[SOLVED] PS5 Error Code CE-108255-1

If you are playing a game on your PlayStation 5, you might notice that the CE-108255-1 error message displays on your screen. The article may assist you in finding a solution to your problem if you are experiencing the same situation. This problem is often followed by a notification stating something to the effect of something that went wrong when playing this game or using this program.


It may be challenging for you to fully understand the possibilities of your gaming machine as a result of this. Some users may notice that their game does not load properly or frequently crashes while facing error number CE-108255-1 on their PlayStation 5.

In some cases, players may encounter this error code only once in a single game, and in other cases, they may see it continuously during all of their games. Some users may have issues when attempting to access the PlayStation Network, which Sony Interactive Entertainment operates. Sony may be required to repair or replace the hardware, depending on the circumstances. This is a serious matter that must be addressed as soon as possible.

Why The Error Code CE-108255-1 Occurs on PS5?

If a game file on your SystemSystem is corrupted, the CE-108255-1 error number will be displayed on your PlayStation 5. Furthermore, any failing hardware could be the root cause of this issue, as previously stated. Aside from that, the error number CE-108255-1 will be created if the game disk is not clean or has not been updated.

You may want to participate in a game but be unable to due to technological difficulties. I’ve been in that situation myself. If your PlayStation 5 displays the CE-108255-1 error code only while you are playing a certain game and the rest of your games are functioning normally, the most likely cause of the problem is a corrupted game file or save on your hard drive.

A game or system update that has not been completely downloaded and installed may result in this situation, which may occur occasionally. Alternatively, the problem may result from a specific defect in the game’s programming.

You will only obtain the error number CE-108255-1 if you are playing a game disc; the source of your problem may be related to how well the game disc you are playing is in working condition. Visually inspect the disc to detect whether it is dirty, damaged, or scratched; if it is, it should be replaced.


Because your Console cannot obtain all of the information necessary to load and play the game on your SystemSystem correctly, any one of these problems can cause a crash in a game. Owners of the PlayStation 5 console may get the error code CE-108255-1 from time to time due to software faults with the Console’s operating SystemSystem.

Maintaining the most recent version of your PS5 software will help to lessen the likelihood of seeing a PS5 error message. A more catastrophic event, such as a hardware breakdown, is the most likely cause of the CE-108255-1 error code in the case of certain unfortunate PlayStation 5 users.

Because of this, the problem is likely caused by malfunctioning hardware on the System’sSystem’s internal circuitry if the error happens across all games and the Console has stopped functioning normally as a result. As a result, as PlayStation enthusiasts, we will provide you with comprehensive instruction on how to resolve this issue.

How To Fix PS5 CE-108255-1 Error

Several factors can contribute to the occurrence of the CE-108255-1 error code. If you’re in a bind and don’t know what to do, keep reading to learn about some of the options available. Every one of us has had our PlayStation 5 occasionally crashing as a result of Cyberpunk 2077, but this was due to a glitchy game, to begin with, rather than a failure on the side of CDprojektRed.

On the other hand, if it is only Cyberpunk 2077 that is crashing and not other games, this is a problem. A multitude of causes, in general, can lead to a game’s failure to load properly. The following, however, are the most likely reasons for error code CE-108255-1, in order of likelihood:

  • The game disk had fumes about it.
  • Problems were being caused by Sony’s software, according to the company.
  • The PlayStation 5’s firmware is out of date. It should be updated.
  • Since it was originally released, the game’s data file has not been changed.

Because of this, before starting with the instructions, check that your disk does not contain any errors. If this is the case, clean it with tissue paper, being careful not to apply too much pressure to the tissue paper. Assuming that we have determined the most likely reasons for this problem, we can move forward. Let’s get started on the troubleshooting process right away. The following steps should be taken for those experiencing PS5 Error Code CE-108255-1.

Reinstall The Game

According to the most likely cause, the error number CE-108255-1 is generated due to corrupted save files, which would explain why it is displayed. This problem can be resolved by reinstalling the game on your computer, the quickest and most straightforward option.


  • The Settings option may be found in the PlayStation 5’s main menu.
  • Press the ESC key on your keyboard to enter the Console’s storage section.
  • Pick Games and Applications from the drop-down box on the right to proceed.
  • Make a selection from the drop-down menu of the game that you wish to remove from your computer.
  • Delete the game from your computer’s hard disk and restart your computer.
  • Before you can begin playing the game, you must first install or download it to your computer.

Continue to play the game to evaluate whether the error has been corrected or continues to exist.

Reset Playstation 5

Depending on your PS5, it’s possible that rebooting the Console will resolve the problem code CE-108255-1. Before resetting your PlayStation 5, ensure that you have uploaded all of your saved data to the PlayStation cloud storage.

  • Make your go-to the PS drop-down menu and select Settings.
  • The SystemSystem can be selected from the drop-down menu.
  • From the drop-down box, select System Software to continue.
  • The PS5 can be reset by pressing the circle button on the controller.

While the process is taking place, do not unplug your PlayStation 5 from the power brick. Install the game you were having difficulties with on your PC if you weren’t already. Hopefully, the problem will be rectified.

Update The Game

It is recommended that if you are experiencing the PS5 CE-108255-1 issue while playing a single game, you first check to see that the game is running the most recent version that is currently available on the market. If you are still experiencing the issue while playing a single game, you should contact Sony for assistance. You can do this by just checking to see if you’ve recently downloaded and installed an update for it on your computer.

If you find yourself with this warning on your PlayStation 5, upgrading the game will likely be a straightforward solution to your problem. In the case of users who have not updated their game in a substantial amount of time, the error number CE-108255-1 may be generated by the game’s update system and displayed on the screen.

  • Make a selection from the drop-down menu to select the game that requires an update.
  • The options menu on the front panel of your Dual Sense Controller can be accessed while you are using it by pressing the options button on the controller’s front panel.
  • To get started, select the Check for updates option from the drop-down menu on the right side of the screen.
  • Install the most recent version of the software that is available.
  • Hold off on continuing with the game’s activities until the game has been updated.

By restarting the game and seeing whether the problem persists, it is possible to determine whether or not an error has happened after being updated.

Rebuild PS5 Database

The PlayStation database must be updated regularly to function properly. A simple solution to any PlayStation-related issues can be found in this article. Performing a step known as rebuild database is one method of dealing with a potential problem with your PS5 program. This procedure is described below. It is necessary first to boot your PS5 into Safe Mode to complete this task.


  • Turn off your Console and unplug from the internet if you are not already doing so.
  • The USB cable should be used to connect the Dual sense to your computer and subsequently to the Console.
  • To switch off the Console, press and hold the power button until the Console beeps twice, then release the button to turn it off.
  • From the drop-down option, select Rebuild Database to begin rebuilding the database. It should take no more than 10-15 minutes to accomplish the work given the time constraints.

Continue to use the Console during the procedure. Please do not turn it off while it is running. Now Turning on your Console will allow you to see if the problem is still present or not. If this is not the case, move on to the next step in the process.

Download Language Pack

Upon inquiry, it was determined that a limited number of gamers could resolve this issue by downloading the Language Data package from the PlayStation 5 website.

  • Navigate to the Options menu of your game from the PlayStation 5 home screen.
  • Make your way to the Manage Game Content section of the drop-down menu.
  • Simple as it seems, installing the Language Data is as easy as downloading and installing the file.

Inspect the language of your PS5 SystemSystem to verify if it conforms to the Language Data that you previously got.

Update PS5 Firmware

If you haven’t updated your PlayStation in a long time, you are more likely to encounter this issue than other players. To avoid problems in the future, it is always a good idea to maintain your System’sSystem’s software up to current. Please navigate to the main menu and select it from the drop-down list to access the configurations menu.

  • You may access the System Software option on your computer by selecting it from the menu bar on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • To install the most recent available update, select it from the drop-down menu.
  • Before you begin to use the Console, be sure that it has had enough time to download the most recent update before you begin to use it.
  • This function can be accessed by selecting it from the notification menu on your device.
  • Once you have downloaded and installed the update, it is necessary to restart your computer to confirm that it is completely operational.

Even if updating the firmware resolves the problem, if the error number CE-108255-1 continues to show, the following option should be tried: replacing the motherboard.

Disabling HDCP In HDMI Settings

Attempting to record games with an external capture card is the most likely cause of the CE-108255-1 error code you’re seeing. HDCP compliance is the source of this problem (High-Bandwidth Content Protection). In addition to Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, HDCP is a unique type of digital copy protection developed by Intel and utilized on the company’s personal computers.

It is recommended to leave this enabled at all times when you are playing regularly. However, if you intend to record gaming content using an external capture card, it is recommended to leave this turned off at all times. It is possible to prevent the HDCP function from interfering with your gameplay capture efforts by employing the outlined approaches. To accomplish this, disable HDCP in your HDMI settings:

  • Open the Settings menu on your PlayStation 5 system’s primary dashboard by clicking on the gear symbol in the top-right corner of the display, located at the bottom of the screen.
  • On the PlayStation 5, you may access the Settings menu.
  • Once you’ve navigated your way into the Settings menu, click on the System tab from the list of available options to proceed forward.
  • Methods of gaining access to the System Configuration menu
  • As soon as you’re on the System screen, select HDMI from the vertical menu on the left and then browse to the right-hand side of the screen, where you should ensure that the toggle associated with Enable HDCP is set to “Enabled.”
  • Checking to see that HDCP has been turned off

As soon as you’ve confirmed that HDCP has been off, you should attempt to re-launch the game in question to see if the problem has been rectified.

Sony has acknowledged the CE-108255-1 error number on their assistance website; however, some PlayStation 5 owners have stated that none of the proposed solutions have worked in their cases. The problem may have resulted in a fatal hardware malfunction on your PlayStation 5 if this is the case for you as well, and none of the options suggested in this tutorial have worked.

If the problem persists, you will need to contact Sony to have the equipment serviced or replaced to resolve it permanently. As a result, completing this last patch, which will take a significant amount of time, will be required to resolve the problem. This step may be required if PlayStation help is not available in your region, in which case you will need to use a virtual private network (VPN) to complete the process (VPN).

You will be directed to the official Sony website if you click on the link above. Visit the PlayStation Network’s main website by clicking on the following link: PlayStation Network. To log in, please enter your PlayStation Network ID. To begin, pick Support from the drop-down menu and then Online Support from the drop-down menu.

Please explain what the nature of your problem is to them. Wait for a response from Playstation’s customer service department before continuing. If you employ this strategy, you should find a solution to your problem.


What is a PS5 CE 107857 8?

You may need to update your PS5 system software if you see the error code CE-107857-8.

How do you fix a PS5 update error?

Restarting your Console or using a different power source to see if the error persists can both be effective ways of resolving this issue. However, if this doesn’t work, you can also try wiping your SystemSystem clean and reinstalling the update.