Download ASUS Aura Creator

Easily personalize the lighting of all of your Aura devices down to the last LED with this exclusive software, Aura Creator. Download ASUS Aura Creator latest version from this page and start your colourful gaming journey.

With the Aura Creator, you can take your device to the next level. Create amazingly detailed, multi-layered effects that bring your system to life with your own unique style and personality.


Aura Creator can run motherboards, graphics cards, monitors, and other accessories are among the products that are compatible with this software. In my everyday work as an enthusiast, PC lighting is critical for productivity, and I can vouch for the fact that the Asus Aura designer is a fantastic program for assisting with the lighting settings.

What Is Aura Creator?

Asus Aura Creator is a lighting software that allows you to customize the look of your computer. With the software’s assistance, you can complete any task fast, from configuring individual colours to configuring hardware and creating a light profile.

If you are an RGB enthusiast, then Aura Creator will not let you down. Here you have the ability to design and customize multi-layered effects as well as adjust the lighting on your own. The lighting of ASUS Aura RGB items can be controlled using the Aura Creator program. It can also synchronize lighting with other RGB items that are compatible with it to produce a more seamless lighting effect throughout the space.


The Aura Creator software is compatible with the Windows operating system. The most recent version of the software is more responsive and has been enhanced. The Aura creation software is quite responsive and works well with Windows 7/8/10. The software provides you with complete control over the lighting management of your computer through an intuitive interface. The software assists you in configuring your computer’s lighting and allows you to customize your colour effects to your liking. Colour management may be changed and monitored in a highly effective manner.

You can quickly fill your visual aesthetics with the Asus ROG Aura Creator, which allows you to do everything from designing complex effects to setting individual colour syncs for your PC’s hardware. Stay on reading, and as I will walk you through the process of learning everything, there is to know about the Aura Creator software, as well as supply you with a download link that is 100 percent functional and a user guide to assist you in using it. Interested in RGB Light syncing? Then definitely download asus aura sync.

Features Of ROG Aura Creator

The Aura Creator comes with many exciting and handy features to play around with lightning and personalization. The best part about this software is that it is compatible with all the ROG hardware devices that are compatible with the ASUS Aura Sync software. Some amazing features of the ASUS Aura Creator are –

  • RGB lighting customization
  • Endless lighting patterns
  • Hardware and colour sync
  • In-game colour sync
  • RGB LED strip controller
  • Unique lightning profile creator

Download ASUS Aura Creator Latest version

Aura Creator is an ASUS proprietary software, and here we are providing you with a fully functional official download link for ROG Aura Creator.

Download Link of Aura Creator:


How To Install ASUS Aura Creator Software

It is simple to have the Asus Aura Creator software installed on your computer. The following are the procedures to take in order to install the Aura creator-

  • Click on the download link for Aura Creator.
  • Download the zip file.
  • Unzip zip and double-click ArmouryCrateInstaller.exe to start the installation.
  • Then you can select the Asus Aura Creator and click on start to run the installation process.
  • After that, just run the file as administrator.

Or you can also directly go to the ASUS official website and download the Aura Creator Software and install it. Below we are giving you a simple user guide to fully utilize the functions of the Aura Creator software on your device.

How To Use ASUS Aura Creator Software

The Aura Creator software is an easy-to-use application that is both efficient and smooth to operate. A simple user interface allows you to have a positive user experience with this program. With the aid of the software, you can quickly configure and personalize the lighting, colour effects, and light profiles on your PC. You will be able to achieve the optimal lighting for your computer if you use the software properly.

Here are the steps to use Aura Creator:

  1. Open the aura creator from the aura sync app’s advanced colour choices by selecting it from the advanced colour options menu. Then you can start working on your colour effect settings.
  2. Choose the device that you wish to change the colour on. With an intuitive interface, you can simply select a suitable device and test the machines. Choose the device and start the effects configuration process.
  3. Select a device and change the colour by clicking on it. By clicking on the set as layer option, select the individual section and generate a colour layer. The top layer will take priority over all the other layers.
  4. Set the specified device’s colour and colour timeline. Drag the time bar to adjust the colour’s timeframe. Set the colour speed and custom lighting speed in the top right corner options.
  5. To configure the selected device’s light effects, click on the colour effects. You can select from a variety of effects, including rainbow, colour cycle, static, comet, and strobing.
  6. After picking the colour effects, save your colour profiles in the settings. You may create an unlimited number of profiles.

ASUS Aura Creator Compatible Devices

The Aura Creator app works with virtually all ASUS ROG products that support aura sync. You can quickly configure your lighting effects using the app in combination with the instruments. This is a shortlist of the devices that are compatible with the ASUS Aura Creator software-

  • All motherboards supporting Asus Aura sync
  • ROG Strix 2080,2080ti GPU
  • ROG Strix 2070,2070s GPU
  • ROG Strix 2060,2060s GPU
  • ROG RX5700,5600 GPU
  • ROG RGB laptops
  • ROG RGB coolers
  • ROG RGB peripherals

You can also go to the official website of Asus and check the detailed list of compatible devices of Aura Creator Software.

The Aura Creator Errors

Sometimes you might face issues while using the Aura Creator. It’s most likely because you do not have a compatible device for Aura Creator or you have outdated drivers. Or sometimes, the Aura Creator can not detect your device; in that case, make sure that your device is compatible with the Aura Creator software. Check if you have a stable connection with your laptop or PC. Check whether your drivers and other prerequisite software are updated on your device or not. If your software still does not function, you can try uninstalling the Aura Creator and reinstalling it from scratch.

Is The Aura Creator Software Safe To Use?

Due to the fact that the Aura maker software does not require any information about your computer, it is extremely safe to use and download. It does not have any issues with malware-related issues. I have tested the software with different antivirus programs and have not discovered any malware issues. Viruses do not pose a threat to anyone. In addition, your computer data is completely safe. It does not interfere with any of your PC’s processes and does not put your parts at risk because of the colour settings. It functions perfectly and without any issues. There will be no data loss or breach of privacy as a result of using this program. It is completely risk-free to utilize the software for creating content.

Is Asus Aura Creator Software Worth Using?

The Asus aura Creator provides you with the ability to change and select from a variety of colour modes and ambience settings. The software includes a user-friendly interface that allows for smooth and straightforward operation by the end-user.

The software enables you to sync all of the hardware lighting components of your computer at the same time. It allows you to separate the lighting on your computer and sync the colours of your games, making it a helpful piece of software for light-loving users. The game light synchronization feature is a fantastic technique to keep the game colours of your hardware in sync. With the assistance of software, you may properly manage the colour synchronization of your games.

There are no privacy-related vulnerabilities with the software, and no evidence of data loss has been found. It does not have any malware issues, which makes it a safe program to use. As a whole, the creator app is a safe and speedy piece of software with a simple and user-friendly layout. As a result, it is worthwhile for users to experiment with the software. I’ve been using the app for a long time and have found it to be quite valuable and simple to use. It is an app that is well worth your time. I would recommend the software to any and all users that are interested in lighting and want to show off their unique styles.

The Asus Aura Creator software is a fantastic tool for controlling your RGB lighting setup. When it comes to using the software, the interface is simple and effective in a variety of ways. You have a limitless number of effects and colour syncing possibilities to choose from in order to get your desired visual aesthetics. Syncing the colours of your hardware with the colours of your game is also an option. Users across the globe have been using the software for a significant amount of time and have found it to be really efficient. It is a fantastic app for controlling and customizing the RGB lights on your computer. I would recommend Aura Creator to any user that enjoys having complete control over their RGB lighting.


Aura Creator sync game colours?

The Asus aura creator app syncs game colours with your PC. You can utilize the software to ensure that the game colours are in sync with the hardware on your PC.

Can I use Music effects in Aura Creator?

You can drag the Music block from the effect pool and drop it to the layer track tab. Change properties according to your preference, then click play or select Save & Apply to ruin the effect.

Is ASUS Aura Creator and Aura sync the same?

No, they are compatible software. The Asus aura creator app syncs game colours with your PC. You can utilize the software to ensure that the game colours are in sync with the hardware on your PC.