Does PS5 Have GPS? Track Your Playstation Easily

It is still impossible to purchase the PlayStation 5 due to a lack of chips. There are new Xbox systems to look forward to as well, in addition to the PlayStation 5. What if you manage to obtain an expensive piece of technology such as the PlayStation 5 or the new Xbox, only to have it stolen? This is a difficult situation to navigate.


As of yet, the PlayStation 5 does not have a GPS as part of its basic configuration. HOWEVER, earlier PSP models, such as the PSP Go, and PSP vita, had a GPS receiver as standard equipment. However, even though the PlayStation 5 does not come equipped with a GPS, you may still track down your buddies with the use of third-party devices.

This is a critical piece of advice for anyone who is concerned about the performance of their PlayStation 5. Consider the following scenario: your phone has been taken, and you contemplate what you should do and what you should not do to protect yourself.

Can PS5 Be Tracked?

If you’re referring to the GPS tracking service that allows you to track down a stolen PlayStation 5, the answer is no because it is not yet available for use. Due to the absence of GPS technology on the PlayStation 5, you will be unable to complete this task in this circumstance. Due to the nature of the situation, this is not currently possible.

According to studies, this is a relatively common misunderstanding among PlayStation users, particularly younger users who utilize the console. Why? Because of the GPS capabilities pre-installed in the PlayStation Portable (also known as the PSP). As a matter of fact, Sony offered a GPS gadget that was solely available to PSP customers. There is one crucial consideration to bear in mind if you are to reap the benefits of the information being provided.

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) was the first portable gaming system to have a GPS, despite Sony having previously exposed us to the technology. Anyone attempting to connect with a PlayStation system will be unable to accomplish this. The PlayStation 5, like previous system generations, does not include a GPS tracker, which is a crucial differentiation in today’s gaming environment.

More than a gaming device, the Sony PlayStation Portable (abbreviated as PSP) is a multimedia entertainment system that can play various media. It was more of a gadget with a purpose that was comparable to that of a mobile phone. You’ll be able to utilize the PSP in the same manner that you would like a mobile phone and play games on it as a result of this. At the end, who wouldn’t want a phone that sports the God of War emblem on it?


With regards to tracking the PSP’s position, it was discovered that the additional GPS on the device was primarily used for gaming reasons. Yes, it is possible to utilize a different GPS device to locate the PSP. While this was a unique feature, it was by no means the most remarkable of the bunch. Not everyone these days seems to be playing Pokemon Go on their cellphones, isn’t that correct? The answer is yes; Sony did just that in 2006.

The Hot Shots Golf series guides players through the system by employing GPS data to make a shot and club selection recommendations in real-time when playing on real-world courses. A GPS device is used in the NEAE PSP program, which allows players from the same geographic region who are participating in the same multiplayer game to store presents and supplies for one another at predetermined locations in the game.

GPS technology may be used to create both original and engaging games, and it is possible to do so.

For example, in Metal Gear Solid, players stationed in the exact location may create friendships due to their shared adventure. As previously said, you will not be taking the PS5 on a stroll with you, therefore the lack of a GPS. As a result, dragging it around all of the time is not a good idea because it is such a massive and weighty object. Another way of putting it is that it is ineffective.

For the time being, my PlayStation 5 will remain in my room, accumulating dust until the next PlayStation is delivered to my door. At the time, it is just the status of the world’s affairs. If your PlayStation 5 has been taken, you’ll probably want to know where it is and what you should do if your home is burglarized to recover your property.

How To Track Down A Sony PS5

Going into the technicalities would take an extraordinary amount of time to gather all of the necessary information, and there is currently no simple method to purchase a PlayStation 5. Furthermore, we believe that many of these adjustments will prove beneficial in the long run. Due to the fact that the Sony PlayStation 5 does not come equipped with a GPS tracker, we now know for a fact that tracking down a PlayStation 5 is complicated.

Put an Airtag On It

It may seem unusual at first but stick with me for a moment. In other words, if you were able to obtain the PS5 for about 800 USD as a result of scalpers and the limited supply of the PS5, you would have saved a significant amount of money. In addition, you can guarantee that many of you will pay a lot of money to get your hands on this work of art. As a result, you wish to construct a safety net around it. That is the very bare minimum you can do for the sake of safety: you can spend an additional $20 on it.


Also, when discussing the Airtag, you should think of it as more of an example than anything else because it will not activate unless your device is within 300 feet of it. This is something to keep in mind. We’re talking about supplementary GPS trackers that will work even if your PlayStation 5 is hundreds of miles away, and we want you to pick which tracker is the best fit for your particular case.

Get The PSP GPS Tracker

As long as the PSP was a success, the PS5 should also be a success. The only issue is that it will be tough to obtain due to the fact that it was initially published in 2006 and is no longer in print! As such, if you manage to get it or had it in your possession before purchasing it back in the day, you should connect it to your PlayStation 5 and verify that it functions properly.

Contact The Sony Support

Perhaps you will have access to your PlayStation 5 at some point in the future. The mac address or login ID of your PlayStation 5 can be provided in the event that you need to contact Sony customer support, and they will respond with a resolution. Thousands of individuals have tried to solve the problem, and if you are lucky, you may be able to discover a solution as well. If you cannot find an answer elsewhere, you may also use this approach to notify them of the problem; if you do not inform them of the situation before connecting to the internet, they will immediately brick your computer.

Can You Track A Stolen PS5?

It is impossible to trace down a stolen phone or any other item in the same manner as tracking down a stolen PlayStation 5. Use of an extra GPS tracker, as well as contact with Sony authorities, may increase your chances of successfully tracking down the item you’re seeking. If you are aware of the mac address of your PlayStation 5, you may be able to get a replica of the console by submitting a police report at your local police station.

Maintain a vigilant vigilance in your neighborhood and on the internet since whoever obtained a hold of your PlayStation 5 may finish up selling it at a retail outlet. Using your PlayStation 5, check your Payment Methods to see whether any form of a transaction originating from your system has occurred. Because of this, you will be able to locate the PlayStation 5’s position with more precision.

File a report in the police

You should report the missing PlayStation 5 to your local police station. Make your way to your local police station and file a report. Please provide them with the MAC address and local IP address of your PlayStation, as well as photos of the console itself. Furthermore, if you are aware of the PlayStation’s serial number, you should make that information available to them. Consider this: it’s possible that you won’t be able to obtain it, but what’s the harm in trying?

Change Your PSN credential

Essentially, regardless of whether or not you can obtain a PlayStation, you will always be in command of your PlayStation account, no matter what occurs. Create-psn-id As a result, be sure to change all of your account details so that the thief does not have access to your account information. Check to see that the Payment methods have been deleted from your account as well as possible. Alternatively, you may find yourself responsible for a significant sum of money for games that you could not participate in.

As of right now, Sony is still having difficulty getting its hands on a PlayStation 5 in stock. The information in this course will walk you through the process of purchasing a PlayStation 5, maybe without having to pay exorbitant sums of money. Other topics discussed include where to look for the PS5 in stock and how to sign up for alerts when the PS5 becomes available at a shop so that you may place an order as soon a merchant makes the PlayStation 5 available for purchase.

Meanwhile, we’ve observed that stock shortages for the PlayStation 5 have persisted long into the year 2022. When a particular model that you are interested in becomes available, you can set up browser alerts, SMS alerts, and email notifications to be alerted as soon as it becomes available. Alternatively, you may go back in time to see when the PlayStation 5 was first made available for purchase at various retail locations. This information can be used to determine when a manual inspection should be conducted and when an alert should be expected.

However, while Sony has previously stated that supply concerns with the PS5 will be resolved on a monthly basis, buyers may likely have to wait longer for the situation to be determined entirely. As of today, recent predictions indicate that the chip scarcity that is now affecting consoles will continue well beyond the year 2020.


Is there a GPS on the PlayStation?

Yes, as soon as you log into the PlayStation Network, you put yourself at risk of being tracked down. The PS4 is qualified to perform this.

Can you report your PS5 stolen?

To report the item as stolen to Sony and submit a police report, all that is necessary is for the individual to do is call the police. To launch an inquiry, an investigator has to engage with Sony on an individual basis. In a relatively short period, Sony will be able to track the console down to the actual IP address of the user.

When can I realistically get a PS5?

It is now unclear if the PlayStation 5 will be commercially accessible by the end of 2022, which is the most pressing concern. Between now and the end of the year, restocks are expected to occur, but they are likely to be few, meaning that if you’re interested in purchasing a console in the near future, you’ll need to keep an eye out for them.