[SOLVED] Turn On or Off Canvas in Spotify Easily

Spotify has seen significant changes in recent years. It is currently widely regarded as one of the finest, if not the best, music streaming services available on the market today. It is well-known for providing excellent audio quality at a modest cost. Several members of a family or group of friends can listen to music simultaneously for around 15.99$ USD. What a wonderful thing to discover!

In recent weeks, Spotify launched Canvas for both the Android and iOS platforms. However, several individuals have reported that Canvas is not functioning correctly on their mobile phones. With the Canvas feature, artists may now post loop clips ranging in length from three to eight seconds to the site.


This is a new addition to the platform’s functionality and allows artists to showcase their work. As soon as the video clips related to the music are received, they begin to play on the phones of those listening to the music immediately. A small number of musical artists took part in the program’s beta testing before this point.

Although the number of people who use the Canvas is increasing, the general public has had a mixed reaction to it. Canvas is still in its early phases of development, and as a result, it is not without defects – many users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the product. Some users have complained that the function is quite distracting.

Because Spotify was designed to be used for listening rather than seeing, the process appears to be inconvenient and unneeded. To create album artwork for the streaming age, the Canvas function must be used in conjunction with other tools in the right way.

It improves the artist’s exposure and the quality of their artistic expression as a result of the promotion. Billie Eilish’s Canvas, which she built explicitly for this purpose, is regularly updated with fan art and short videos that help keep Billie Eilish’s dark stage persona alive and well.

As a result, merely because people lack the patience to wait for what will finally come to pass, GIFs do not always signal that a product has been a disappointment. To be noticed and develop fame, however, not every artist, even well-known, would make attention-grabbing short-form films that combine attractive graphics with captivating tales to gain attention and recognition.

One straightforward explanation for their probable loss of followers and listeners is that their video is irritating to watch and listen.

When using Spotify’s Canvas settings, it is possible to turn off the video so that listeners are not forced to see a video of their newly discovered favorite music while listening to it. If an artist does not like Canvas, they can stop the function or replace a film that they believe is interfering with their present work with another video of their choosing.

Why can’t I use Spotify Canvas?

If you are not utilizing the most recent version of the application, you will not take advantage of the Canvas functionality.


Using Canvas on Spotify will not be possible if the Canvas settings have not been toggled from inside the program’s options menu.

The computer might be operating in data saver mode, another possibility.

How to fix Canvas on Spotify

We should point out that Canvas is not present in every song before getting into the nuances of the arrangement. As a result, if the canvas art does not display on the music track in this scenario even though the option has been enabled, it is most likely due to the artist’s failure to submit canvas art for that particular song to the site.

Try listening to a different piece of music and seeing if you can pick out any canvas painting. You will be rewarded with a beautiful canvas painting if you play Chapstick with a quarter, for example. Both Android and iOS smartphones feature reasonably simple user interfaces, making it very simple to enable the capability on any device.

As a result, make sure to follow the instructions to the letter if you want to address your problem successfully.

Turn On or Off Canvas Settings in Spotify

You must have the Canvas art option enabled on Spotify to see it in its entirety. As a result, it is disabled by default to save data. The approach is slightly different when it comes to Android and Apple smartphones.

Don’t worry; we’ll go over both of these in further depth lower down the page. For Spotify on Android, the following steps must be completed to activate the canvas feature.

  1. Start the Spotify application by pressing the Play button.
  2. Changes can be made by selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down menu.
  3. The canvas will appear when you have scrolled down.
  4. The canvas should be enabled in your browser.


Take a walk around the neighborhood and listen to music that contains the word “canvas.” The canvas should now be visible on your Android smartphone, a welcome improvement. The following are the steps to take to enable canvas in Spotify for iOS:

  • Start the Spotify program on your computer.
  • Your Profile may be found in the drop-down menu.
  • Make a selection from the drop-down menu that says Playback.
  • The canvas should be enabled in your browser.

Said, that’s all there is to it. Canvas has been enabled on your iOS device to make it more convenient for you. Now it’s time to relax and take in the beautiful musical artwork. Check out this brief instruction on how to prevent Spotify from starting automatically when your computer first starts up.

Update Spotify

If you cannot access the canvas in Spotify, one of the most common explanations is that your application has not been updated. To see the canvas in Spotify, you must first upgrade the software to the most recent version of the firmware available. Listed below are the many options for updating Spotify on your device:

  • Visit the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to download the app.
  • Spotify may be found simply by searching for it.
  • To make changes, click on the update button.
  • Log into your Spotify account to see the results when the update is complete. If the canvas settings are not already active, ensure they are enabled. Also, seek a track with canvas on it sometime along the way.

You can double-check your location if you are still having trouble finding canvas art because canvas art is not available in all places. As for those seeking to view canvas art from a desktop or laptop computer, we apologize for breaking your heart; canvas art is only available on mobile phones. It’s pretty probable that Spotify will expand the availability of Canvas art to desktop PCs in the not-too-distant future.

What is the Canvas setting on Spotify?

Canvas went live in the first quarter of 2019 and has since gained widespread adoption. Before then, it had been put through its paces in beta testing. In music, the canvas is more like digital art than traditional art.

You can upload animated gifs or videos 3 to 8 seconds longer. When you play a piece of music on Spotify, a canvas painting will be shown alongside the music. A video or an animated gif will be shown in place of the album art as an alternative to the album art.

When it comes to music, the album artwork is the second most important item to consider itself as the most important thing to consider. I’m experiencing a similar experience to the one shown on the album image.

Music business professionals consider album covers extremely important since they express the artist’s vision. Excellent albums that stand out from the crowd because of their cover art may be found in many.

Take, for example, the one Beatles image that comes to mind immediately at this now. We are fully aware of what is going on in your thoughts at any one time. Right now, you’re probably visualizing members of the Beatles walking through St John’s Wood, a neighborhood in northwest London.

Because of the popularity of the album cover, Abbey Road in England became a famous tourist site for travelers. The same can be said for Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album cover, designed by David Bowie.

It seems as though the record artwork is plastered all over the place. The relevance of record art in the music industry becomes apparent due to this experience. Spotify established a canvas to promote the music genre it is associated.

Images, videos, and gifs representing their artistic ambitions for their music tracks will be separate from the album art. They will be used to promote their music tracks on social media. To put it another way, if you are a musician, you have the option of uploading a variety of backdrops for your songs. The upshot of this is that your songs will be distinctive from one another.

Musicians are also releasing a vast number of singles at the moment, which is a good thing. To generate interest in your painting, you may decide to share it on numerous social media platforms to reach a larger audience. As an alternative, you may utilize music to express a specific message. With your words, create a movement in the world.

Furthermore, there are even more things to look forward to for the listeners. Artists’ GIFs and videos, as well as their original music, are available for purchase. Additionally, if the artist so wishes, they may include different canvas paintings into each of the songs they perform.

You may use this approach to keep a piece of music fresh in your head for an extended period. The Beatles and Led Zeppelin were both subjected to the same treatment. We hope that album art and the recently introduced Canvas feature will enable fans to hold music in their hearts and thoughts for an extended period. Perhaps the painting Canvas of BLUEBLUEBLUE by Thomas Porter and Dee Holt would pique your interest.

I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something about that piece of artwork that takes me back to the racetrack. As you might assume, the canvas feature works a little differently for artists and consumers alike.

The uploading, customizing, and deleting of artistic canvasses may be done in tracks where normal users will only see the canvas if the option to do so has been toggled on. A typical user will not customize their canvas experience because there is no method to do it with the canvas feature.

How do I share my Canvas on Spotify?

Canvas art will not be accepted for uploading to Spotify if you are a regular streaming service subscriber. Artists on Spotify, on the other hand, have the option of submitting loop videos up to 8 seconds in duration to accompany their songs. Artists can do this from their laptops or their mobile phones, depending on their preference.

The existence of an artist app dedicated to canvas sharing via mobile devices makes it much easier to share artwork on the go.

If you want to share a painting on Spotify from your mobile device, the following are the steps you need to take:

  • Spotify is a music-streaming service that may be accessed for no charge.
  • Logging into your account with your username and password will allow you to access your account.
  • Choose one of your favorite songs to listen to from your music library.
  • By clicking on the canvas, you may make changes to it.
  • Using the drop-down option, select the plus sign (+).
  • You may now upload your canvas to the server.

It is intended to use the canvas you give as the album art for the music you listen to. If you share the music on Instagram or another social media network, a loop video will play in the background while the song is playing. If you want to upload using the Spotify online application, the approach is essentially the same as the desktop program.

It’s as simple as logging into your account, selecting music, and submitting your painting to finish the process.

Why is there no video on my Spotify account

It is not correct to say that every podcast or music on Spotify has a video component. On the other hand, more videos will be added in the future, according to Spotify’s promises. To see videos on Spotify, you must first lower the audio quality and then download the service’s audio-only configurations.

The following are the steps that must be followed to turn off Spotify’s audio quality feature:

  • By hitting the button, the app will be launched.
  • Navigate to the settings menu by using the ESC key.
  • Consider audio quality and store audio-only settings to your computer instead of the entire settings.
  • Disable both of the options that are now offered.

Podcasts will now have the option to include videos, which will be available on Spotify. You shouldn’t be alarmed if you can still use this feature because it is not available in all regions of the world. Please bear with us for a short period. You should be able to watch videos on Spotify in the not-too-distant future, perhaps.

Even if your favorite artist is a fan, it’s very acceptable to despise Canvas as a listener. It has been created by developers not to be obligated to view the looping videos. They also claim that the function will have a negligible impact on battery life and data used if you cannot access the settings immediately.

When appropriately utilized, the Canvas tool produces “album artwork for the streaming age,” as the company describes it. It enhances the artist’s visibility and artistic expression. Fanart and films that maintain Billie Eilish’s dark stage demeanor are frequently featured on her Canvas, which she created specifically for this purpose.

In other words, just because people don’t have the patience to wait for what are eventually GIFs does not indicate the product is a failure. However, not every artist, even those famous, will make attention-grabbing short-form films that combine captivating graphics with engaging stories to get attention.

They run the danger of losing followers and listeners for one very simple reason: their video is irritating to watch. The Canvas settings on Spotify may be changed to disable the video so that listeners do not have to pass past possibly new favorite music while listening to it.

Artists who do not like Canvas can stop the function or change a video that they believe is distracting from their work.


Why can’t I find Canvas on Spotify?

Verify that the app and device are up to date. Disable the data saver. Force-quit the application and relaunch it twice. Determine whether Canvas is accessible on another device.

How can I activate Spotify visuals?

Search for Spotify: app: visualizer if you want to use the app. In the top bar of the page, pick different generators.