7 Best ARGB Led Strips

So, you need to spice up your gaming setup? While you’re at it you may also be thinking about elevating the aesthetics of your man cave?

Well, have the solution for you. We’ve come up with a list of the 7 best ARGB LED strips for 2021.


Before we jump into the choices, we would like to share how this review will progress.

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For starters, we will be sharing the key features of each of our favorite choices. Then we will shed some light on how they stack up.

Sounds good? Let’s get started!

7 Best ARGB Led Strips Reviewed

Here are the 7 best ARGB LED Strips:

1. Corsair iCUE LS100

If you’re into PC building, then you have probably heard Corsair’s name. Because of their innovative and robust product lineup, they are one of the key leaders in the world of gaming peripherals.


But that’s not the reason why we put the Corsair LS100 Lighting kit at the very top. You need to take a look at the key features first.  

Highlighted Features:

  •       It’s a 1.4-meter (4.6-feet) LED strip with 84-independent addressable RGB LEDs.
  •       An in-built diffusion element is present.
  •       Ambient lighting synchronization is available for an immersive experience.
  •       Support for iCUE software enables in-depth controllability.
  •       LEDs have a proper diffuser housing with magnetic fasteners and adhesives.

So, you now know of the features. What now? Let us help you here.

Corsair’s iCUE is one of the best RGB software controlling utilities out there. Because of its intuitive nature, getting creative with it is fairly simple. If you want some of ARGB fans too then check out our recommended best ARGB Fans.

But that’s not all.

You are getting a fully immersive experience with the ambient lighting controls. The depth of the lighting and its flexibility simply makes it one of the options for the best addressable LED strip for pc. And the usability aspect is also better in every measure.

Despite having flexibility issues, the LS100 has a lot going for it. As a matter of fact, there’s not a lot of led light strips out there that can match Corsair’s standards.

So, if you are planning on going with it, then you are making good on your investment.

2. Phanteks NEON Digital-RGB LED Strip M1

If you’re thinking PC, then Phanteks comes out as a natural choice because of their reliable product lineup. And the Phanteks NEON M1 LED strip is a true testament to their product lineup.


Highlighted features:

  •       It’s a 1×1-meter LED strip with 70 addressable pieces.
  •       Supports the full RGB color spectrum and daisy-chaining.  
  •       Features good support with 3rd party hardware.
  •       Power consumption is only 10.5 watts.
  •       3M adhesive offers smooth installation.

So, you’ve had a look at the key features. What stands out to you the most?

Well, to be honest, it’s not about the features themselves. As a matter of fact, it’s all about how the reliability of the features stands.

And that’s where Phanteks shines. You see, it’s one of the very few options out there with support for various motherboard brands. And it’s very reliable in that regard.

As far as lighting goes, it’s as immersive as you can expect from a brand line Phanteks. It’s bright and smooth with no noticeable flaws. Your PC will stand out as the centerpiece in your room.

Though the 3M adhesive needs some work, we believe it’s a great balance of features. For the price, clearly, it is a worthy option.

3. SilverStone Technology LS04 Premium

SilverStone and power supplies go hand in hand. Although they have other peripherals as well, power supplies are some of their best items.

But the LS04 Dual-sided ARGB LEDs shine the same way in the lighting department.


Highlighted features:

  •       These Dual-density strips have 40 addressable RGB pieces.
  •       Features the magnetic clip connector method.
  •       It is highly compatible with various 3rd party motherboard software.
  •       There’s dot-free lighting and a standard 3-pin header.
  •       It’s a 1.5-feet(300MM) strip with a power rating of 4.5-watts.

As always, with SilverStone products, there’s not too much to complain about. The LED gives a warm and sleek glow, adding class to your gaming system/room.  And the clip connector method makes it one of the easiest options to use as a whole.

Yes, the length is short. But the bright and immersive RGB lighting makes up for it. As a matter of fact, the led strip lighting is on par with modern standards.

So, it wouldn’t hurt for you to check it out now, would it?

4. NZXT HUE 2 LED Strip

NZXT comes as one of the reputed PC case manufacturers out there. But their RGB LED strips are just as good as their casings.


Highlighted features:

  •       The 250mm led strip lights to feature 10 individual LEDs.
  •       Compatible with the NZXT Hue-2 lighting controller.
  •       Quick and easy setup via NZXT CAM software.
  •       Magnetic/double-sided allows for easy installation.

It’s clearly not the best RGB LED strip with only 10 addressable RGB LEDs. Still, thanks to some clever optimization, they offer more than decent ambient lighting. Also, if you are using it with an NZXT hub and system, the overall experience grows better.

Now, the strip is fairly small. Also, the controller does not come in the box.  But, for the price and offerings, it’s a good enough deal to spend your money on.

5. SilverStone Technology LS03

We’ve already come to know about the popularity of SilverStone. So, it’s probably a good idea if we turn our attention to SilverStone ARGB strips.silverstone-technology-ls03

Highlighted features:

  •       These are 1.5-feet (300mm) strips with 12 ARGBs on each strip.
  •       The power consumption is only 3-watts.
  •       Comes with the industry-standard 3-pin header.
  •       Features decent support for 3rd party motherboard software.
  •       Features a magnetic strip and adhesive for quick installation.

As far as the features, they are pretty well-rounded.

And these strips hold true to their claims as well. They are decently bright with adequate smoothness. In short, they are not too harsh.

Also, the installation process is on point. All in all, you pretty much have all the necessary features.

So, would you think of it as one of the best addressable RGB led strip options?

Well, there’s no reason you shouldn’t. Granted, the extensions are not on the thin side, which may come as an obstacle. Still, you have all the basic features for a decent value.

So, you may as well check it out.

6. Megulla LED Strip Lights

The Megulla LED strips aren’t really for your PC. As a matter of fact, they tend to cater to those who need good lighting for their gaming rooms or man caves.megulla-led-strip

Highlighted features:

  •       These are 65.6-feet (20-meter) party ARGB strips.
  •       You need a minimum of 4-volt output to operate the strips.
  •       You can control the lighting via the Megulla smartphone app/remote/control box.
  •       A built-in microphone helps to get the music and lighting in sync.
  •       4-light sync modes available for syncing songs.
  •       Double-sided foam tape for installation on dry surfaces.

The features don’t tell the whole story. But from what we’ve seen so far, the lighting looks and feels decent. There’s no noticeable distortion or anything. On top of that, the fact that you can control it with your phone is pretty amazing.

Sure, the adhesive isn’t that great. But the features are all there. You can use it either as a decoration for your PC or your room.

So, you should probably check them out if you’re looking for something to spice up your home setup.


Finally, in our search, we’ve found the ACROBOTIC 24-bit RGB LED strips. These are more of a beginner-friendly type of strips. You’ll know what we’re talking about once you look at the features.


Highlighted features:

  •       It’s a 1-meter long strip with 60-ARGB LEDs (5050 LEDs).
  •       Features IP68 water resistance.
  •       3-pin JST connectors allow for daisy-chaining strips.
  •       Fairly flexible and reusable as 10x16mm pieces.

As you can see, you get all the necessary features you can hope for. The IP68 rating is a nice bonus for an LED strip. And the flexibility and bright lighting also make it a decent value RGB strip.

To be honest, it’s more of a basic option than an enthusiast choice. In short, if you are just getting into aesthetics and stuff, then you may want to start with these strips.

If it suits you, then go for the enthusiast stuff. 

Final Thoughts

To be honest, finding the best ARGB LED strips isn’t that hard of a task.

But getting to know the features as a whole, the value a product (LED strip in our case) provides, is something you cannot take for granted.

You need to have it sorted out.

For this reason, we came forward to offer you our best addressable RGB LED strips as options. We hope you can make the right choice.

Good luck!