Can You Use A PS5 Controller On Xbox?

If you want to utilize your PlayStation 5 controller for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S games, the most efficient option is to use an adapter or converter that has been designed mainly for this reason. Essentially, the adapter has two parts: one that connects to your video game system and another that connects to your controller, which can be either USB or Bluetooth-enabled.

Although PS5 controllers are compatible with the PlayStation 4, you can only use your PS4 pad to play games specifically created for the PlayStation 4 system. Playing any PlayStation 5 exclusive games, including all of the PS5 launch titles, will require you to use your DualShock 4 controller to play.


Third-party gamepad controllers that PlayStation has officially licensed are also included in this category.

It is possible to use the Dual Sense controller on your Xbox series x/s console by connecting it to a third-party device that is compatible with the controller. In addition, you may use the controller to play Xbox cloud games on your computer or mobile device via the Internet.

When you own both an Xbox and a PlayStation console, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to spend the money on a third gaming controller. You can use your Dual Sense controller with an Xbox system. As a result, we will teach you the exact methods in this manner.

Can you use DualSense on Xbox?

Microsoft does not officially approve it, but third-party adapters can be used to connect the Dual Sense controller to next-generation Xbox systems, even though it is not officially supported. Microsoft’s cloud gaming services enable you to play Xbox games on your computer, mobile device, or Xbox 360 console using a Microsoft account.

Many of you have inquired as to why you should use the New Dual Sense controller rather than the Official Xbox Controllers and how it differs from them. Listed below are some of the responses to your questions.

The new dual sense has a distinctive design that distinguishes it from its competitors in the marketplace. The following are two additional critical considerations that will have an impact on your next-generation gaming experience: On the new features, which include haptic feedback and programmable triggers, the Xbox development team has provided positive feedback, according to the company.

An industry first, the revolutionary dual experience is unlike anything else on the market and is unrivaled in its field. This character used to have white skin, which looked stunning when it first appeared on the scene. Unlike the Dual Sense, which is now available in two colors: black and cosmic red, the Dual Sense is now available in two colors. The color cosmos red is just striking.

This color will become your new favorite the instant you see it on your hands for the very first time. According to the study, dual Shock was only a minor influence in the overall evaluation of the differences between the Dual Shock controller and the previous-generation controller.

The device was easy to operate, even for people with tiny hands. What about the rest of us, on the other hand? What about those of us who are like me? It was a whirlwind of movement and commotion, with hands somewhat more significant than they were accustomed to holding.


We attempted to do all of the things in a first-person shooting game was a complete and total disaster. Physically, it is substantially larger than a conventional DS4 in terms of dimensions. It includes a long, strong handle that makes it easy to carry.

The result is that you can type more comfortably with your hand in a more natural position. It will fit more precisely in your hand due to the larger surface area, which will allow you to hold or grip the controller more securely and effectively. There is an out-of-date touchpad on the Dual Shock, which has never been especially effective for gaming.

Because of this, the controller was at a distinct disadvantage in this particular case. Sony has given its Dual-Sense touchpad a new lease on life due to its user-centered design, which was developed in response to feedback from customers. When you place your fingertips on the surface of the touchpad, a graphical user interface will appear, allowing you to observe the tracking of your fingers.

As a result, you will no longer be required to press the same button ten times to generate a single letter, and this is only the beginning; it will soon make its way into game modes.

Consider the possibility of a controller that simulates the sensation of walking on sand or getting soaked by rain. Using haptics in video games allows you to experience more realistically the character you are playing. When hiking on a smooth surface in the woods, you will share this through your dual senses of hearing and smell, which will help you better understand the environment.

It is possible to distinguish between the many weapons that are available to you when gaming because of the adjustable triggers known. The sensation of your fingertips will be significantly different when you are using a fire gun instead of an assault rifle, as you will discover. Moreover, as you engage in high-intensity activities such as football or basketball, you will notice that your energy levels are dropping.

How To Use PS5 Controller On Xbox

Due to the superiority of the new PlayStation console over its competitors, the Xbox consoles will incorporate a Dual Sense controller. In its initial weeks, it did so well that Xbox engineers went out of their way to laud it, thereby creating another controller to compete with Sony. Thus, you may wish to use the Dual Sense controller on Xbox platforms for the controller’s feature or any other purpose.

Unfortunately, and I apologize for breaking your heart, there is no official support for this to work. You cannot simply plug in the Xbox controller and begin playing. However, specific third-party devices enable you to do so.

1. Connect The Dual Sense With Third-Party Adapter

If you use a third-party adapter, you can connect your Dual Sens controller to the Xbox and play with it. Because there are so many adapters to choose from, you should pick the best one for you. It might be best to avoid the cheapest option, as they can go bankrupt at any time. So, buy the product while you read the full review of it.


After you buy the adapter, you will be able to use it. The following steps show how to use the controller with the adapter:

  • Putting the Adapter in the Xbox.
  • Insert the Dual Sense USB cord into the adapter.
  • Please make sure the Dual Sense Controller is connected to the computer with a USB Type C. That’s all there is to it; now, have fun with the Dual Sense Controller.

2. Play Xbox Games With PS5 Controller with Xbox Cloud Service

Play Xbox games with a Dual Sense controller and Xbox Cloud Service. Install the Xbox Game Service app on your laptop, desktop, or Android phone. The dual sense connects to a computer through USB and mobile devices via Bluetooth. Play Xbox games with a Dual Sense controller. Remember that using a dual-sensor Xbox controller may require an Ultimate Xbox gaming pass.

Can you use a PS5 controller on Xbox One without an adapter?

It was not possible to operate the controller without an adaptor until recently for the reason that there is no official support program for connecting the Dual Sense Controller to Xbox gaming systems at this time. In contrast, if you want to play Xbox games on other devices, you can do so through the use of the Xbox remote play services. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is all that is required to play games remotely on your desktop/laptop or mobile device through Xbox Digital Services.

Can you play Xbox with a PS controller?

You cannot play Xbox with a PS controller due to the absence of official support from these two console behemoths. You can, however, use the PlayStation controller with the Xbox series with an extra adaptor. There is no official PS5 Xbox Controller that supports both the PS5 and Xbox series at present. Furthermore, if you see anything, please avoid it at all costs because it may be a forgery and a waste of money.

It will connect to the consoles with a 0.1 percent chance, but you will be unable to use it. It is feasible that it will happen in the future, but that future is far away. Both of these console manufacturers have been at odds for a long time, and you can see no reason for them to join forces. Even in online games, crossplay is not supported. And Sony is quite proud of its exclusive titles.

Both of these corporations are currently in the process of acquiring large gaming studios to build their exclusive titles. As a result, Xbox receiving official support for the PlayStation 5 controller appears to be a pipe dream. The Xbox One is compatible with a variety of controllers. However, you may create your custom cut controller to use with your Xbox One. The following controllers are compatible with your Xbox:

  • Xbox Elite Series 2.
  • Xbox Core Controller.
  • Razer Wolverine V2.
  • Xbox Adaptive Controller.
  • Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller.

Can I Use The Dual Sense Controller On A Computer

The controller can’t be used right away since it isn’t a Microsoft-licensed device. However, you may use Steam or other third-party software to make your Dual Sense work on a PC. The Dual Sense is 100% compatible if you use it on a PC through Steam. Complete backward compatibility will be provided via platforms like Uplay, Epic Games Store, and Rockstar Launcher in the future.

  • You may also use your Dual Sense with a PC via a third-party program.
  • To begin, you’ll need to have DS4windows.
  • To fully experience Dual Sense on PC, you may have to wait.

For PlayStations, Dual Sense has become an important selling point. Your senses will be opened up in ways you’ve never imagined, thanks to the unique haptic feedback and programmable triggers. One of the best examples of next-generation controllers seen thus far.

Using this controller will have a significant impact on the future of gaming. It will continue to grow and have a substantial effect on the gaming industry in the coming days. After completing the steps outlined above, you should be able to utilize the PS5 controller with your Xbox One.


Can you use an Xbox series X controller on PS5?

On an Android or iPhone, you may use the Xbox Controller on a Playstation 5. This adapter lets you use your Xbox controller on the PS5. No PS5 adapters are available.

What controllers can you use on PS5?

A PS5 controller can only be used to play PS4 games and browse menus.