[SOLVED] Logitech G Pro X Microphone Not Working

If you’re in the market for gaming equipment, the Logitech G series is a popular choice among gamers everywhere. Several people have raised worry regarding the Logitech G Pro X microphone, even though it does not appear to be malfunctioning. It is inconvenient to be unable to communicate with people through the microphone, but it is not difficult to resolve.

Additionally, Logitech produces a variety of wonderful devices in addition to regular and top-of-the-line headphones. Over several decades, millions of individuals have trusted this brand. The company’s headset line has garnered significant attention from both gamers and non-gamers alike.


If you are experiencing difficulties with the microphone on your Logitech headset not operating correctly, you should refer to our troubleshooting guide.

The Logitech devices are practically every gamer’s fantasy come true, and they are available at a reasonable price. According to the industry, there is a gaming peripheral for any necessity that a gaming enthusiast may have at any one time.

For example, there are excellent mice and keyboards available on the market that have been specifically created for gamers to use. It is also a member of the Logitech G Pro X gaming microphone family of products, including other gaming accessories. Its Blue Voice Technology makes gaming even more enjoyable by letting you hear the game noises clearly, which provides for an even more engaging gaming experience.

The Logitech G Pro X microphone, on the other hand, has recently been the subject of several complaints from consumers who allege that it is not performing correctly.

Why is the Logitech G Pro X microphone not working?

  • The following are the most prevalent reasons why you are experiencing troubles with your microphone.
  • The audio driver is no longer under active development.
  • Your computer’s microphone is not accessible because you haven’t enabled access to it.
  • The headset has been removed from the system.
  • You haven’t set the microphone as your default microphone, haven’t you?
  • The audio settings have been misadjusted.

Following our investigation into the fundamental causes of the Logitech X Pro mic not working issue, we expect the remedy to be as elemental as ABC. Let’s get started on the troubleshooting process right now.

How to fix the Logitech headset mic not working

If the microphone on your Logitech headset is not working, you might want to try one of the following remedies. Be sure that your computer has been restarted and that your headset has been configured to be the default device on your computer before you begin any aggressive debugging efforts. We’ve looked into the causes for this and potential remedies to the problem.


In addition, we uncovered several quick and easy solutions to the situation at hand. The same may be stated for this particular piece of writing. Let’s start by determining why the microphone on the Logitech G Pro gaming headset isn’t functioning correctly. Meanwhile, if you are just interested in understanding the solutions to the problem, the following is a brief description of the most frequently advised treatment.

Troubleshoot the hardware issues

Simple troubleshooting procedures should be carried out before going on to more challenging processes or operations that require more advanced knowledge. Here’s how to go about it:

  • One more time, double-check your internet connection. Two input connectors should be visible on your headset: one for the wire that connects to your computer and another for the microphone. When connecting your computer, make sure the microphone is securely plugged in and that the PC connectivity cable is securely attached to the appropriate jack until you hear two distinct clicking sounds.
  • Using another computer as an input device will allow you to test your headset thoroughly. If the headset fails to operate in either of these ways, it may have been physically damaged. To obtain extra support in this situation, please get in touch with Logitech.
  • Check to see that the mute switch is not switched on or off.

Even if the gear appears to be in good working order, continue reading for further troubleshooting advice.

Allow access to your Logitech G Pro X microphone

Windows 10 users choose to grant the system and apps access to their microphones or deactivate this function entirely in the operating system. This has the result that if you have restricted access, your Logitech G Pro X microphone will not function correctly.



To provide authority, you must make the following decisions:

  • Type microphone privacy into the search box and then select Microphone privacy settings from the drop-down menu to access microphone privacy settings.
  • Change the device’s access to the microphone by selecting Microphone Access from the drop-down menu after clicking on the Change button.
  • By clicking on the button under Allow programs to access your microphone twice, you may toggle between the on and off positions of the controller.
  • When you are finished, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select Enable Access to Your Microphone. This will ensure that your desktop program can access your microphone.

You might also attempt the third approach indicated below if your microphone is still malfunctioning after trying the first two.

Check the sound settings

When you do a system update, the sound settings may be screwed up, and you will need to manually adjust the sound settings to restore them to the way they should be. Alternatively, you may find Control Panel by typing control panel into the search box and selecting Control Panel from the list of results.

  • In the drop-down box next to View by, you’ll see several little icons, and clicking on them will activate the sounds connected with each one.
  • To make sure that your Logitech G Pro X headset microphone is active, pick it from the Recording menu and hit the Record button once again (there should be a green checkmark).
  • Then, from the drop-down menu that appears, select Set Default from the right-click context menu that appears on the microphone.
  • You may change the look of the microphone by right-clicking it and selecting Properties from the context menu that appears after clicking it.
  • Pick the Levels option from the drop-down menu on the right.
  • To proceed, raise the volume slider as far as it will go and then press OK.
  • Now that your Logitech Pro X microphone has been set as the default and the volume on your computer has been increased, try to reproduce the problem once more.

If the first approach does not yield any results for you, try the next one.

Reinstall G Hub

 As a result of the most recent patch in G Hub, several gamers have complained that their Logitech headset microphones have stopped working or have stopped being identified.


If you have G Hub installed, it may need to be reinstalled; thus, you should consider doing so to see if it resolves your issue.

  • To activate the Run dialog box, hit the Windows logo key at the same time as the R key on your keyboard on your computer’s keyboard a second time.
  • Then, in the Run box, type appwiz.cpl and press Enter to start the application wizard, which will be shown.
  • You may remove the Logitech G Hub device by selecting it from the drop-down option that appears.
  • Restarting your computer will bring everything back up and running.
  • To begin the download process, navigate to the Logitech G Hub download page and select the Download for Windows option from the drop-down menu to the right of the page.
  • The program’s installation will be done as soon as the download has been completed. Following the completion of the file opening procedure, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the operation.

You should notice that the microphone on your Logitech G Pro X headset is entirely functional and operating without problems as soon as you reconnect your headset. After doing everything else, if upgrading the driver does not cure the problem, try the following remedy as a final option.

Update your audio driver

Your audio driver is probably damaged or out of the current. As a consequence, you are encountering the Logitech Pro X microphone not working issue on your computer. Maintaining the latest recent audio driver on your computer will ensure that your gaming headset continues to perform at its peak performance levels. A manual or automatic method of updating the audio driver can be used to finish this operation.

If you prefer to do things manually, you may go to Logitech’s support page and look for the most recent driver for your specific headset model. It is as simple as downloading the compatible driver with your Windows version and following the on-screen directions to install the driver.

  • If you don’t have the time, patience, or technical understanding to conduct the process yourself, Driver Easy will update your audio driver for you on a scheduled basis.
  • Driver Easy will take care of everything for you, saving you both time and money.
  • To properly install the drivers, Driver Easy will automatically detect your system and identify the most appropriate driver for your headset and your Windows version. It will download and install the drivers in the following order: download, install, etc restart.
  • Driver Easy is available for download and installation on a computer or laptop.
  • To begin searching your computer for outdated drivers and software, launch Driver Easy and click on the Scan Now option to start scanning your machine.
  • When you click on this, Driver Easy will check your computer for incompatible drivers and alert you if any are found.
  • To have the most recent version of the Logitech PRO X Gaming Headset driver downloaded and installed automatically, choose the Update button next to the flagged driver and click on the Update button.
  • It is then necessary to manually install the most recent version of that driver, which is achieved by selecting the Update option (you can do this with the FREE version).
  • Alternatives include selecting Update All, which instructs your system to automatically download and install the most recent versions of all drivers that are either missing or outdated without requiring you to take any action.
  • To receive the Pro version, which includes extensive technical assistance and an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee, it is necessary to purchase the program in its entirety.
  • If you select Update All, you will be requested to install an update to your software on your computer.
  • When you purchase the Driver Easy Pro edition, you will have access to an extensive library of technical assistance materials.
  • Please contact the Driver Easy support staff at help@drivereasy.com if you have any queries or require assistance.

Check if there is any physical damage

Ensure the headset is not physically damaged before continuing with the other options. Consequently, when the Logitech G Pro X microphone does not function properly, as explained above, it is essential to try a different computer.

The next step is to go to the following phase if everything works well on the other computer. If the problem persists on any additional machines, please get in touch with Logitech for assistance in resolving the issue.

We hope that this guide has been of use to you in addressing the Logitech G Pro X microphone not working issue you are experiencing. We’ve provided several different choices for dealing with the situation. Although we feel that upgrading drivers with Bit Driver Updater are the most effective approach to fixing this and any other troubles, we cannot guarantee that this is the only solution.

Any other recommendations for better strategies to tackle the problem, please share them with us in the comment box below. Thank you for your time. If you feel our article was deserving of your time and attention, please continue to browse our site for other stuff of a similar sort to read and consider.


Why is my Logitech Pro X microphone not working?

Your audio driver is likely to be corrupted or out of date, resulting in you experiencing the Logitech Pro X microphone not functioning issue. If you want to make sure that your gaming headset continues to work at its optimal level, you should make sure that you have the most recent audio driver loaded on your computer. This procedure may be completed by using either a manual or an automatic way of upgrading the audio driver.

How do I get my Logitech microphone to work?

Connect the USB connector from your Logitech microphone to any USB port on your computer that is currently accessible. (Optional) To turn on the device, press and hold the “Power” button located on the side of the microphone for a few seconds. Upon connecting the device to your computer, the operating system recognizes it quickly.