[SOLVED] How To Use A Keyboard And Mouse On PS5

With the help of Bluetooth, you can connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to your computer, allowing you to work more efficiently. If your keyboard and mouse are both wired, you may be able to connect them both to the PS5 USB port on your computer to use them both at the same time.

The PlayStation 5 can recognize all of the well-known keyboard and mouse brands that are currently available on the market, as opposed to Bluetooth headphones, which are more expensive.


The use of controllers to interface with video game consoles has long been the preferred interfacing technique with the system. It’s a good thing that all video gaming systems are equipped with a controller: they make it much easier to play games. Since gaming consoles are typically linked with resting or unwinding while playing, controllers are often handier than a traditional mouse and keyboard configuration.

With controllers, players can quickly reach all of the buttons surrounding them, making it simpler to perform the most amazing in-game combinations by just sliding their fingertips over the screen. While most PC games are designed to be played with a controller, some PC players may find it challenging to play a first-person shooter (FPS) game with a controller.

For first-person shooter (FPS) gamers, controllers are entirely different from the rest of the gaming world. In a gaming environment, controllers transition movement in a unique way from the way a gaming mouse transitions movement in the same domain.

Although you can become used to playing first-person shooters on consoles using a controller, the vast majority of first-person shooters on consoles accept mouse and keyboard input, allowing you to bypass the learning curve and get back to the basics much more quickly.

Because the fact that you are playing games on your console will create the sense that you are back on your computer, first-person shooters will be more playable for gamers who have spent decades gaming with a mouse and keyboard, according to the company.

Can you use the keyboard and mouse on the PS5?

It can now use a keyboard and mouse in the PS5 warzone, which is a significant advancement in the game. The PlayStation 5 may be quickly and easily linked to a keyboard and mouse from a well-known brand, allowing you to start playing games on it right away. This is a question regularly asked by novice console gamers who are just getting their feet wet in the gaming world.

It will be readily apparent, for example, if you have spent your whole life using a computer keyboard and mouse. In part, because gamepads are substantially more challenging to acquire than a keyboard and mouse, it took me a little while to feel comfortable with them when I first began using one.


When it comes to typing on a keyboard, everyone can do so, even when they are not paying attention to the task at hand. In addition, when playing video games, the WASD keys and the Space button are merely muscle memory for the player.

Competitive players can press all of them in a matter of seconds, if not less, depending on their skill level. And as a result, we fully see why PC players are so adamant about not switching over to gamepads in the first place. Making a target with a stick is a concept that does not make any sense to me. In the case of shooter games, even if they are entertaining in their normal state, they may be downright terrifying when played in a competitive atmosphere.

While we’ve seen a large number of gamers that use a gamepad regularly but are still unable to aim without the help of an aim assist, this is understandable given how difficult it is to put your thumb and shoot with a gamepad in this scenario. The ability to retain concentration on the target, even when using the thumbstick. You make it look as though the entire globe is swirling around me every time you discharge anything in my direction.

When it comes to console games, one of the most important reasons Aim Aid is included is to aid the player in aiming and capturing targets.

It should be noted that there is much dispute on this subject as well. Players on PC have argued that they are racking up all of the kills with relative ease in the name of assisting consoles and that a cross-play platform for competitive gaming should not be made available to them.

The truth is that using the aim assist option on your controller, it’s straightforward to get the shot pointed in the direction you want. On the other hand, Aim assistance will not allow you to land a headshot or accomplish an instant kill when you are using the tool in conjunction with another feature. You will want the goal help to be able to concentrate solely on your body and nothing else during the workout. Even though it does give a slight edge to console players from time to time, the use of aim help is not deemed cheating or cyberbullying.

List of Keyboard and Mouse Compatible Compatible Games

Nowadays, an abundance of games is available that is compatible with both the keyboard and the mouse. There are now 15 games available for the PlayStation 5 that can be played with a keyboard and mouse in addition to the controller. However, it is expected that more games will be developed to support both the keyboard and the mouse interfaces.

If you’re looking forward to playing FIFA using a keyboard and mouse, you might be disappointed to learn that you won’t be able to do so on the PlayStation 5. Player interaction with the game via keyboard and mouse is preferred by a significantly higher proportion of players than with other interaction methods. The reason EA has been unable to provide keyboard and mouse compatibility for the PlayStation 4 and support for Apex Legends remains a mystery to me.

We can only hope that Electronic Arts will rise to the occasion and provide keyboard and mouse support in their subsequent game releases.

Here’s a list of titles that are compatible with the keyboard and mouse on a PS5:

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • Call of Duty: Warzone
  • DayZ
  • DC Universe Online
  • Elder Scrolls Online
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Fortnite
  • Neverwinter
  • Overwatch
  • Paragon
  • Planet Coaster
  • They Are Billions
  • War Thunder
  • Warframe

It is possible to use a keyboard and mouse combined with your PlayStation 5 gaming system to play all of these games. If you do poorly in multiplayer mode, you’ll have fewer reasons to do it in the future, which is a good thing. We are making light of the issue. Hopefully, you will be able to use a mouse instead of a thumbstick to navigate from now on.

How To Use Keyboard and Mouse In PS5

It does not need to be concerned about compatibility difficulties if you utilize a trustworthy keyboard and mouse set for the simple reason that PlayStation 5 is compatible with virtually every keyboard and mouse available on the market. However, you will not be able to use your keyboard and mouse in every game you play. Playing the vast majority of shooters on the PlayStation 5 is possible with only a keyboard and mouse.


If you’re optimistic that the game you’re about to play will support your mouse and keyboard, the only other thing you’ll need to do is connect them to your computer. The fact that Sony has always been one step ahead of Microsoft in terms of innovation when it comes to mouse and keyboard compatibility is no surprise.

Although the PlayStation 2 was released in 2000, the developer has incorporated support for this other input method in the game. It is conceivable that your PlayStation 5 will not identify your mouse and keyboard right away, and you will have to wait a little longer than you would expect. It is possible to either unplug the devices and reconnect them, or you may restart your system to give it another chance.

Consider purchasing a new pair of mice and keyboards if your computer’s mouse and keyboard are not working properly no matter what you do. This will guarantee that your USB ports are functioning correctly.

Connect Using The USB Port

If you are using a wired mouse and keyboard, you will have no problems connecting to the computer. It’s more of a plug-and-play type of scenario. Clicking a mouse and keyboard to a PlayStation 5 through the USB port is accomplished in the following ways:

  • To begin, switch on your PlayStation 5 console.
  • Connect your keyboard to your computer using the USB port on the back of the keyboard.
  • Ps5-USB-port
  • Connect the USB A port on your computer to the USB A port on your mouse.

Now Attempt to play any games on your PS5 that require the usage of a keyboard and mouse to establish if your keyboard and mouse are correctly functioning.

Connect Via Bluetooth

Bluetooth enables you to connect your wireless mouse and keyboard to your PlayStation 5 through a wireless connection, rather than using a wired connection. Follow the steps outlined below to connect your keyboard and mouse to your PlayStation 5 using Bluetooth:

  • Navigate to the settings menu by using the ESC key.
  • Go to the gadgets part of the website.
  • Bluetooth devices that you wish to utilize are listed below.
  • To begin using your mouse and keyboard together, put them in pairing mode on your computer.
  • Before using PS5, you must first link your keyboard and mouse with your computer.

A Dual Sense controller linked to your PlayStation 5 serves as a substitute in this situation. For gaming on the PS5, we recommend utilizing a cable connection instead of a wireless connection. Because there will be a delay issue while connecting over Bluetooth, this is a good idea.

Can you use a wireless mouse and keyboard on PS5?

Wireless mice and keyboards aren’t that different from their corded counterparts in terms of functionality. The USB transmitters are provided with them that handle all of the data transfer, and your console will treat them in the same manner that it takes your wired peripherals.


Wireless mice and keyboards that share a single transmitter will nearly always function with your PS5, but the ones that do not will always have a chance to surprise you.

A single transmitter generally shares a combination of wireless mouse and keyboard systems, and the quality of that transmitter will have the most significant influence on your entire experience. While a gaming-ready, certified wireless mouse/keyboard will function flawlessly, over-the-counter devices may fall short of your expectations in terms of performance.

You may still return them if things don’t turn out the way you want them to. This procedure will be the same regardless of whether your favorite mouse and keyboard are wireless or wired in the arrangement. You’ll need to do the following to use your wireless gaming equipment with your console:

  • Start up your PlayStation 5.
  • Connect the wireless transmitters for your mouse and keyboard to the computer.
  • Allow a handful of seconds for your console to recognize the devices you’ve connected to it.
  • If you’d want to make any further changes to your settings, head to the Settings menu.
  • Devices may be located by scrolling down and clicking on them.
  • Customize the settings for your mouse and keyboard to suit your needs.

Are there any downsides to using a mouse and keyboard when playing on the PlayStation 5?

While most games support gaming mice and keyboards as input devices, you will be unable to play against controller users. While you’ll be able to communicate, browse, and operate your console more rapidly, you’re more likely to be playing against PC users via your game’s cross-play feature. Almost all shooter games can identify the type of input device you’re using, and if you plug in your mouse and keyboard, you’ll be kicked out of the console matchmaking pool.

Though it’s tough to call this a disadvantage considering the PS5’s ability to run any game at smooth frame rates, a substantial fraction of PC users will have more excellent frame rates than you, especially if you’re competing in games. To use high-refresh-rate screens, most gamers design their PCs to accommodate frame rates greater than 120.

Although the difference is slight, anyone with a refresh rate of more than 120 Hz will see in-game events faster than someone with a 60 Hz screen. Although the difference is minimal and may be undetectable, it is something to think about if you want to climb the graded ladders. This may not be the case for the game you want to play; therefore, we strongly urge you to look into how your favorite title handles cross-play and how it stacks mouse-and-keyboard and PC gamers.

Will Keybinds reset after switching back to a controller on PS5?

Sony does an excellent job of remembering your choices for in-game settings. Your key binds will be saved on your console as user data or to the cloud by both Sony and the game you’re playing, ensuring that you always have access to them. When you reconnect your controller, your mouse and keyboard keybinds may disappear, but they will reappear the next time you need them.

The same is true for the keybindings on your controller. When you unplug your keyboard and mouse, your customized controller settings will be reset to their default configuration.

Is it still possible to utilize a mouse and keyboard setup to play unsupported games on the PlayStation 5?

While some game designers will go to great lengths to make their game mouse and keyboard compatible, others may choose to forgo this stage if it is not necessary. Although you cannot play a game that requires controllers with your mouse or keyboard, there is a workaround.

Despite their reputation in the console community for allowing mouse-and-keyboard players to engage in controller-only lobbies, mouse and keyboard adapters can enable you to play unsupported games using your preferred input method. Though possessing them gives you an unfair edge if you’re a keyboard-and-mouse player in a controller lobby, their power may be used for good.

These devices can avoid input detection systems because they transform mouse and keyboard motions or activities into controller inputs. As a consequence, your console will still think you’re using a controller. These adapters come with their Windows or mobile software that allows you to personalize the layout of the settings for your favorite game. The vast bulk of pre-adjusted keybindings is the creation of community members.

These volunteers put in a lot of effort to ensure that the gameplay feels just how it does on PC. While Sony does not officially sanction this method, it is a feasible option for anybody looking to transform their console into a portable PC replacement. Given how powerful consoles are in terms of hardware, they’ll almost certainly rise to the occasion and try to persuade you to ditch your gaming PC.


Why is my keyboard not working on PS5?

If the keyboard drivers are outdated, your device may not operate to the incorrect USB port. You may have plugged your keyboard into an incompatible USB port. You may also need to repair a broken USB port.

Can I use a keyboard and mouse on PS5?

Wireless keyboard and mouse: Use the PS5’s USB ports to connect your keyboard and mouse. The PS5 should detect both devices within seconds.