[SOLVED] The Best New World settings for All PC

I have been finding the Best New World settings for a couple of days and here I’ll share with you the best settings that will be smooth for most PCs.

With a high concurrent player count of over 100,000 and no indications of slowing down, it’s safe to say Amazon’s New World is making ripples in the gaming industry.

Before putting up with the long queue times or even starting to search the server list, you should consider tweaking New World’s settings to ensure that you get every last frame out of your gaming PC when you eventually set foot in Aeternum.

On the surface, New World’s system requirements don’t appear to be very demanding. Amazon advises a ten-year-old Intel gaming CPU or a first-generation AMD Ryzen processor, along with a seven-year-old graphics card, to satisfy your need for 60 frames per second at high definition.

new -world-graphics-settings-guide-for-best-performance

Even though this appears to be a low barrier to entry, this is an MMO, and you should be prepared for how busy the settlements can become at times – especially given the large number of people who are knocking on the door to get in and the fact that worlds are constantly packed to the brim with players.

Because you don’t have Nvidia DLSS or AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution to minimize the overhead, you’ll have to rely on the plethora of alternatives available to you if you want to prevent any significant decreases in performance while maintaining a respectable resolution.

New World Requirements

With a download size of less than 50GB, New World is a relatively small game compared to other MMOs.

Note that the game is only compatible with Windows 10 64-bit and that, as with most new releases, it is highly advised that you install New World on an SSD for the best performance, even if the game will run on a mechanical HDD as well (although it will).

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New World Presets

The Video Quality dropdown menu in New World offers four options to choose from: Very High, High, Medium, and Low. Very High is the highest setting, followed by High, Medium, and Low. These settings may be found in the Video Quality dropdown menu, accessible from the main menu.

For those of you who play other games, selecting a preset will frequently result in a selection of medium tones, high tones, and low tones throughout a wide range of settings. By selecting High, all of your decisions will be applied equally, and you will be responsible for fine-tuning individual factors to obtain the best possible outcomes.


This is, without question, the most demanding of the settings, and it should only be utilized with robust gaming systems that are up to the challenge. Setting your frame rate too low, on the other hand, can considerably raise your frame rate by up to 50% – but be prepared for a trade-off since it reduces the shine of New World and causes bizarre lighting abnormalities.

Naturally, we’ve avoided utilizing low settings wherever feasible to prevent this from happening in the first place.

Best New World Settings

If you intend to communicate with other players while playing, the first thing you need to do is check your microphone settings on the Communication page. However, because even the best webcams tend to override the default settings from time to time, it’s a good idea to double-check that everything is functioning as it should before beginning the game to avoid any surprises.


Before changing your sensitivities and loudness, you must first visit Aeternum with a companion, which will take several hours. On the other hand, voice chat may be turned off totally if it isn’t your cup of tea. As with the visual options, the audio options are extensive as well, and you won’t get a complete sense of the movie cinematics, sound effects, ambient effects (including fog), voices, voiceovers, music, and ambient music until you’ve played the game for a while.

The game’s cinematics, sound effects, ambient effects (including fog), voices, voiceovers, music, and ambient music are all included. As a precaution, you may drop the master volume down a notch and select your preferred output configuration dependent on whether you’re using the finest gaming headset or computer speakers at the time of this writing.


Next, visit the Visuals page and consider the following New World alternatives for consideration:

  • Post-processing: high
  • Shadow details: medium
  • Terrain effects: medium
  • Effects detail: very high
  • Lighting details: high
  • Object details: very high
  • V-Sync: off
  • Player Nameplate: 15
  • Dynamic resolution scaling: off
  • Analytics reporting: off
  • Texture effects: high
  • Water effects: very high

Player nameplates indeed have a substantial impact on frame rate, but there is no need to be upset that Amazon did not inform us of this in the game’s description. However, there is a good reason why the default setting of 15 is used for them. To reach the maximum player count, it needs between five and ten frames per second.

However, the most severe side effect is the unreliability of frame drops as you approach more populated areas, which is the most severe side effect of all. However, while there isn’t much to be gained by dropping the number to 15, lowering it may help you take in more of your surroundings by removing some of the clutter.

If you want to improve the frame rate, the following item to tweak is the terrain detail settings. While the brightness of the surrounding vegetation, in which you spend a significant amount of time, can be lessened, the game’s overall appeal is not diminished as a consequence of this change. It does, however, restore a small number of frames.

Texture features may be found in several locations and provide depth to practically anything seen in a photograph. Nevertheless, what the option delivers in the form of frame rate, detracts from the amount of frame rate available. Although we don’t recommend reducing the volume down too much due to the massive drop in quality, dialing it down to medium will get you even more enjoyment out of the game – but be prepared to lose some of the enchantment in the process.

Shadow details are employed to deal with the game’s eerie atmosphere, and as is always the case, they may result in a bit of performance impact. Fresh World appears to be less new when you fall too low; thus, finding a happy medium is the best course of action in this circumstance.

However, while dynamic resolution scaling is the most effective method of increasing your frame rate, it is not the panacea that many people had hoped for when raising the frame rate. To avoid frame drops in particular spots, you must predict where your pixel count should be reduced. Because it comes at such a high cost in terms of visual quality, we can’t recommend it unless it is required to maintain a high frame rate for the game to run correctly.

Unexpectedly, effects, lighting, and water have less impact on New World’s performance than previous games. However, you may turn them off altogether to gain a few additional frames. It is essential to preserve the healthy landscape for future generations as long as your system can handle it.

Turning off V-Sync helps New World run as effectively as possible. Keep it on if you have no other options for preventing screen cracking, but turn it off if your gaming monitor supports Nvidia G-Sync or AMD FreeSync, which are both free and can prevent screen cracking.

Frame caps can assist when New World stutters or loses frames often. They will help maintain uniformity. Because it is not a highly competitive game, a frame rate in the triple digits is not a problem. While amusingly confined to 30fps and 60fps, this will not suit those of you with higher refresh rates. Keeping the background frame rate cap enabled will assist your PC by reducing game exit overhead.

New World Accessibility Settings

The Accessibility section helps more people play New World. There are also text-to-speech and speech-to-text options. The text size is likewise adjustable in New World, although with only two possibilities, it should be improved if Amazon wants to please everyone. You may change the font size, fade delay, the opacity of the chat window’s backdrop, and even apply a language filter to exclude inappropriate words from the chat content.

Aeternum’s acoustics can be enhanced by hard-of-hearing players by boosting softer sounds under the Audio tab.

Fortunately, the MMO’s alt-tabbing mechanism comes in helpful if you get confused and need to know where to get the best New World iron ore or fish oil. Neither fullscreen nor windowed modes are available by default, allowing you to move your cursor freely without minimizing the game.

Aside from saving you time, the background fps cap also protects your computer’s resources. I hope this guide has helped you to maximize your New World Performance.


Is New World bad for GPU?

New World is safe to play on any GPU, according to Amazon.

Is New World CPU or GPU intensive?

New World uses a lot of CPU, but it doesn’t have to accomplish everything.