[SOLVED] Change Your Background On Microsoft Teams

Do you want to add a bit extra excitement to your next video meeting? Changing your background might be exactly what you need.

Microsoft Teams provides you with several different backgrounds, which help to keep the meetings exciting and new for you. Don’t keep suffering unnecessarily if you’ve outgrown the same old Teams scene.

Because of the man of culture developers of the Teams software, it has a plethora of customization options that enable users to alter the backgrounds, completely blur them, or change them with a picture of their own.


You only need to follow a few simple steps to modify your background on Microsoft teams. When it comes to customizing the background of your MS Teams workspace, you have two options to select from.

Two examples: the first one takes place while you are in a meeting, and the second one takes place just before you go into a meeting. You also have the option of selecting a customized background from your existing collection.

Now, if you want to change your background on Microsoft Teams, the process is as follows.

How To Change Your Background On Microsoft Teams Before A Meeting

This approach is the best option for you if you’re looking for a way to alter the background of your MS Teams workspace before a meeting so that your coworkers won’t be bothered by the fact that you’re there.

Before we go to a meeting on Microsoft teams, I’ll walk you through changing your background so that you can identify yourself more conveniently.

Begin your video conversation as you normally would, and you should discover yourself at the “joining” screen. In this, you will see what your video stream appears to look like and adjust the settings for the meeting before you even begin it. Adding your background to the conversation before the meeting even begins requires that you do this. And then:

If you want to change your background before a Microsoft Teams meeting in a matter of seconds, follow the procedures below:

  • Launch the Microsoft Teams
  • To participate in the meeting, click the link to join it.
  • Make sure that the “Video Streaming” option is turned on in the control bar at the bottom of the screen, and then turn the “Background Settings” control on. This control can be found between the buttons that control the video and the audio.
  • Once the “Background settings” column displays on the right side of the screen, you may just use it to blur your background, or you can pick an image from those that have already been given by Microsoft. You may now additionally add “custom backgrounds” to your streaming by either uploading your photographs or selecting from a library that is available online.


  • Simply click the Join now button to begin participating in the meeting with your updated background.

The modification you made to the background will take effect immediately and remain in place during the duration of the meeting unless you choose to make another modification. You can switch over your background many times during your meeting.

When using a custom background in Microsoft Teams, you won’t need a greenscreen or anything else of the like. The highly-trained artificially intelligent program will immediately differentiate you from your backdrop.

It is important to keep in mind that you also have the option to simply “blur” your backdrop, but doing so will not result in an appearance that is nearly as appealing as using an image provided by a virtual background.

How To Change Your Background On Microsoft Teams During A Meeting

I’ve mentioned to you previously that there are two different methods by which you may customize the background of Microsoft Teams. The second one is down below, and I’m going to reveal it to you.

If you go into a meeting and see that everyone else has stunning backdrops, but all you have behind you is a cluttered bookshelf, you have the option to switch things up in the middle of the conversation.

Therefore, if you’re at a meeting and want to change the Microsoft Teams backdrop, these are the steps you should take:

Within the meeting, you’ll want to click on the three dots that are located in the center of the button bar that’s located at the top of your screen. And then:

  • Once you have selected the Show background effects option, you will be brought to the background settings section that is located on the right side of your screen. We discussed this column before. Utilizing this bar will enable you to modify your backdrop by blurring it or changing its color. You also have the option of uploading your personalized backdrops.
  • Click the Preview button if you’re in the midst of a discussion and want to see how your background will appear before you deciding to use it. Once you apply your new background, it will demonstrate what other people are likely to view when they look at it.


  • Click the Apply button when you are satisfied with the appearance of your background, but click the Stop preview button if you want to revert to the background that you had before making any changes.

Once more, you can add your personalized backgrounds to a meeting. You also have the option to simply “blur” the background if you are struggling to come up with an interesting one right away.

How To Change Your Background On Microsoft Teams Android

When you are using the normal desktop version of Teams or the online version of Teams, the choices that are shown above will guide you through the process of applying new backgrounds to the meeting sessions. On the other hand, if you’re attending from a mobile device, there is a bit different sequence of steps that you need to do.

Yet again, you have the option of changing your background either while the meeting is in progress or before it begins.

When you wish to update the background before the meeting, build up the video chat as you normally would, and then pick the “Background effects” button that is located at the top of the screen:

  • Once the background options show up below the video stream, you have the option of clicking on “blur” to make the clutter behind you fade away or clicking on one of the photos that are offered.
  • If you have your chosen picture on your device and want to use it, then click the “+” symbol, then go to the location on your device where you saved the picture, and then choose it. You are going to require a file with the . BMP, PNG, or . JPG
  • The “Done” button should be clicked. Your new backdrop should be used in all your calls and meetings from this point on, at least up until you want to switch it once again.

If you just want to change the background of your screen while you’re in the middle of a conference, the procedure is fairly similar to how it would be on your desktop. Press on the controls for your conference call or meeting, and then:

  • Click “More Options (…)” and then “Background Effects” in the drop-down menu that appears.
  • You have the option of either blurring your picture, adding a background from the selection provided by Microsoft, or uploading your background.
  • To verify that the background you wish to utilize is selected, click the Done In addition, before making a commitment, you will have the opportunity to see how you look in the preview section.

How to Add New Microsoft Teams Background

We got a solution for you if you are considering changing the appearance of your MS Teams app by changing the background image to one from a library of pictures that are not included with the application.

At first, Microsoft released Custom Backgrounds as a tool with the only option to utilize the photos that had been hand-picked by the brand. Because of this, you were unable to include any of your vacation photos or any other content in the video conference that you were participating in.

Creating your personalized background in Teams used to be a laborious and time-consuming procedure for quite some time. On Windows, you are required to go to the following directory path: %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds\Uploads.

When utilizing the most recent version of Microsoft Teams, you may upload files by just dragging and dropping them into the appropriate library for your instance of Teams to access.

On a Macintosh computer, the client folder for Teams is located at /Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/Backgrounds. The backgrounds may be accessed from there.

In this day and age, you shouldn’t have to search for the custom backgrounds folder on your PC or Mac to change the backdrop on your device, but it is still a good idea to maintain those paths nearby, just in case. Since then, Microsoft has made it possible for all users of Teams to install personalized background effects with their design.

To “Show background effects” in your meeting, all you have to do is follow the procedures that are mentioned in the previous section. You should find a button that indicates “+ Add New” at the very top of the list of choices that Microsoft provides for you to choose from. This list of options should include the “blur” function.

Microsoft Teams will provide you with the choice to either transfer background images directly from your computer or download a broad range of high-quality photos from the internet. You may utilize any of these options. If you want to upload a photo from your computer, check that the image is of excellent quality and make sure that you only utilize JPG, PNG, or BMP formats.

Keep in mind that you need to preview your background before really applying it.


So, that was the article on how to change your background on Microsoft Teams. When using Microsoft Teams, it has never been simpler to include customized backgrounds in your meetings. If you want it to have a fantastic appearance, one more thing you should do is ensure that the image serving as your background is of exceptionally high quality.

Maintain your focus on anything that has a high resolution, and steer clear of anything that may be protected by copyright. If you are unsure, you should use the backgrounds that have been authorized by Microsoft.