, then you can fix it pretty easily. If this seems to be the case, the very first step you should take to remedy the issue is to reload the whole Discord page.


You may try refreshing the server channel before moving on to more involved troubleshooting procedures in order to determine whether or not the issue still exists.

To do this, just hit the CTRL + R keys simultaneously on your computer, and this should cause your Discord to refresh itself immediately. You might also try closing the program and opening it back up again as an alternative.

2. You Might Not Have Permission

You may not have the authorization to access and read those messages, which is yet a further reason why you might be unable to View Message History. If you don’t have permission, you won’t be able to view them. To be more precise, it’s possible that the owner of the server has forbidden you from seeing older text messages in your inbox.

You may look for your roles from the inside of the Discord server to see if that is the case and check whether or not that is the situation. Your sole option, in the event that your position does not have the granted authority to read past message history, is to contact an administrator and request that they authorize you to do so.

3. Restart Discord

You have the option to end the server channel or the Discord program if it is unable to resolve the issue that you are experiencing. Bring to a stop any other apps that are currently operating in the background. Simply tapping the F5 key on your keyboard will cause your device to be refreshed.


Launch Discord once again, then sign in to the account to continue. Proceed into that particular channel in which you were experiencing difficulties with this matter. Investigate whether or not you are once again able to view messages on that server.

4. Contact Server Owner, Moderator, or Admin

It would seem that the solution to your issue has not been found despite following the recommendations given above.

There are over 250 different types of server roles available to the members. The owner of the server has sole authority over who on the server holds what positions, and he is free to select administrators, moderators, and other members of staff according to his whims.

If the server owner gives them permission to do so, other members of the community, including moderators and administrators, will be able to warn or expel other users from the community.

If you are still having trouble reading the message history after doing so, you should get in touch with the person who owns the server, the administrator, or the moderator and requests them to give you the proper role or authority to view the Discord message history.


The notice “You do not have the permission to view the message history on Discord” is a typical issue that you will receive if the server’s admin has not granted you the role of reading older text messages. But if you want to access those messages on a Discord server, you will need to bring it up to the administration of the server and ask them to give you permission to do so. If you do so, you will be able to view the messages. We hope this guide has helped you to solve your problem.