[SOLVED] MSI Mystic Light Not Working

Only when your MSI hardware is operating correctly will the full potential of your MSI hardware be realized. There have been several reports from gamers stating that Dragon Center does not function properly on their computers.

RGB not syncing/not functioning and being stuck on the Waiting for SDK Initialization screen are among the most common problems. If MSI Dragon Center is not working correctly on your computer or has become stuck at any point, you have arrived at the correct website for assistance.


Dragon Center, developed by MSI, is a widely used all-in-one gaming and hardware monitoring application utilized by all MSI laptop and desktop users. It is also used by persons who have custom-built PCs that are equipped with MSI motherboards.

With this program, you can handle anything from RGB lighting to monitoring and overclocking to adjusting your computer’s many components. It also gives you the ability to enhance the battery life and general performance of your laptop in various conditions. Using the MSI Dragon Center’s gamer setting, you will have an excellent gaming experience.

However, a few problems in the software are annoying to the majority of its users. You are fortunate that you have discovered this post, and you can quickly correct the problem by following the procedures I have provided.

If your MSI Dragon Center has stopped operating or has been stuck displaying messages such as waiting for SDK startup, this will be the final time it will be showing those messages.

Update the Dragon Center to the Latest Build

The Dragon Center and MSI Mystic Light applications are updated regularly to include new features and correct any errors discovered. It is conceivable that your MSI Mystic Light or Dragon Center will not operate correctly if you are running an earlier version of the software.

Installing the most recent build of the MSI Mystic Light and Dragon Center software may be sufficient to repair the problem in this scenario.

  • To check what’s new, launch the MSI Dragon Center and navigate to the Live Updates section.
  • Click on the Scan button to see if there are any new updates for the Dragon Center and Mystic Light after you’ve completed the previous steps.
  • This is the case, in which case you should choose the updates and then click on the Install option to begin the installation process. If this is the case,
  • MSI Dragon Center and Mystic Light have been upgraded to the latest versions.
  • If Mystic Light is still not working correctly after updating Dragon Center, restart your computer and check again.


Disable/Enable RGB Lights Through the System’s BIOS

Alternately, a temporary error in the system modules or RGB lights might be blamed for the Mystic Light malfunctioning. This means that deactivating and re-enabling the RGB lights through the machine’s BIOS may be sufficient to eradicate the glitch and, as a result, fix the problem with my mystical light.

To locate a suitable solution for you, you may need to look a bit farther afield because the instructions may differ between manufacturers and models.

  • Restart your computer and go into the BIOS setup of your system to complete the process.
  • At this point, you should disable the RGB lights in the system’s BIOS. Turn off the RGB lights on your system by pressing the physical switch on the device (if your system has one).
  • Turn off the RGB lights on your computer’s motherboard’s BIOS settings page.
  • Now, save your changes and restart your computer to ensure that they are applied.
  • To allow your system to boot into your system’s BIOS, switch your system off and then back on again when it restarts.
  • Now, turn on the RGB lighting on your system and restart the computer.
  • Upon restarting the computer, check if the MSI Mystic Light is still active.

Uninstall Conflicting Applications

Applications coexist and share system resources on a Windows-based personal computer. As a result of having access to the system’s BIOS, rival applications (such as Valorant’s Riot Vanguard anti-cheat software) may cause the mystic light program to malfunction (designed to detect cheating).

In this case, just uninstalling the incompatible program may be sufficient to remedy the problem.

PRO TIP: If the problem is with your computer or a laptop/notebook, you should try using Restore Repair, which can check the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files on your computer or laptop/notebook if the fault is with them.


This method is effective in most situations in which the problem is caused by corruption in the system, which is the vast majority of cases. Restore may be obtained by clicking on the link provided.

  • After hitting the Windows + X keys together, a menu will display. Select Apps & Features from the list that appears.
  • A list of the applications and functionalities that are accessible for usage
  • Select Riot Vanguard from the list of applications and then click on the Uninstall button to complete the process.
  • Riot Vanguard should be removed from your computer.
  • Afterward, to remove Vanguard, follow the displayed on-screen instructions.
  • Check to determine if there are any other programs in conflict with one another (especially RGB controlling and anti-cheat applications). If this is the case, they should be removed as well.
  • Once that, restart your computer and check whether MSI Mystic Light is still functioning after it has been renewed.
  • To determine whether or not this is the case, try reinstalling MSI Mystic Light or Dragon Center (as specified in the response) and seeing whether the problem remains.

Update the BIOS of Your System to the Latest Build

Each time your system is powered on, the BIOS is updated to stay up with the latest technological developments and address are known problem concerns. Your system’s BIOS may be out of current if it has not been upgraded to the most recent build, which may cause the problem you are experiencing. This is because it has the potential to cause incompatibility between the various modules of the system.

In this case, it may be essential to upgrade the BIOS to the most recent build to address the problem. We ask that you proceed at your own risk because updating the BIOS requires a certain level of understanding. If done wrong, you run the risk of bricking your system and inflicting irreparable damage to it and its contents.

If possible, try to restore your BIOS (or CMOS) to its factory defaults before upgrading. This will allow you to determine whether any of your customized BIOS settings were the root of the problem. If this is the case, you will need to change the BIOS on your computer by following the instructions that are particular to the make and model of your computer.

You should check whether the MSI Mystic Light is working correctly once you have updated the BIOS on your computer.

Reinstall MSI Mystic Light or Dragon Center

Because of a corrupted MSI Mystic Light or Dragon Center installation, the MSI Mystic Light may be unable to work correctly.


If this is the case, it may be essential to reinstall MSI Mystic Light or Dragon Center to address the situation.

  • To reach the Settings menu, first, click on the Windows button and then on the Gear icon in the pop-up menu that appears to the right of the screen.
  • After entering Windows Settings, select Apps from the drop-down menu and then Mystic Light from the list of options.
  • After that, select Uninstall from the drop-down menu and confirm that you want to delete Mystic Light from your computer.
  • Follow the on-screen steps to uninstall Mystic Light, the instructions to uninstall the Dragon Center, and then restart your computer (if installed). Additionally, uninstall the MSI SDK (if installed). You may also use a third-party uninstaller to remove the software from your computer altogether.

Windows System Reset/Reinstallation

After attempting the options indicated above, if the problem with the MSI Mystic Light continues, the problem is probably due to a faulty Windows installation on your computer. If you are having issues with Windows, you will need to reset or reinstall the operating system.

  • Select Update & Security from Settings’ Update & Security section by pressing the Windows key + the I key together on your keyboard. Choose Recovery from the left-hand pane, and then go to the right-hand side of the window to finish out the procedure. Select Get started from the drop-down menu under the section Reset this PC in the left-hand navigation bar.
  • Pick the option “Keep my files” from the drop-down menu that appears in the following window.
  • However, you should only do this if you have a backup of all of your essential information on the computer in the first place!
  • It is conceivable that you will be presented with the notice window shown below. To advance, press the Next button on your keyboard.
  • To start the procedure, pick Reset from the Reset this PC box and then click on OK to confirm your selection. When you have finished with the Reset, your computer will automatically restart itself. All you have to do now is wait and see how the process plays itself out.


The complete approach to restoring a corrupted Windows installation is reinstalling the operating system. Despite this, if you reinstall your operating system, you will lose access to all of the information saved on your computer system. Consequently, it is recommended that you establish a backup before reinstalling the software.

If you need to reinstall Windows in a short period, the MiniTool Partition Wizard will be of assistance. The Copy Disk program allows you to complete the reinstallation operation in seconds with only a few clicks, thanks to its quick and simple interface. The MiniTool Partition Wizard also can format partitions and resize, expand, and restore cells on your computer.

This tool may also address other difficulties such as Fallout 4 crashing, the error 42125 zip archive being corrupted, the Switch game card problem, the ce-32809-2, and other related issues.

Tip: You may copy all of the partitions and data on a hard drive to another hard drive, which can be utilized regularly if you use the Copy Disk tool. Aside from that, you can use a copy of the source disk to start a system from the backup. It is necessary to create a bootable CD, DVD, or USB drive on a currently up and running computer.

After that, connect the bootable media to your malfunctioning PC and boot into the BIOS setup. You should select the bootable media as the first boot option from the bootable media. Immediately following the saving of your configurations, the system will begin booting from the bootable disc that you have given.

Now, to start the operation, please follow the steps given below.

  • Access the MiniTool Partition Wizard’s primary interface by connecting a disk containing a new Windows operating system to your computer and then running MiniTool Partition Wizard. Choose Copy Disk Wizard from the left-hand pane and then click Next in the box that appears to go to the next stage.
  • Select the drive that has been attached to the computer from the list of accessible drives in the following window, and then press Next.
  • To proceed, pick the system drive as the destination for the cloned disk drive and click on “Continue.”
  • Configure the copy settings in this window, and then in the next window, change the location and size of the selected partition to meet your needs based on your requirements. In the absence of any additional conditions, you may choose to leave the default settings in place. Next can be selected from the drop-down menu.
  • To close the elevated window, use the Finish button on your keyboard. Finally, click on the Apply button to finish the procedure.

How to Fix MSI Dragon Center Stopped Working?

If your MSI Dragon Center keeps crashing or stops operating after a specific period, you will need to upgrade to a more stable version of this software to resolve the problem. It is customary for consumers to get this utility program from the official website after entering their laptop or desktop model number.

However, most of the program files are incompatible with your laptop, which is an issue. That is why you will want the offline version of the application. If you purchase the offline edition of the MSI Dragon Center app, you will be able to resolve about eighty percent of the program’s issues.

We have the most recent version of this free program, which is entirely functional. So, don’t waste any more time and download MSI Dragon Center to spend your lovely time with your gaming setup as soon as possible!

The following are the procedures to follow to install the offline version of MSI Dragon Center:

  • Download the Dragon Center offline installer.
  • Disconnect your computer’s internet connection from the internet.
  • Uninstall the MSI Dragon Center application that was previously installed from the Windows settings or control panel.
  • Go to C: Program Files (x86) and double-click on it.
  • Remove the files dragon center and One dragon center from your computer.
  • After that, unzip the downloaded file.
  • Ensure you are logged in as an administrator when you open the setup file.
  • The software should be installed under the recommended/express settings.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Start the application. And it will function flawlessly.

After you have completed these steps, you will be able to connect your computer to the internet. Once the offline version of the app has been properly installed, it will not affect the app.

How to Fix MSI Dragon Center Blocked by Firewall

MSI Dragon Center frequently becomes stalled, with a notice stating that it is being prevented by a firewall, antivirus, or any other application running in the background. Minor tweaks to your computer’s settings can resolve this ridiculous situation. It is pretty simple to unblock MSI Dragon Center if it has been blocked by your firewall.

Navigate to C: Program Files (x86)MSIOne Dragon Center and launch the MSI.CentralServer.exe file as an administrator to complete the process. Afterward, restart MSI Dragon Center, and the problem will not be displayed again.

To resolve the issue, make sure that folder C: Program Files (x86)MSI One Dragon Center is not included in the scanning process of your antivirus application. If you still get the error message, ensure it is excluded from scanning in your antivirus application. Usually, other applications do not conflict with the MSI Dragon Center application.

However, if you have any RGB light controlling applications installed on your computer other than the MSI Dragon Center, I would urge that you uninstall them or at the very least close them from the task manager when running the MSI Dragon Center. As a result, these utility programs run in the background, and you must complete them by right-clicking on them in the task manager and selecting End task.

In addition, you may obtain the MSI Mystic Light RGB Utility from our website if you so like.

MSI Dragon Center Alternatives

MSI Dragon Center is a fantastic program since it comes with many useful functions. Virtually anything, from controlling your RGB lights to overclocking your PC components (which is difficult if done manually), is possible with this software. However, if the app does not function correctly on your smartphone due to hardware compatibility concerns, it is not worth your time to use it.

As a result, we propose that you utilize the MSI mystic light sync software to manage the RGB lighting on your computer. Additionally, the MSI afterburner should be used for hardware monitoring and overclocking. These two applications are also open MSI applications, and you can rest sure that they will perform well in their respective roles.

When used together, MSI Mystic light sync and MSI afterburner make an excellent alternative to MSI Dragon Center for both laptop and desktop customers who utilize MSI laptops or desktops. MSI mystic light sync is a simple-to-use application that allows you to customize the RGB lighting of your computer’s components.

With this software, you will be able to access a variety of beautiful lighting settings. Additionally, there are possibilities to adjust the color of the lighting and effects of each PC component on an individual basis. On the other hand, MSI Afterburner is the most popular application for overclocking your computer.

People use this tool to monitor and custom tune (overclock) their graphics card, CPU, and case fans and overclock their computers. Even better, this program can flawlessly overclock practically every GPU launched to date. Consequently, MSI Afterburner is the undisputed ruler of all overclocking utilities.


Why is mystic light not showing up in MSI Center?
There is a possibility that the MSI Mystic Light will not function properly if either its installation or the installation of Dragon Center is faulty. In this particular situation, reinstalling MSI Mystic Light or Dragon Center might end up being the solution to the issue. Now go to Apps, and after that, expand the Mystic Light section. Now, to uninstall Mystic Light, click the option labeled Uninstall, and then confirm your action.
Is is compatible with Mystic Light’s software?
Mystic Light 3 is responsible for controlling RGB devices that are linked to JCORSAIR/JRGB/JRAINBOW connection. In contrast, iCUE is accountable for maintaining Corsair RGB devices that are attached to the JUSB connector.