Top 7 Best RGB Fusion Fans [Reviewed]

Looking for the best RGB fusion compatible fans for your Gaming PC? Then you are in the right place.

If your gaming setup doesn’t look like an EDM fest, then you’re probably doing something wrong.

Ok, I might have exaggerated a bit much but adding a bit of color gives your rig a pleasant aesthetic. And what better way to do it than using RGB fans for your pc case.


RGB fans are gorgeous but there’s no point in being pretty if it lacks basic function.

In this review you can check out some of the best RGB fusion 2.0 compatible case fans that will kill it in the performance part besides providing stunning aesthetics to your gaming PC.

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Best RGB Fusion Compatible RGB Fans Overview

Fan Name Fan speed Noise Level
Cougar VORTEX ARGB 1500RPM  26dB(A)
Enermax SquA RGB-SG 1500RPM 12dB(A)
MasterFan Pro 120 Air Flow RGB 1100RPM 20dB(A)
InWin Saturn ASN120 ARGB 1800RPM 35dB(A)
Lian Li Bora Digital 1800RPM 29dB(A)
Silver stone AP124-ARGB 1800RPM 25dB(A)
Bitfenix Spectre RGB 1200RPM 22dB(A)

Best RGB Fusion Compatible RGB/ARGB Fans

There are so many options to consider when it comes to customizing RGB Gaming PCs with a good set of RGB fusion fans. But a few of them are the best because of their performance, pricing and design.

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So, today we’re going to review some of the most popular RGB fans compatible with RGB Fusion 2.0. Let’s start the journy of finding the best RGB Fusion fans.

Here are the best RGB Fusion Fans:

1. Cougar VORTEX ARGB VX120

The Cougar vortex VX 120 is a high-performance case fan. It focuses on enhanced airflow for optimal performance. Its airflow is rated at 48.98 CFM. This indicates how much volume of air it can flow or replace in a closed enclosure.



Here are the highlighted features of the Cougar VORTEX ARGB:

  • Comes with a RGB Controller/hub
  • Ring shaped Bright RGB Illumination
  • High performance
  • Hydro-Dynamic Bearing

This RGB Fusion compatible case fan can run upto insane 1500 RPM. At max rpm, it can get a bit noisy at 29 dBAs. It’s not a huge deal breaker but something to take note of. But Cougar also knows this, so they did something to dampen it. They equipped it with rubber dampers at the four edges of the fan. It reduces the vibration, thus reducing the noise—a rather brilliant move on their part.

Now let’s talk about the RGB lights. It comes with a 5v ARGB port that connects with its control hub. The vortex Vx 120 kit comes with three fans and the RGB hub. The hub lets you connect up to 8 fans. The Cougar vortex vx120 is a case fan with excellent performance. It offers amazing features and builds quality. It has nice bright LEDs with smooth transitions. If your motherboard supports it, it’s a perfect choice for any setup, especially at its affordable price point. It offers features that rival even its more expensive counterparts at a somewhat reasonable price.

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2. Enermax SquA RGB-SG

Enermax made several fans of different names, but this time they made something unique. They made a new design called the Vortex design. The vortex design is perfect for case cooling and radiators. On the back of the fan frame, you will see there are brackets that go from the outside edge to the center that is kind of curved in opposite to the fan blades.

Compared to Enermax Liqfusion 360 and Deepcool MF120, this fan acts like a beast. Starting from cooling the chassis to suppressing the noise level, Enermax SquA RGB was the best compared to overall performance. I was able to run these fans at 100% and still stay within my 46 dbA noise limiters. Because that’s to me is an actual test of a fan.



The features of Enermax Squa SG include:

  • A square-shaped unique RGB frame
  • ARGB motherboard sync supportable
  • Enlarged surface area of the blades
  • Optimized 300 – 1500 RPM

SquA RGB fan provides users with two types of lighting patterns because of the Case Modding and Builds with Square-shaped Lighting Fan to create a perfect balance with system configuration. The square vortex design is such that the fans’ back ends show a gleam through the holes around the frame with a visual experience of diamonds shining in the dark.

If you want a super cooling PC with cool RGB lighting for visual aesthetics, the Enermax SquA RGB is the best option for you. Comparatively the price isn’t that much cheap, but considering the performance of the fan, this model from Enermax is a bang for your buck.

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3. MasterFan Pro 120 Air Flow RGB

The MasterFan Pro 120 is designed ideally for Builders with RGB Fusion enabled PCs. You can get premium feelings along with a whole RGB color experience. CoolerMaster is the leader in maintaining harmony between cooling the chassis and reducing the noise to its maximum level by using noise reduction technologies complimented with superb fan design.

The fan motor’s rearer portion consists of a switch that helps non-RGB controller users change colors between static red and static blue. The design is pretty simple like other Coolermaster fans. At the four corners of the case fan, there are thick sound absorbing rubber pads and two big steel Allen bolts holding each one in place.



The Coolermaster Master fan 120mm RGB case fan comes with some excellent features:

  • Custom Colors
  • Silent Cooling
  • Jet inspired
  • Jam Protection

The Silent Driver IC integrated into the case fans smoothens fan rotation and reduces fan clicks and noises. The fan’s glossy coating reduces air resistance and the type of bearing used increases the case fan’s lifetime so that you can use the fan estimated for 490,000 hr.

Overall, The performance of the Coolermaster Pro 120 Air Flow is already top-notch. And as far as the design is concerned, Coolermaster doesn’t change their design apart from the transparent blade design and the hub. Whether the fan is connected to the radiator, heatsink, or case, you won’t receive any vibration at all.

4. InWin Saturn ASN120 ARGB

Inspired by the vibrant coloration in outer space, the famous branded company InWin launches their Saturn Series ARGB case fans. As a matter of fact, InWin is the first company to develop modular case fans and the Saturn series offers newer features compared to their previous Polaris fans.



The Inwin ASN120 comes with the following features:

  • High Airflow Case fan
  • Modular Connector Design
  • ARGB Lighting Effect
  • Exclusive Additional Controller
  • Intelligent PWM Cooling Design

The unique Modular connector design from InWin allows you to daisy chain the fans quickly. By daisy-chaining the fans, there are no possibilities of tangling up wires. In fact, Cable Management is made like a breeze. So, you don’t worry about the fans being hit by the cables.

Like other fans, InWin Saturn ASN120 Addressable RGB fans have shockproof rubber strands at the corners to reduce the vibrations and minimize the noise level to its minimum extent. But what makes it different from other case fans is the type of bearing used in the fans. To increase the total lifespan of the fan, Inwin used Sleeve Bearings. You can use this fan for an average of 50-55000 hours approximately. The RGB lighting on this RGB fusion 2.0 compatible fan is super gorgeous. The LEDs are aligned in the center of the fan and they are decently bright.

Overall, this unique modular case fan offers a special and premium feel along with proven outstanding performance when compared to a 3-pack ARGB-enabled case fan. It’s no doubt that this product is a bang for your buck.

5. Lian Li Bora Digital

If you want some stylish and affordable cooling fans, then the Lian li bora can be the right choice for you. It’s not a crime to be a bit short of money. While building a gaming rig, we often make mistakes in the allocation of budget for specific components.



Some special features of Bora Digital include:

  • Built-in 12 Addressable LED’s
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearings
  • Additional Exclusive Controller
  • Unbeatable Silent cooling solution
  • Noise Reduction Technology

Lian Li provides an in-line RGB controller for those chassis that doesn’t include RGB Headers on their motherboard. You can synchronize the Bora Digital with the motherboard by connecting the 5V ARGB Header. Never connect the Fan header into the 12V header because it can lead to irreparable damage.

Buckle up if you are a color freak because Li Bora Digital is available in three different colors (Black, Space Grey, and Silver).

The Lian li logo at the center of the fan is made up of Aluminum (made by CNC Milling). When you connect the fan to the motherboard’s RGB header, the fan blades’ plastic frame changes, while the aluminum ring surrounding the fan blades stays put. Inside is a nine-blade designed translucent RGB blades arranged with fully built-in 12 Addressable LEDs behind the center hub.

Like said before, if you are short on money, buy this model because this cooling fan lands at a much lower price point compared to many triple-packed RGB-enabled 120mm fans. Overall, I must say that this cooling fan is an all-rounder. Be in bits, but it still allows you to get a premium feel that you get in high-end cooling fans at such a low budget.

6. Silver stone AP124-ARGB

Silverstone’s ap-124 is a 120mm case fan. So, it’ll fit into almost any case size without any problems. Now let’s talk about what makes this fan an excellent fan compared to other fans. Silverstone markets this fan as an airflow-focused fan. But it’s also a superb radiator fan due to its high static pressure of 2.13 mmH2O. All this technical stuff means is this fan can force air harder through your case. This is especially useful if your PC case has any obstructions that can reduce the airflow. A high static pressure fan such as this one will just force its way in. All in all, this fan does a great job at cooling.



Here are the highlighted features of Silver stone AP124-ARGB:

  • Halo shaped RGB illumination
  • Fairly long cable
  • Easy to install
  • Dual Ball Bearing

The RGB lighting of this fan is phenomenal. I mean, it is an RGB fan, after all.  This comes with a control box that you can use to change the light effects. But the best part is that it’s PWM. Meaning you can connect it with the motherboard and control the light settings and the rpm with software. Miles better than manually doing it like you have to do it on some cheaper fans. You can adjust the brightness (it does get kind of bright). There’s a lot of light effects to choose from. So, you’re fine in that regard.

Although this fans are great but it has some bad reviews as well. Before telling about this I need to mention that not everyone will have these issues. Even though I didn’t encounter any noticeable issues, there have been some customer complaints. Some people complained that the LEDs have burned out after a few months. Although it’s unlikely that it’ll happen to your unit, it doesn’t mean it can’t. If you run into this problem, just contact Silverstone and replace it within the warranty period.

7. Bitfenix Spectre RGB

The latest addition to the Spectre fan series from Bitfenix took the market by storm. These are some seriously high-end addressable RGB fans based on the very same Aerodynamics technology that can cater to your gaming needs ideally. With its minimal design and enhanced lighting technology, Bitfenix spectre provides the advanced illuminating appearance as rainbow mode without reducing the cooling performance. The dimension of the Bitfenix specter fan is 120mm, and it features the TriBright LED Technology.



The Bitfenix Spectre Addressable RGB has some unique features:

  • Focused airflow
  • Silent Operation and Long Life
  • CFM Design
  • Sickled Fan Blades with centered LED lighting
  • AURA SYNC Ready
  • Tri Bright LED Technology

Your overall PC cooling system will be of no good if the airflow can’t reach your system’s core spots. That’s where the Sickled shape design of Spectre Addressable RGB blades marks the spot.

The minimal design of the cooling fan and its simple framework focuses the airflow in a central column. As a result, it minimizes diffusion and allows cool air to reach your PC components.

The motherboard connection should go to one of the 12v RGB headers on the motherboard. You can connect the Aura Sync adapter cable to the fan chain and then connect it to the RGB Header. Take a quick note that the adapter cable’s arrow needs to be at the +12v pin of the RGB header.

Like the Aurora, Shogun, and the Alchemy 2.0 Magnetic RGB strip, the Bitfenix Spectre RGB perfectly matches each other while being controlled by the ASUS Aura Sync software. Not only that, you can also control the fans using the BitFenix RGB controller.


I have covered some of the best RGB fusion compatible fans for you. This took a lot of time and hard work to test these fans individually. Hope you will find your suitable RGB fusion fan from this roundup.

Again if you ask me which was my favorite out of all of these fans, I would blindly reply, Cougar VORTEX ARGB VX120. These fans are stunning to look at and they change the whole vibe of your gaming PC with their Bright LED illumination.

Now it’s time for you to choose the best suited RGB fusion 2.0 fan for your gaming setup.