[SOLVED] Corsair Void Mic Not Working With Discord

When you’re a gamer, you know that having a great headset can make all the difference in your gaming experience. So, if you’re looking for a great headset with awesome features and sound quality, the Corsair Void is a great option. However, some users have reported that their Corsair Void mic is not working with Discord.

If this is happening to you, don’t worry! We’ll show you how to fix this problem so that your mic will work perfectly with Discord again.


If you’re having trouble getting your Corsair Void microphone to function with Discord, you may try upgrading the driver for your audio device by making use of a trusted updater tool. Also, wrong audio settings, as well as voice options in Discord, are two more potential causes of this issue.

However, if you are not sure how to update the driver, or change the audio settings, then keep reading this post until the end to know how to fix your Corsair Void mic not working with Discord problem pretty easily.

Why Is My Corsair Void Mic Not Working With Discord?

You might be heard of the Corsair void headsets if you play video games online using a service like Steam or Uplay with Discord. This is a good deal of popularity among those players. This is not only easy on the head but also lightweight. The most crucial thing is that this has excellent sound production capabilities.

On the other hand, there is a possibility that you may run into problems with your Corsair void pro microphone at some point. Find out what’s causing the error that your Corsair headset mic isn’t functioning, and you’ll be well on your way to fixing the problem properly. So, why won’t your mic work when you try to use it on Discord?

The problem where your Void Pro microphone does not function with Discord might have been caused by any one of a number of different things. The use of drivers that are too old is among the most typical causes of problems. Any incompatibility might result in problems due to the fact that these components also have to be updated continuously.

Be aware that the audio settings on your Corsair Void microphone might be inaccurate, and that the voice setup on the Discord server could be corrupted. Obviously, a problem with the hardware might be the cause of the problems you’re experiencing with your gadget.

So, in the end, the following are some potential factors to consider when your Corsair Void mic not working with Discord:

  • The driver for the audio device is out of date.
  • It is not currently configured to use the microphone as the primary recording device.
  • The microphone is not available for use.
  • The sampling rate is excessively low.

Happily, we have created a list of methods that will assist in fixing this problem, regardless of the origin of the problem. So, now, it’s fixing time!

Before Moving On To The Troubleshooting

It is recommended that you examine the hardware first before checking for any problems linked to software; thus, follow the approach given below:

  • Be sure to double-check all of the connections on your headphones to ensure that none of the wires are damaged and that the jacks are properly inserted. The issue may be solved by switching to a different headphone jack on your computer when using headphones.
  • A further fundamental cause of this issue is a dirty headphone jack. Even a thin layer of oil or dirt can interrupt the interconnection of the audio jack, which in turn causes the microphone to become inoperable. To solve this issue, clean the audio jack by wiping it down with rubbing alcohol, which will leave it in excellent shape.
  • Try a Soft Reset, which will also fix the problem. To do this, check to see whether the headset is connected in and double-check that the headphone is switched OFF. Then after, click and hold the Mute button for fifteen seconds, and afterward push and hold the Power button until the headphone turns ON. Finally, release both buttons. The headphone will be reset successfully.
  • If you have a variant of this headset that connects to a USB port, then the USB ports on your personal computer are the source of the issue. If you had been connecting your headset to a USB 2.0 port on your computer in the past, try connecting it to a USB 3.0 port instead. Likewise, if you had been connecting it to a USB 3.0 port, try connecting it to a USB 2.0 port to see if it resolves the issue.

So, if you have tried all the pre-steps given above, and solved your issue, then it’s good news! But if you are still facing the problem, then follow the below-given solutions to fix the software-related issues.

How To Fix Corsair Void Mic Not Working With Discord

The Corsair Void Pro is a gaming headset that has received a lot of attention in recent years. On the other hand, gamers who already possess the headset report that they are unable to get it to function properly on Discord.

As a consequence of this, we have received feedback from gamers indicating that their Corsair Void Pro microphone is not functioning properly.

Now, this part of this article may be helpful to you if you too possess the headset and are experiencing the same problem as described above. If you are unable to address the issue by using the fundamental strategies given above, you should turn to the more technical strategies provided in this section.

The problem of the Corsair Void microphone not working properly with Discord will be handled in the next part, in which we will give a few potential solutions to the issue. So, let’s just get going!

1. Modify the Audio Settings

In most cases, Windows is able to recognize a microphone and make use of it as the system’s primary device for recording sounds. However, there are times when it does not function as expected. To resolve the problem where Discord is not detecting your microphone, you will need to manually change the audio settings and choose the device you want to use as the default option.

The procedure to do that is outlined below.

  • Open the Control Panel by clicking on the Win button on your keyboard and typing Control Panel on the search bar.
  • On the Control Panel window, search for the Sound
  • Click on Sound and the sound window will appear.click-on-the-sound-option
  • Navigate to the Recording tab and then locate and click on the Headset Microphone Corsair VOID Wireless Gaming Dongle from the listed microphones.
  • Now click Set Default and click on the Properties
  • To adjust the level of the microphone, go to the Levels tab in the Microphone Properties box, and then drag its volume slider all the way to the top.
  • The last step is to make sure the changes are saved by clicking the OK.


You may now test the Corsair headset mic to see whether the issue that was causing it to stop operating has been resolved.

2. Be Sure To Allow The Mic Permission

The permission setting in Windows is one item that you want to examine since they might use some modification. What would happen if your version of Windows did not permit access to the Corsair headset? In such an event, your microphone will not produce any sound at all since it is not allowed. Therefore, in order to prevent problems with your headphone, you will need to authorize access to the microphone.

So, in order to allow access to the microphone, follow the steps below:

    • Open the Start Menu by clicking on the Win button on your keyboard.
    • Type Microphone on the Search bar and click on the Microphone privacy settings.click-on-the-microphone-privacy-option
    • In the section labeled Let apps access your microphone, ensure that the toggle switch is set to the ON position so that you may give apps permission to use your microphone.toggle-on-the-let-apps-access-your-microphone-option
    • Scroll down until you reach the section titled Choose which applications can access your microphone, and then check that the toggle switch for the app that you are using to play (In our case, it is Discord) the microphone is set to the On

Now, once you are done, make sure you check the Corsair Void headset to see whether the issue with the microphone not working has been fixed. If your answer is affirmative, then you should celebrate! However, if the issue still exists, please try the third solution listed below.

3. Update The Audio Driver

You may be experiencing this issue because you are using a mismatched audio driver or because the one you are utilizing is now out of date.

Consequently, you need to check to see whether the most recent version of your audio driver resolves the issue by updating it. You may update the driver quickly using a program called a Driver updating tool if you do not have the time, patience, or expertise necessary to manually update the driver.

If the audio device drivers for your device are out of current or missing entirely, it might cause the device to malfunction or cease operating entirely. It may be necessary to update the driver for your audio device in order to fix the problem.

Here are the steps to update your audio driver:

  • Open device manager by searching it in the search bar.
  • Click on audio inputs and outputs to open the driver list.
  • Right-click on the audio drivers and select update driver.update-audio-driver
  • Select check for updates automatically.

After updating the drivers, restart your computer to take effects.

4. Check Hardware for Errors

If you have done all the methods above and still facing the issue, it is possible that the cause is related to hardware. So, you should check the hardware for any faults, which is particularly important if you use a wired headset.

It is recommended that you give this solution a go since the error that occurs when Discord does not recognize the microphone might also be caused by a defective connection or piece of hardware on the computer. The following are some of the things that may be done to check for errors.

First, determine whether or not the connection between the headset and the computer is secure.

Step 2: If the problem persists, examine the headphones’ wires to see if there is anything wrong with them.

Trick No. 3: Switch to a different port to see whether or not the issue is with the port.

Now, if your problem is related to hardware, your problem should be gone by now. If it doesn’t, follow the solutions below.

5. Run the Troubleshooter

You can also try running Troubleshooter in order to fix the issue that you are receiving from your Corsair void pro microphone. It is a common practice to use the Troubleshooter in order to resolve computer problems such as those involving printers that are offline, Ethernet connections that do not function, networks that cannot be detected, etc. However, you can also use this feature when your microphone is not working.

So, to put it into action, you may refer to the instructions that are provided below.

  • Open Settings by either clicking on the Start menu or by pressing the Win + I button simultaneously on your keyboard.
  • If you are using the Windows 11, then navigate to the System > Troubleshoot > Other Troubleshooters
  • Now click on the Playing Audio and hit the Run the Troubleshooter.click-on-the-playing-audio-option
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

Once you are done troubleshooting the problem, the Corsair Void mic not working with the Discord issue should be gone by now.

6. Uninstall & Reinstall iCUE

Users who have come across this issue have reported that removing and then reinstalling the iCUE Software has helped them fix it. So, let’s give this strategy a go and see if it helps us figure out whether or not the problem with your Corsair Void Mic has been repaired.

To begin, you will need to follow the instructions below to uninstall iCUE from your system.

  • Click on the Start menu to open your Windows Settings and click on the Apps menu on the left sidebar.
  • Click on Installed Apps and look for the Corsair ICUE.click-on-installed-apps-7
  • Press on the three-dot menu beside the Corsair ICUE app and click on Uninstall.

Now, uninstall it as usual.

After finishing all of the steps involved in the uninstallation process, you will need to reboot your computer.

Now, download the latest version of the ICUE Software on your computer and install it.

7. Maybe The Mic Is Defective or Broken

The last possible explanation for why the mic is not functioning properly in Discord is that you either have a malfunctioning headset or a defective mic. You may get more evidence of this by evaluating the performance of your microphone in many different applications.

If it does not function in any way, then your microphone is most likely damaged. In this scenario, you should probably go out and get your microphone fixed or buy a whole headset instead.


The Corsair Void Pro Mic is, all things considered, the finest gaming headset available that is compatible with Windows 7/8/10. The overall performance of the game can be improved with the use of this microphone.

In the event that the Void Pro Microphone does not function properly on your Discord, the problem can be resolved by using the procedures that have been outlined above.

Hopefully, you were able to resolve the problem with the Corsair Void mic not working with the Discord problem pretty easily.