[SOLVED] Bluetooth Toggle Missing On Windows 11

Is your Bluetooth toggle missing on Windows 11 PC? Your computer’s Bluetooth option, which allows you to link other devices to your computer and even transfer data wirelessly, may have been activated but still, this problem can persist.

Bluetooth is commonly activated using the Windows Settings menu, which may be found in the Bluetooth section of the settings menu.


Suppose you do not see an option to turn on Bluetooth when you initially boot up Windows during the installation process. In that case, Bluetooth is not correctly functioning is a big annoyance if you want to use the technology in your daily activities.

On the other hand, if you navigate to Settings, then click on Network & Internet and then check Airplane mode but the Bluetooth toggle is not accessible, you have arrived at the correct location for a fix.

We hope that this little lesson will help clarify why this problem happens in the first place and how to resolve it as quickly and effectively as possible in the future.

How to Fix Bluetooth Toggle Missing On Windows 11

Here are the steps to fix Bluetooth toggle missing on Windows 11:

1. Update Bluetooth Drivers

In many cases, simply updating or reinstalling the Bluetooth driver was sufficient to address the Bluetooth toggle not working problem in Windows. This appears to be the most often used technique.

For those of you who are interested in giving it a try, it is straightforward to use. To finish this job properly, you must first open Device Manager on your computer. If you do not do so, the process will fail.

  • The driver may also be updated by right-clicking on the device and selecting Update Driver from the context menu. Alternative methods include: Decide on your following line of action; it searches for and downloads any new or updated driver software recognized by the application and automatically installs it on your computer. The instructions below should be followed to complete the download and installation of any updates that have been discovered.
  • When you right-click on the Bluetooth driver, a context menu will appear to allow you to pick Uninstall device from the list of options. This will result in the Bluetooth driver being forced to be reinstalled. Check to ensure that all of the stages in the technique have been accomplished. Select the Action tab from the context menu and then Scan for hardware changes from the menu that displays. This will cause the default Bluetooth driver to be automatically reinstalled on your computer.

2. Enable Both Bluetooth Drivers And Service

If there is no option to switch on Bluetooth in Windows 11, it is most likely due to a Bluetooth driver or the Bluetooth service problem. To determine whether or not they are enabled due to this fact, the first step is to conduct an investigation.

The Bluetooth driver may be enabled by performing a right-click on the Start button and selecting Device Manager from the list of options that come on the screen that displays after doing so. If this procedure is completed successfully, the Device Manager window will be displayed.


Alternatively, if your Bluetooth adapter has been deactivated, right-click on it and choose Enable device from the context menu to restore it to operation. Check to check whether the problem has been resolved after you’ve done these instructions by restarting your computer.

By following the steps indicated below, you will be able to enable services that are connected with your Bluetooth capabilities.

  • To open the Run window, hit the Windows key and the R key on your keyboard simultaneously on your keyboard.
  • In the search box, type services.msc and hit Enter to launch the service. Access the Services application by selecting the OK button on the toolbar.
  • The Bluetooth Support Service’s attributes may be viewed by double-clicking and selecting Show Properties from the drop-down menu. The Start button must be pushed to bring it back to life if it has been turned off before. Then, to preserve your changes, pick Automatic from the list of startup modes in the drop-down box, and then click the Apply and OK buttons to confirm your selection.
  • Repeat the procedure outlined in the preceding step once again to get the following services:
  • Bluetooth Technology Allows You to Make Hands-Free Telephone Calls
  • Using the Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service, a Microsoft-provided service, it is possible to listen to music on a Bluetooth device by connecting the device to a computer.
  • Bluetooth User Support Service (BUSS) is a service that provides support to Bluetooth users in a variety of ways, including through the use of online resources.

It is recommended that you restart your computer if the problem with Windows not allowing you to switch on Bluetooth persists.

3. Disable Fast Startup

Aside from that, you may want to experiment with disabling fast startup, which effectively addressed the problem on a few occasions previously.

  • To get started, browse to the Control Panel and choose it from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the Hardware and Sound section of the website to get started.
  • Select Power Options from the list of options in the drop-down menu when you click OK.
  • You may change the behavior of the power buttons on the left pane by selecting them and clicking on them. You may change the behavior of the power buttons in the left pane.
  • The settings that are now unavailable can be changed by selecting the option Change settings that are currently inaccessible from the drop-down menu that is shown.
  • Ensure that the Turn on fast startup box is not checked, and then click Save changes to make your changes permanent.

Upon successful completion of these procedures, you should check to see if the problem with Windows 11’s inability to turn on Bluetooth has been fixed.

4. Run Hardware And Device Troubleshooter

Follow the guide below to run the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter:


  • It may be accessible through the Troubleshooting menu item, which can be reached by putting Troubleshooting into the search box and clicking on it.
  • In the Find and fix other issues section, for example, you may be able to locate and repair Bluetooth difficulties.
  • To finish the process, follow the directions that are presented on your computer screen.
  • Assuming that the Bluetooth toggle has been restored, ensure it is turned on once more before continuing.

5. Set The Bluetooth Service To Automatic

The instructions below will guide you through starting the Bluetooth service and setting it to Automatic.

  • To launch the Run dialog box on your computer, press the Windows key and the R key on your keyboard at the same time.
  • When you type Services.msc into the search box and hit Enter, the program will start operating.
  • The characteristics of the Bluetooth support service may be seen and updated by choosing the service from the application’s context menu.
  • The method is initiated by changing the Startup type from Manual to Automatic on the General page, followed by a Start button beneath the Service status section to begin the operation.
  • After selecting your option, click on the OK button to confirm your selection.

Then restart your computer to see whether the Bluetooth toggle is fixed or not.

6. Roll Back The Previous Bluetooth Drivers

If you have recently updated from Windows 7 to Windows 11, there is a chance that the toggle will remain hidden until you restart your computer. Due to the possibility that the drivers installed by vendors will not be compatible with Windows 11, this is the case.

To fix the problem, go to the Control Panel, choose Programs and Features, then uninstall everything that has anything to do with Bluetooth from your computer. Afterward, navigate to the Device Manager and uninstall any Bluetooth-related drivers that may still be installed. Restarting your computer will enable the automated reinstallation of Bluetooth drivers and programs that are compatible with your machine.

Following the installation of a recent driver update, it is likely that you could encounter a problem. In this scenario, follow the steps below to restore the prior version of the driver:

  • If you know where to search, you may locate the Bluetooth driver in the Device Manager.
  • To obtain information about a driver’s properties, right-click on the driver and choose Properties from the context menu that appears.
  • As soon as you have selected the Driver tab, see whether there’s a button that says Roll Back Driver. If there is an option, choose it from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking on it. There were no prior versions of the driver installed in this case, as evidenced by the fact that the Roll Back Driver option is grayed out in the following example.
  • Restarting your computer will bring everything back up to speed and work correctly.

Hopefully, this article’s fixes have helped you get back your missing Bluetooth toggle on Windows 11.


Why is there no option to turn Bluetooth on Windows 11?

A Bluetooth driver or service that is not functioning is most likely to blame if there is no option to turn on Bluetooth in Windows 11.

Why is Bluetooth disabled in Device Manager?

The Bluetooth not working issue is most likely caused by driver problems.