Can You Watch Rented Amazon Movie More Than Once?

Streaming movies is one of the best ways to get out of your boredom when you are free.

At present, there are a lot of platforms that provide you with this service. And Amazon being one of them, certainly is on the top of the list.


The best part is that Amazon allows you to rent movies and TV shows. But the question is about the limitations of renting movies.

Can you watch it more than once?

Don’t worry. After reading out this article, you’ll get to know everything. All you need to do is to stay with me till the end.

How many times can you watch a rented movie on Amazon

Amazon is one of the finest platforms with a huge chunk of movies. You can easily differentiate it from some other platforms like Netflix and Hulu as a user.

You can watch a rented movie on Amazon as many times as you want.

But there is a limit of 48 hours, within which you can watch the movie you rented from Amazon rental.

However, there is a notion that such features are only available at Amazon Prime, which is not true. You have all the freedom to watch the movies you rented within these two days.

The best part is that it allows to you take a break and pause the movies. You can get much flexibility and watch the film with ease and maybe even review it.

How to rent movies on Amazon

By now, you already know that renting a movie on Amazon lets you watch it as many times as you want for a limited time. And that said, it’s not required to be subscribed to Amazon Prime.


Be it any Amazon user, they can avail themselves of the movie for rentals. But the question remains about the procedure of renting the movie.

How can you do it?

To be honest, the process is straightforward. You can do it through your computer or even the Prime video app. But for doing that, you must follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the website or navigate to the app
  • Find the movie that you want to rent
  • Decide the quality you wish to view based on the pricing.
  • Select continue to complete the process.

How long does a rented movie last on Amazon?

If you are an Amazon Prime user, you will get a whole month to watch your rented movie.

But that’s not all.

Once you have started watching the movie, you will have just two days to complete it. After these two days, you won’t be able to view it again. But in the meantime, within these two days, you can view the movies as many times as you want.

Also, it is possible to finish the movies at various intervals.

However, some exceptions, such as some movies are available for 72 hours for watching. That is why it is wise to check the description before renting. In addition, if you’re a non-prime member, there would be no issues in watching the movies that have the 72 hours mentioned above time frame.

How many people can share a rented movie on Amazon?

You can share the movie you rented through Amazon household if you’re using Amazon rentals.

Using this method, your friends and family can watch the rented movie on the devices without significant issues. And that said, within the allocated period, they can view the film as many times as they want.


The thing you need to do for enabling this is to go to your account settings and take the services of the Amazon household.

This feature of Amazon allows you to share the perks you are getting from your Amazon Prime account. But before doing this, make sure that the other person or the people you want to share the account must link the credit card information.

Mainly, it is important for the people who don’t reside at the same place.

Can you watch a rented amazon movie on two devices?

You are allowed to watch movies, and TV shows up to three devices at a time. But you can’t watch the same film on three different devices simultaneously.

You can watch it and share it without any issues. But always try to make sure that the same movie is played on a single screen every time with whomever you share. But there remains one confusion.

Do you need to create separate profiles for different users?

No, you don’t need to. There will be no difficulties if anyone watches any title after finishing it. But you should always maintain the one person at a time limit.

Therefore, you can use three devices for your rented movie, not just two. But only by making sure that it isn’t viewed simultaneously on all those devices.

Can you download rented movies from Amazon?

Yes, you can download the rented movies from Amazon. There can be situations where you will be out of the internet network or have a bad connection. In that scenario, a movie available offline can be a lifesaver for you to pass your free time.

Let’s say you have a long flight and you don’t want to waste time. That said, downloading a few movies as per your interest will ensure that you are occupied with something.

You can download this movie by selecting the download option in the details. And later, when you want to watch them, you can quickly locate them in the downloads section.

Final Thoughts

Watching movies has become easier and more cost-effective on OTT platforms with renting options. That said, Amazon does allow a user to watch a single rented movie more than once.

If you rented a movie, you can watch, share and even download it, given some criteria.

After this article, I hope that all your confusions are clear regarding renting amazon movies. In case if there is anything I missed out on, do let me know.