How to Reset Astro A50

Astro A50 is arguably one of the best headphones available in the market. The top-notch offerings and superb durability speak a volume for it. But like every other gadget, this headset also has some issues to deal with.


When such issues arise, it is immediately on the part of the users to try out a fix. You can fix some of these issues by resetting the headset. But how to reset the Astro A50 headset?

Don’t worry! This article covers you as it includes a step-by-step guide for resetting the Astro A50. Therefore, without wasting a second, let us start the discussion.

What does it mean to reset Astro A50?

Resetting a headset like Astro A50 means that you are sending it back to its default settings. It is similar to when the headset is taken out of the factory.

That said, devices like headset often have internal or system error that leads some of the functionalities to stop. When these devices go under reset, it effectively removes all the settings and data stored in the device.

For the Astro A50, reset or hard reset means you will erase all the profile or settings. The headset will be like a newly bought one in which you can set new profiles.

Why reset the Astro A50 headset?

The reasons for resetting the headset are many. Some situations demand resetting to fix the issues. Some of these prominent reasons are listed below:

No sound

The headset not producing any sound is one of the common problems that most users have to deal with. It can result from faulty components or even due to some firmware not behaving as it should.


One of the most straightforward fixes for this problem is resetting the headset. The frequency of the no sound getting solved is relatively higher when the headset is reset.

Not turning on

The Astro A50 not turning on is one of the most reported issues by the user. In most online forums about this headset, users complained and pondered the fix to this particular problem.

Like the previous problem, you can also fix this not turning on by resetting the device. When you hard reset the device, it will simply erase everything along with the errors causing this not to turn on.

Microphone Failure

In your Astro A50, the microphone may stop working due to software bugs or hardware issues. Also, not being able to unmute the mic after muting can also be another reason.

These issues aren’t something closely relevant to faulty hardware. If you face any of these problems, resetting the headset would solve the problem immediately.

Steps to reset Astro A50 headset

The hard reset of headset Astro A50 isn’t a lengthy process. It’s a pretty straightforward task that requires minimum time. You can finish this process within a matter of a few minutes.

That said, here are the steps that you might need to follow for a hard reset of Astro A50:

Step-1: Press buttons simultaneously

The first step would be to press and hold two buttons together that are located on the right of a headset. These two buttons are the Dolby button and the game mode button.

Step-2: Hold the buttons

After you have pressed the buttons, you need to hold them for at least 10-15 seconds. Doing so will ensure that your Astro A50 headset has gone through a proper hard reset.

What to do when Astro A50 doesn’t work after reset?

When you see that you carried out the hard reset process and still the headset isn’t working, there must be some internal issues. Primarily, hardware problems are thought to be the root cause.


If that is the case, you need to check a few things. Most of the time, the reason is a faulty battery, which prevents the headset from functioning.

To figure this out:

  1. Check whether the battery is charging or has some charge.
  2. If you feel the power source has issues, try the base station on another source.
  3. Again, check whether the charging pins are damaged if the problem persists.

Continuing with damaged charging pins won’t be recommended at all. In that case, you will have to replace the base station. But if the pins are alright, the only scenario is either the headset or the battery is just faulty.

The best option would be to take it to a repair shop or claim a warranty if there is any.


Using high-end headsets like Astro A50 doesn’t mean they will be free from defects or errors. Issues are pretty common when you use these devices for a long time.

That said, one of the most viable options for fixing any issue is a hard reset of the device. If your Astro A50 is causing problems, the first thing you can try is to fix it with a hard reset.

We have discussed all the relevant aspects and added the necessary steps. Still, if you feel anything is left out, let us know.