[SOLVED] PS5 Triangle Button Not Working

For many years, everyone has agreed that the PlayStation is the gaming console that offers the best overall experience. The PlayStation 4 utterly dominated the competition among gaming consoles, and Sony has already sold more PlayStation 5 units than they had anticipated. Consequently, it is plausible to deduce that they will continue to dominate even the generation of consoles that comes after them.

On the other hand, the Dual Sense controller has been the most appealing feature of the PlayStation 5, even more so than the console itself. The Dualsense Controller is now the most up-to-date and innovative Controller available on the market, and it comes with various innovative features. Unfortuitously, there is only one button on the Controller, and there is no other way to use it if something goes wrong.


If you press the button, the Controller will turn on. Because of this, there is a severe flaw in the controller design. If you are utilizing a PS5 Dualsense controller and the PS button is not functioning correctly, the purpose of this page is to assist you in resolving the issue.

Remember that the support team at Sony is knowledgeable and will get back to you promptly before you let your worries get the best of you. If you were not the one who caused the damage, there is a reasonable probability that they will be able to repair or replace the Controller. If you are the one who did the damage, your chances are significantly lower.

You can use this troubleshooting method to identify why your PS5 Controller is not turning on if you are afraid to get in touch with help immediately. You will receive the most excellent support by calling them, but in the meantime, you may use this tactic.

How to Fix PS5 Triangle Button not Working

It’s possible that the heavy coating of dust on the Dual Sense controller is preventing the Y button on your PlayStation 5 from operating correctly. It’s likely that dirt and filth got inside the button and caused it to act this way. Dust, an unavoidable and permanent presence in high-humidity places, will surely be one of the most challenging opponents you will encounter.


You will have no issue keeping up with your Controller’s maintenance. It is critical to store your Controller in an area free of any dust that may come into touch with it. You must maintain your hands and the PS5 Controller as clean as possible at all times. When you’re not using the Controller, put it away so that other people don’t trip over it.

You can use a different carrying bag compatible with your Controller instead of the one contained in the box it came in if you can find one. This is an option for you. I suggest draping a piece of fabric over the Controller to preserve it. I can do this operation in a shorter time and with the least effort by using a dust-collecting cloth. If dust has gathered inside your PlayStation 5 controller, the analog sticks may cease reacting.

It’s possible that blowing compressed air into the thumbstick will remove some of the dust causing the problem. It has come to our attention that you are having severe trouble utilizing the DualSense Controller. As a result, let’s begin the process of identifying the problem.

Here are the methods to restore the PS5 triangle button:

Switch off the Controller

You may not need to replace the Controller or go through a drawn-out process of troubleshooting before you can have it fixed. There is always a chance that the buttons won’t operate due to unforeseen problems. It’s possible that turning it off will solve the problem completely.

To turn off the Controller for the PS5, follow these steps:

  • While holding it down, press the PS button.
  • Proceed to the symbol that looks like a controller.
  • Pick a controller that doesn’t require wires.
  • Choose the Turn off option.

Following the completion of powering down the Controller, you can reattach it by pressing the PS button. If the button you pressed is still not working, you should try one of the others.

Reboot the Console

There is a possibility that your Controller is not working due to a problem with the software. Therefore, giving the console a quick restart could be all that’s needed to fix the problem.


Follow these instructions to reset your PlayStation 5:

  • Proceed to the command and control center when you are ready.
  • Choose the power icon from the menu.
  • Pick your preferred power settings.
  • When you restart your PS5, hit the X button.

Now you need to restart your console and check whether the button is still operational once reset. If pressing the Y button on your keyboard does not provide any results, try the following method.

Reconnect the PS5 Controller

There may be a problem with connectivity if you are experiencing this issue. It’s possible that the problem can be fixed by reconnecting the Controller to the console.

Follow these procedures to reconnect the Controller for the PS5:

  • Make sure you hit the ps key.
  • Select Accessories from the menu available in the control center.
  • Choose the Controller that doesn’t require wires.
  • Make your selections using the controller settings.
  • Proceed to the general’s office.
  • To view Bluetooth accessories, go here.
  • Bluetooth-accessories-ps5
  • Pick a controller that doesn’t require wires.
  • Put the Controller out of its misery.
  • Use the USB-C cord to connect your PS5 and Controller to your computer.
  • While holding it down, press the PS button.

After you have attached the Controller to your PS5, try it by playing a game to see whether it is functioning correctly; if not, move on to the next step.

Rub Isopropyl Around PS5 Mushy Buttons

Soak a Q-tip in the liquid to use the isopropyl or rubbing alcohol. Be careful as you maneuver around the PS5’s mushy buttons and open spaces. After that, press the button carefully around fifty times to check that all of the buttons on the PS5 Controller are functioning correctly. If the buttons on the PS5 begin to stick after a few hours or days, you will need to repeat the rubbing alcohol approach.

If you believe a button on the PS5 Controller isn’t working, try moving it about the area that seems to be impacted.

Note: This method of using 91% isopropyl works on four face buttons, including the mute button for the microphone, the D-pad, the Menu button, the Share button, and the PS button.

Spray WD-40 around the PS5 sticking button

In addition to its use as a cleaner and rust remover, WD-40 is also an efficient lubricant. This is an effective method for overcoming the issue of the PS5 DualSense Controller’s face button being stuck. It is possible to achieve this goal by directing the WD-40 in a circular motion around the PS5’s squishy buttons. After that, you must remove the excess liquid by wiping it away with a gentle towel.

To enhance the efficiency of the process, stir the lubricant while pressing and swirling the PS5 sticky buttons. This will allow the lubricant to sink to the bottom. You might also use the straw to create space around the button to optimize the lubricant’s performance. Sticky buttons on your PS5 or PS4 controller may be eliminated with this method.

Note: If, after cleaning the PS5 controller buttons on the dpad, you still find that they are sticky, you will need to repeat the process once per week. In addition, check to see that the dual shock controller for the PS5 has been disconnected and turned off.

Don’t Press Face Buttons Too Hard

Take care not to apply excessive pressure while using the face buttons on the PlayStation 5 controller. It is possible that it will irritate you, mainly if you are deep into Demon’s Souls and pushing yourself to your limits. If you continue to act this way, the system will suffer damage due to the hidden motions. As a direct consequence, we do not want the internals to deteriorate.

Therefore, if you’re going to fix the issue with the PS5 controller buttons not working, you should be kind to the buttons on the PS5 console.

Manually disassemble and clean the PS5 dual-shock Controller

Because the PS5 button is stuck on the L1 and R1 buttons, many PlayStation gamers may need to disassemble their systems. There is nothing that would prevent us from doing so. If you still have time left on your console’s warranty and have the requisite expertise, then you should go ahead and do it; otherwise, you should avoid upsetting your expensive system.

Reset the Controller

You can try resetting the Dual Sense controller if the issues you’re encountering with it haven’t been resolved.

The following are the procedures for resetting the Controller for the PS5 system.

  • Turn off the Controller for your Dual Sense device.
  • Find the little hole that is located on the back.
  • In the Controller, there should be room for a tiny pin.
  • Maintain pressure on the pin until you hear a clicking sound.
  • Keep your finger on the pin for a full five seconds.

Re-establish the connection between the Controller and your PlayStation 5. You may check to see if the Controller is operational by trying to write anything or by using the controller layout.

Make sure your Controller is clean

Disconnecting and turning off your Controller is the first thing you need to do. After that, using a cotton swab or a soft cloth wet with rubbing alcohol, carefully clean the analog stick and the buttons, paying particular attention to the bottoms of the controls. While cleaning, move the stick around so that you may cover more land. Keep doing what you’ve done until you get to the second analog stick.

Proceed to the subsequent step once the alcohol has completely dried.

Can you overcharge the PS5 Controller?

The Controller for the PS5 cannot sustain an overload under any circumstances. As a result of the protection chip that is included in the design of the PlayStation 5 charging station, the overcharging of your PlayStation 5 controller will never occur.

When the Dual Sense has completed charging the Controller, the charging flow will cease when it reaches that point since it will have reached its maximum capacity. It is quite likely that individuals may have a wide variety of problems with the Dual Sense controller.

After all, this gaming controller is a unique design built from the ground up by its creators. In this piece, prepared with your fellow PlayStation 5 user in mind, we will explain how you may swiftly solve the issue.

What does Cause the PS5 Controller Drift?

Stick drift can refer to at least two types of failure, but the terms are frequently used interchangeably. These blunders are referred to collectively as the two types of stick drift. The initial prototype is a shaky thumbstick with no secure grip. The second problem arises as a result of a faulty potentiometer gimbal. It’s incredible to see how quickly drift has become a problem.

You’ve probably encountered drift at least once, whether you’re using a DualSense or a set of Joy-Cons, and this is true even though the cost of controllers rises with each new generation of game consoles. The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller’s stick drifting capabilities are among the best available in competitive video game products.

In contrast to the horizontal potentiometer used in the Joy-Con, the potentiometer used in other controllers currently available is vertical, making it less likely to be damaged. This massive drift issue, which Nintendo wishes you to forget about their systems, may be the worst of all the things Nintendo wishes you to forget about their products. A variety of factors may be at work that contributes to stick drifting.


The Dual Sense controller you’re using is most likely defective, which is the root cause of your joystick’s erratic behavior. A primary example would be a lack of available battery power. The problem is usually caused by dust or other particles that may be present in your Controller. The accumulation of grease on the electrical components may cause them to fail at some point.

The most common cause of controller drift is wear and tear, which inevitably occurs to all of them throughout their lives. Think about DualSense. Before the joystick component of your Controller needs to be replaced, it should be able to withstand somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 million input cycles. Suppose you disassemble a DualShock, Xbox, or Switch Pro controller.

In that case, you will most likely find a potentiometer inside the Controller because it is a component shared by all these gaming platforms. Internet researchers have identified the brand and type of potentiometers used in the PS5 Controller’s production. They also discovered that the cycles for which these potentiometers are rated could range from 100,000 to 2 million, depending on the model.

One cycle is the stick’s movement around the circle in one complete revolution along one of the circle’s axes. Drift in the analog stick can also be caused by accidental physical damage to the Controller, such as when it is dropped or overused. This problem is almost certainly caused by a potentiometer connected to the joystick. This potentiometer is responsible for sending movement signals to your console.

This problem will arise if the potentiometer is broken or not functioning correctly. It is possible to design controllers that allow players to swap out old potentiometers for new ones; however, doing so would necessitate a significant amount of design work and would present players with additional challenges to overcome. If the designers want to use anything other than potentiometers, such as magnet-based replacements, they must completely rethink how these devices work.

Even though the PS5 has only been available for a short time, there have already been online reports of problems with the Controller. The DualSense facial button on the Controller can be difficult to press, which has been our experience as well as that of many other gamers. The issue appears to be capable of affecting any of the face buttons. It is more likely that this is a symptom of a more significant problem with the manufacturing process rather than a single error with one of the face buttons.

Compressed air can be sprayed into the small gap between the button or buttons in question and the plastic DualSense case. This can be an excellent way to keep the face buttons on the PS5 Controller from becoming stuck. Because the button could have become hooked on any debris while it was stuck, this is a foolproof method for clearing away any obstructions.

Because I recently spent nearly $60 on a new controller, my gaming friends and I frequently discuss the possibility of purchasing a controller with a lifespan of at least three years.

Can you fix PS5 joystick drift?

If you are experiencing drifting with the Controller, using compressed air to clean any debris may assist. When spraying joysticks, it is important to maintain the can level because tilting it in any direction might let moisture enter the Controller, resulting in more damage.

After pressing one of the analog sticks to its limit, you should spray compressed air into the base of the stick located on the opposite side of the Controller. While doing so, roll the stick carefully while spraying the base with air. The analog stick may be slightly raised or pressed down while being moved to the side when spraying to achieve different effects.

This might assist in allowing air to enter and exit the house, which would be beneficial. It is necessary to repeat the process with the second analog stick. After you’ve cleaned the sticks, move on to the buttons and clean them the same way.

These treatments for the PS5 controller button sticking may be short-term solutions; if that’s the case, the next step is to get in touch with PlayStation Support. If the manufacturer’s warranty still covers the item, you should be able to get a free PS5 controller repair or replacement. Owners who attempt to fix their DualSense devices at home by disassembling them run the risk of voiding their warranty; thus, you should not do this unless you are confident in your abilities.


What is PS5 Controller Drifting?

DualSense drift is the term used to describe the phenomenon in which the PS5 detects movement on the screen even while the player’s hands are not on the Controller. For instance, your character may still move if you aren’t pressing the DualSense Controller while playing Fortnite. The drift caused by DualSense is to blame for this. Simply put, the joystick sensors within the pad are going significantly out of date too quickly. They soon decay, become clogged with thumb gunk, and even distort throughout their lifetime.

How do I fix my PS5 controller buttons not working?

There is a possibility that the USB port on the console is damaged. Make sure your PlayStation 5 controller has a full charge and is connected to your system before you look into any potential solutions. If your PS5 Controller would not switch on, you first need to check to see whether or not the DualSense Controller has sufficient remaining battery life to complete this step.