[SOLVED] PS5 Not Going In Rest Mode

In November 2020, Sony was intended to launch their PlayStation 5 platform, which was meant to herald the beginning of the next generation of gaming. However, many fans’ expectations have been crushed owing to a lack of stock, local storage, and, most severely, difficulties with the machine’s Rest Mode (which is now unavailable).

Game downloads, firmware updates, and other apps are completed while the device is in Rest Mode. Even while the power-saving mode is a valuable tool when operating correctly, users have reported experiencing severe consequences due to activating the functionality regularly. Customers’ PS5 consoles failed after a firmware upgrade during the system’s early life, thus bricking the machine.


The Rest Mode function on the PS5 was the reason for the failure.

Even while some customers have been able to get Sony to repair their PlayStation 3 systems, many others are still suffering related issues related to Rest Mode. No conclusive explanation has yet been provided for the problem, with users saying that troubles with various PS5 firmware upgrades, USB connections, particular titles, and other potential system glitches are among the likely culprits. Regardless, you should use caution when using Rest Mode, and you should avoid using it entirely until Sony offers an official remedy.

Why is ps5 not going into rest mode?

Your PlayStation 5 cannot enter resting mode due to an issue with the power supply. Moreover, in a previous firmware update, a problem with the PlayStation 5’s rest mode was created, forcing the system into rest mode or stopping it from entering rest mode.

How to Fix Rest Mode Error on PS5

PlayStation 5 has been treated to a horror show when using the PlayStation 5 rest mode. This technology has already brought the most popular video gaming console of all time within striking distance of becoming a reality for the general public. On the other hand, Rest mode is a function of the PlayStation 5 that is rarely used: it is located in the menu system.

It is unusual for people to use the rest mode because it has been known to create hardware difficulties for many people, including me. Be sure to also look at our experts’ selections of the best PlayStation 5 adventure games of all time. Issues have plagued the PlayStation 5’s firmware for most of its existence. In any case, it’s essential to consider the user’s perspective. While there were other difficulties with the new PlayStation 5, the Rest mode was the one that created the most damage on the system.


Many users were unable to quit the rest mode, and even fewer were successful in entering it, which was the first and most serious issue. Even if they were successful in doing so, the PS5 would automatically turn on as soon as they turned on their television. When it comes to the PlayStation, it should go without saying that the rest mode is essential since it allows you to download data at a quicker rate when the system is in rest mode.

Furthermore, while the PlayStation is in rest mode, it consumes substantially less power. Learn why your PlayStation 5 isn’t downloading games and how to fix it. This was a great use of the PlayStation 4’s rest mode. At the very least, it worked every time you attempted to use the rest mode on the computer. Because, the vast majority of the time, you would put my PS4 in rest mode so that it could download games while you were engaged in other activities.

The PlayStation 5’s rest mode, on the other hand, was a significant letdown. However, you don’t have to be afraid about making this error because the remedies presented in this article are simple to understand.

Turn OFF, HDMI Link

This is a relatively common form of user error that occurs. For example, suppose you put your PlayStation 5 into sleep mode and then turn off your television for a few minutes. As soon as you turn on your television for a time, the PlayStation 5 will instantly boot up and begin playing games. This is because you have not deactivated the HDMI connection option, which is why. Making the switch off is quite simple. You may switch off the PlayStation 5 HDMI Link by following the instructions below.

  • Start the PlayStation 5 by pressing the power button.
  • To get started, pick a user profile from the drop-down option and then navigate to the application’s main screen.
  • Select Settings from the top of the screen, in the upper left-hand corner.
  • Once you’ve arrived at the settings page, click on the System tab in the drop-down menu that appears.
  • To use HDMI as an output device, it must first be selected.
  • By unchecking the option, you may turn off the HDMI connection.
  • To save your work, use the Save option from the toolbar.

Putting your PS5 into rest mode does not mean that it will automatically go back to the usual way when the television is turned on again.

Update PlayStation 5 Firmware

If you have a PlayStation 5 and are experiencing Rest Mode issues, merely updating the firmware will fix the problem. In many cases, updating their PlayStation 5 system was sufficient to get their dosage. The following are the steps to take to upgrade your PlayStation 5:


  • The system can be selected from the drop-down menu. Select PS from the drop-down option.
  • From the drop-down box, choose System Software to continue.
  • System software updates and configurations may be found in the drop-down menu under System software.
  • The system software update option may be found in the drop-down menu.
  • Wait for the console to finish downloading the latest version before continuing.
  • Install the most up-to-date version. As a result of the system upgrade, the PlayStation 5 will be automatically restarted at this time.

Your PlayStation 5’s firmware has been updated to the latest version. It is possible that your console will not enter rest mode after completing the next step. Whether this occurs, try hitting the Power button to check if it will enter rest mode after pressing the Power button.

Reconnect Power Supply

At this point, it is unlikely that your PlayStation will enter rest mode due to the dangling power cable. As a result, it is better to disconnect everything as much as possible. If the power strip you’re using is in poor condition, you should wait before unplugging the PlayStation 5. To begin, disconnect the HDMI cord from the computer. After then, you should open the power cord. Before connecting the cables, check to see that they are free of debris.

After you’ve cleaned them, connect them to your PlayStation 5 and turn the console. If it goes into rest mode, hit the power button again to bring it back to life.

Reset The PlayStation 5 console

Occasionally, the only method to get your PlayStation back to working is to reset the system. Getting the console back up and running is straightforward and takes no time. The following are the steps that must be followed to reset the PlayStation 5:

  • Turn off your video game system if it is not already off.
  • For the next several seconds, press and hold the Power button until you hear a second beeping sound.
  • Connect a PlayStation 5 controller to the console and press the PS button on the controller to begin playing the game.
  • Then, from the drop-down option, select Reset PS5.
  • Before continuing, wait for the console to reload completely.

Putting your PS5 into rest mode should be attempted after it has been rebooted.

Contact Sony Support

Follow these steps if you’ve done everything and your PS5 still won’t enter rest mode. Afterward, you will be able to seek assistance from representatives of Sony. Navigate to the Playstation Network (PSN). Logging into your account gives you access to your account. Following that, proceed to the help area. It is essential that you notify the proper authorities of your circumstance. Keep an eye out for a response to this message.

If they cannot provide you with anything substantive, it is conceivable that you have gotten a PlayStation 5 that is not functional. In this case, it would be best if you submitted a warranty claim.

How To Use Rest Mode In PlayStation 5

Sony PlayStation 5 customers must not overlook the importance of the rest mode, which is a crucial function. This capability has also been included in PlayStation systems for quite some time now. A state of rest is activated on the PlayStation 5 when powered on with the power button pressed. Rest mode runs your whole console in the background as a background process. Therefore, it consumes some electricity, but not nearly as much as it would have drawn had the power been turned on completely.

You may utilize the rest mode to charge your Dual Sense Controller while also updating your games at the same time if desired. While the PS5 is in rest mode, you may still use Remote access to play games on your PC. When you click the physical power button on the PlayStation 5, the console immediately enters Rest Mode.

To keep your PS5 console running at a low power level for an extended period without affecting performance, you must enable this power option. Your PlayStation 5 console comes pre-installed with this feature activated by default. This option allows you to pick up where you left off in a previous session by resuming it. Rest Mode is extremely popular among gamers because it prevents players from being compelled to halt their games for more than 30 minutes.

It is necessary to connect the computer’s power cord once placed in Rest Mode. The possibility of data loss exists if the power indicator on your PS5 is flashing while the AC power cable is disconnected.

It’s sad that other than the choices described above, there aren’t any more feasible solutions for stopping a PlayStation 5 from entering Rest Mode. It is the only reliable method of preventing crashes and failing firmware downloads that you can use to ensure that Rest Mode is turned off.

Meanwhile, nothing more can be done until Sony officially addresses the issue, either by revealing the results of its investigation into what is causing the Rest Mode failure or by upgrading the software to remedy the problem properly. Until then, the only solution is to manually turn off the set and shut down the machine completely.


Does PS5 rest mode work?

However, several faults have been observed with the PS5’s rest mode since the console’s introduction. Sony stated that these difficulties would be rectified immediately; however, reports indicated that there had been no meaningful improvement in the flaws related to Safe Mode despite years and substantial upgrades.

Does resting your PS5 speed up downloads?

While the PS5 has reported that Rest Mode increased download speeds, it makes sense. Rest Mode allows your console to utilize as much bandwidth as possible when it is sleeping.

Does PlayStation copy faster in rest mode?

The reasoning for this is that because your PS4 is in rest mode, it is not required to run background apps or use other network services. When these are halted for some time, you should see an increase in download rates as the console can devote more of its resources and brainpower to downloading the game.