[SOLVED] Microsoft Teams Error Code 4C7

Suppose you are trying to join an important meeting but can’t log into the account and face an error code 4C7! How irritating that situation would be! However, you don’t need to worry about it. Because in this article, we are going to show you how to fix Microsoft Teams error code 4C7 without any trouble.

fix-microsoft-teams-error-code 4c7

When you attempt to sign in to Microsoft Teams on a network owned by the organization that has Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) enabled, you will get the error number 4c7. You are unable to log in to Microsoft Teams because AD FS does not allow forms authentication to be enabled by default for the internal network.

And thus, error code 4C7 will be the primary topic of this article, where we will provide all the possible reasons behind this problem and some methods to solve the issue.

So, keep reading this post until the end to learn more in detail.

Why Does Microsoft Teams Error Code 4C7 Appear?

The fault of a forms authentication, which is required to sign into MS Teams, is the root cause of the Microsoft Teams error code 4c7. If your organization has Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) enabled on its network, it will deactivate forms authentication, which will result in error code 4c7 and halt the sign-in process.

We were able to identify several potential causes for the error code 4c7 that was generated by Microsoft Teams. They are included in the listing that can be found further down on this page. Determine which of these factors is causing the most of your suffering.

Consequently, the following are the causes of the error code 4c7 for Microsoft Teams:

Forms Authentication Is Disabled

Error 4c7 in Microsoft Teams happens when the Teams app is used using a login method that needs forms authentication. When AD FS is deployed on a network, the Forms Authentication feature is automatically turned off for the intranet.

If Windows Integrated Authentication is unable to verify your identity for whatever reason, you will be requested to sign in using Forms Authentication instead. Forms Authentication, however, cannot be used to sign you into Microsoft Teams since AD FS has disabled it. If you try to use it, you will get an error message.

Microsoft Teams Is Disabled In Office 365 Suite

Unintentionally deactivating the Microsoft Teams app included inside the Microsoft Office 365 suite is yet another cause of the error code 4c7 that occurs with Microsoft Teams.

This may happen if you have two or more settings that overlap or if you accidentally hit the mouse button. In addition, if you are attempting to re-authorize the access to the Teams app, you could try to turn off Microsoft Team inside the Office 365 suite but then forget to switch it back on again when you are finished.

If this is the case, you will get the error number 4c7 each time you attempt to use your office account to sign in to the Microsoft Teams app.

Unnecessary Cache Files

For an app as feature-rich as Microsoft Teams, running it on Windows needs the creation of a large number of cache files for it to run properly and accomplish its goals.

Additionally, throughout every minute, a respectable quantity of cache files are added to the folder that is designated for caching in Microsoft Teams.

When a session in Microsoft Teams is over, any prior cache files that were stored there become outdated and might cause app operations during subsequent sessions to become disrupted.

This mismatch is one of the causes of the error number 4c7 that occurs on MS Teams, which in turn makes it impossible to sign in to the application.

Microsoft Teams Account Is Not Listed On Windows

You may run into the Microsoft Teams error code 4c7 if the Microsoft Teams account isn’t displayed in the Windows account management or if there’s a problem with how they sync with one another.

Information on your computer can be synchronized thanks to Microsoft Teams and the Windows Accounts Manager. If the synchronization process is disrupted, it will prevent your account from signing in to the application and display the error number 4c7.

How to Fix Microsoft Teams Error Code 4C7

Now that we know what the reasons are, it’s time to know what are the solutions to this problem. So, to that end, and without further ado, let’s get your error 4c7 solved and get things back on the right track.

However, we would advise you to take things gently before diving headfirst into the answers since making a mistake at any point might make your problems much more difficult to solve.

The following is a list of potential solutions for the error code 4c7 encountered while using Microsoft Teams:

1. Authorize Forms Authentication

To resolve the Microsoft Teams error number 4c7, you will need to provide Forms Authentication permission to access your network to assist you in signing in using an ADFS-activated system. You will need to activate Forms Authentication using the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) once it has been configured for AD FS.

If you are a general member of the Teams app but do not have admin capabilities, request your IT administrator to follow the instructions below to authorize Forms Authentication using the Microsoft Management Console on your behalf.

To activate Form Authentication, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Launch the ADFS Microsoft Management Console and hit the Authentication Policies option, which you will find below the Actions tab on the right-hand side of your display.
  • Select the Edit Global Primary Authentication Policies


  • Navigate to the Intranet tab below the Global settings, and choose Edit.
  • Select Forms Authentication and hit the OK button to apply the changes.

You may now sign in to your network using Forms Authentication rather than Windows Authentication since Forms Authentication has been enabled in your network and is available for use. Error number 4c7 in Microsoft Teams will be resolved as a result of this.

2. Re-enable Microsoft Teams in Office365 Suite

An attempt to log in to Microsoft Teams will result in an error code 4c7 if you have already deactivated the Microsoft Teams portion of the Office365 suite for the users who are already signed in. The problem will be resolved after you reactivate it, and users will then be able to sign in to Microsoft Teams without seeing an error message.

Therefore, to reactivate Microsoft Teams as part of the Office365 package, complete the actions that are listed below:

  • Launch the Microsoft 365 admin portal and sign in with your credentials.
  • Navigate to Settings and look for MS Teams, and activate it for user types.
  • To save the changes, hit on the Save button.

The activation of Microsoft Teams inside Office365 has been completed, and also the error code will no more be a problem for you.

3. Delete Microsoft Teams’ Cache Files

After you have changed the password for your Microsoft account, you may be able to fix the Microsoft Teams error number 4c7 by deleting the cache files for the MS Teams app. It will delete all of the temporary information that was previously saved about the log-in sessions and will reactivate the application’s processes.

Also, it is recommended that the process of Microsoft Teams be terminated using the task manager before clearing its cache.

Follow the procedures below on your computer to end the MS Teams task and delete all of the temporary files associated with the Microsoft application:

  • Click the right mouse button on the Start
  • Select Task Manager from the menu.
  • Search the Microsoft Teams process, and then click on it.
  • Click on the End Task button on the upper sanction if you are a Windows 11 insider preview user, or you can find the End Task button in the below right side corner.


  • To launch the Run application, press the Win + R key simultaneously on your keyboard.
  • In the box, type %appdata%\Microsoft\teams, and then click the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • Delete the folders with the following names: application cache, blob_storage, Cache, databases, GPUcache, IndexedDB, Local Storage, and tmp.


You will need to restart your computer and then open Microsoft Teams. Check to see if the problem persists or not.

4. Disconnect And Reconnect Microsoft Teams Account in Windows Account Manager

The Microsoft Teams problem number 4c7 may be fixed by re-establishing the connection to your MS Teams account in the Windows Account Manager. It grants authorization for the Microsoft Teams account that is managed by the account manager.

Follow these procedures below to re-establish a connection between the MS Teams user accounts and the Windows 11 Settings:

  • Go to the settings by clicking on the Start button on Taskbar and selecting Settings. Or press the Win + I button on your keyboard to do the same.
  • Navigate to Accounts > Access work or school, and search for the account you are using to sign in to MS Teams.
  • Now press on Disconnect button on that account and confirm it by pressing Yes.


  • After disconnecting the account, hit the Add button to re-add that account once again.

Once you are done completing all the steps above, clear the cache files of MS Teams and check to see if the problem still arrives or not.


Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular and used online conferencing platforms right now. So, when you are in the middle of an important meeting and suddenly face the error code 4C7, things might get irritating. So, after some research, we ended up with some of the most effective solutions, which will fix Microsoft Teams error code 4C7 without any issues. We hope this article has helped you to solve your problem.