Top 8 Best MSI Mystic Light Compatible RGB Fans

Looking for the best MSI Mystic Light compatible RGB Fans? You are in the right place.

Here I have reviewed 8 best MSI RGB fans to help you make the right decision.

Hopefully this buying guide will ensure you a better purchase. So, let’s start the journey of finding the most suitable msi case fans for your gaming PC.


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8 Best MSI Mystic Light Compatible RGB Fans Reviewed

Fan Name Max Speed Noise Level
MasterFan Pro 120 Air Flow RGB 1100 RPM 20 dBA
Cougar VORTEX ARGB 1500 RPM 26 dBA
InWin Saturn ASN120 ARGB 1800 RPM 35 dBA
Lian Li Bora Digital 1800 RPM 29 dBA
Silver stone AP124-ARGB 1800 RPM 25 dBA
Enermax SquA RGB-SG 1500 RPM 12 dBA
Bitfenix Spectre RGB 1200 RPM 22 dBA
DeepCool RF120 1200 RPM 27 dBA

Cooler Master MasterFan Pro 120 Air Flow

The new MasterFan Pro RGB comes in two different sizes (One is the 120mm & the other is the 120mm) and three distinct blade designs (Classic Air Balance, Air Pressure, and High Air Flow). If you are looking for an ideal cooling solution for your CPU cooler and chassis in-take fans, then the Coolermaster MasterFan Pro 120 Air Flow RGB is the best option for you.



Though the design is simple, it was inspired by the skies. The Masterfan pro 120  airflow is based on the most efficient airflow design inspired by jet Turboprop engines. The blades of the fans get more air suppressing noise to its fullest. So, you won’t get any loss of airflow. Your system will be cooled even under extreme conditions.

What makes the fan more aesthetic is the number of ways to change the chassis’ RGB lighting.  You can either use the switch behind the fan motor, or use the RGB controller to make custom RGB colors, or you can use your motherboard software to change the lightings as per your wish. The certified and compatible software are ASUS aura sync, Gigabyte fusion, ASROCK Polychrome Sync, MSI Mystic Light.  Each of the fans features a PWM and a4-pin RGB connector. You can also daisy chain the fans to control every fan’s speed and lighting at once too. In that case, you need a splitter cable.

Under operation, the Master Fan 120 fans are incredibly silent. The maximum noise level is between 6-20 dbA only. Even when pushed to full load, you won’t receive any vibration. This fan’s pricing is competitive enough, but it is worth it to cool the chassis with extreme silence.


Cougar Vortex VX120 fans are gorgeous looking and high performing msi rgb fans. You can also use these fans with your radiators as it can provide a decent level of static pressure.

In simple terms, it can replace the whole volume of air of a (roughly) standard-sized ATX case 3 times every minute, which is somewhat crazy. This keeps the temperature of your pc in check and maintains an optimal for your other components.



The speed of the fan, aka rpm, also is a significant factor. How fast the fan can spin determines how much air it can intake or exhaust. You can also control the fan speed with the PWM hub. Its 600 to 1500 rpm gives it enough headroom to operate at a low rpm in idle mode or low loads. And in heavy loads, it can crank up to 1500 rpm but at a cost.

In simple terms, it can replace the whole volume of air of a (roughly) standard-sized ATX case 3 times every minute, which is somewhat crazy. This keeps the temperature of your pc in check and maintains an optimal for your other components.

The speed of the fan, aka rpm, also is a significant factor. How fast the fan can spin determines how much air it can intake or exhaust. You can also control the fan speed with the PWM hub. Its 600 to 1500 rpm gives it enough headroom to operate at a low rpm in idle mode or low loads. And in heavy loads, it can crank up to 1500 rpm but at a cost.

This fan is a bit noisy at full speed.

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InWin Saturn ASN120 ARGB Fans

If you want a high airflow ARGB Case fan, then InWin ASN120 is the best option for your chassis. The Saturn ASN120 provides a maximum airflow of 77.17 CFM with a maximum air pressure of about 3.12 mmH2O, providing you with intelligent cooling solutions. The unique PWM design provides the users optimum control to cool their system even under excessive workloads.



Cable management is made so easy that you can connect the fans easily and can daisy-chain too. Have a quick look through the product specifications.

Along with superb aesthetics, the Saturn ASN120 is backed up with impressive ARGB functionality. The ARGB feature compliments other Addressable RGB components and can be synced with the motherboard with a 3-pin, 5V header. Don’t worry if your mobo doesn’t have any ARGB header. Inwin provides an exclusive additional controller that allows fans to function without an ARGB M/B Header. With just one click of the Controller Plus, you can sync more ARGB-enabled items and control fan speeds.

The unique access given by Inwin is that you can use the motherboard software and the Controller Plus together to control your ARGB lighting if desired.

Who doesn’t want to showcase the RGB lighting of the chassis? And the main highlight while showing the RGB lighting is the Stripes used on the PC case fans. In the Saturn ASN120 series, you will witness the stripe hype. The rigid stripes along the transparent frame border showcase the absolute beauty of the fan’s architecture. In fact, by seeing the design, you will get a premium feel that will provide you with a unique perspective when the light bleeds its way out.

Lian Li Bora Digital

As a cooling fan, the Lian li bora digital empowers you to the next RGB lighting level. If you look at the product specifications, you will face some alterations compared to other fans.

Lian-Li is a 25 years old family-owned technology specializing in computer chassis and accessories. You should be able to feel the premium difference when comparing a Lian Li cooling fan with other fans.



Lian li’s latest 120mm fans feature RGB lighting and are supported by Asus Aura Sync, MSI’s Mystic Light Sync, ASRock’s Polychrome Sync Gigabytes RGB Fusion Ready synchronization systems.

You can plug the lian li digital bora fans into almost any system, but if your motherboard doesn’t include RGB headers, you don’t need to worry a bit.

Just swap the lighting modes (rainbow, the cyclic color of double arcs, sporadic alternatives, bicolor arc neon, bicolor half arc, and static) and the fans’ speed with just a click of a button using the Exclusive RGB controller.

The fan’s rear side is different because there are spokes to hold the fan hub in place. Lian li installed sound-absorbing rubber pads on four corners of the cooling fan to reduce the vibration and noise level. Something special is the arrival of rubber LED strips, which you can custom install.

Nothing’s more calming and relaxing than a silent operating cooling fan. Lian li utilizes the fluid dynamic bearing and claims an unbeatable quiet cooling solution through the PWM connection to your chassis. Moreover, you can adjust the fan speed between 900 to 1800 RPM without hindering the maximum airflow.

Silver stone AP124-ARGB

You know it’s done right when you see Silverstone written on it.  With airflow at its primary goal, Silverstone has brought a brand new fan that seems rather promising.

Now, we’re going to take a look at the Silverstone ap-124 ARGB and see it’s worth your hard-earned cash.



First, let’s look at the specs and get a general overview of what this product offers.

Another important thing about a case fan is the rpm. It means how many times the fan spins in a minute. This Silverstone ap 124 has an rpm of 500 that goes up to 1800. The range gives you flexibility. When it’s not under load, it’s going to spin at a low rpm, reducing noise while still having enough airflow. But if you’re gaming and the temperature spikes up, the RPMs will ramp up and keep the pc at optimal temperature. Because of the PWM connector, you don’t have to do it manually. You can set everything up with the software, and it’ll do it for you. Even in a high stress, it’s barely making any noise. The acoustics are very satisfactory.

Now let’s talk about the cool stuff—the RGB. I mean, it is an RGB fan, after all.  This comes with a control box that you can use to change the light effects. But the best part is that it’s PWM. Meaning you can connect it with the motherboard and control the light settings and the rpm with software. Miles better than manually doing it like you have to do it on some cheaper fans. You can adjust the brightness (it does get kind of bright). There’s a lot of light effects to choose from. So, you’re fine in that regard.

But it’s not free from its issues. Even though we didn’t encounter any noticeable issues, there have been some customer complaints. Some people complained that the LEDs have burned out after a few months.

Although it’s unlikely that it’ll happen to your unit, it doesn’t mean it can’t. If you run into this problem, just contact Silverstone and replace it within the warranty period.

This fan comes with the performance of a high-end fan and the reliability of Silverstone. You know they deliver quality. And they did provide quality with this product. So, you can’t go wrong with the Silverstone ap-124 ARGB. An excellent choice for your gaming rig that’s going to set you apart from the crowd. Definitely worth the investment!

Enermax SquA RGB-SG review

Enermax made several fans of different names, but this time they made something unique. They made a new design called the Vortex design. The vortex design is perfect for case cooling and radiators. On the back of the fan frame, you will see there are brackets that go from the outside edge to the center that is kind of curved in opposite to the fan blades.



I am personally using this fan right now on my workstation setup and these are my most favorite MSI Mystic Light compatible RGB fans.

This square design redirects the airflow to help focus it straight instead of letting it go out and diffuse. The important thing about this design is the focused airflow that provides us with better static pressure, better airflow, and better cooling.

Enermax SquA’s unique square-shaped design is capable of supporting addressable RGB lighting sync with 16.8 million color options. It is a unique shape designed to get 40% more airflow than usual. Like other fans, this fan also has nine blades. But the difference is that the blades’ surface area is increased compared to other RGB fans so that your build gets an arresting look with a square fan frame complimented with RGB lighting.

The four corners of the frame are built so that this Air Inlet Design brings more air in and makes airflow efficiency easier.

Now, coming to the most prominent feature of this fan, the noise reduction technology. The intelligent PWM speed control provides an optimized low 300 RPM starting speed so that you can get a super silent experience. Complimented with the low rpm technology, this fan also has vibration-dampening rubber pads  to reduce vibration and noise levels. So, in a sense, you are getting a superior silent experience without breaking your bank account.

For non-RGB motherboard users, this fan is also usable. You can use the PWM power cable to connect the fan and just customize any Lighting modes of your desire. And for RGB motherboard users, you can sync the RGB lightings with any software like Aura Sync, Gigabyte Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, Razer chroma, and Also AsRock Polychrome sync.

Bitfenix Spectre RGB

The Spectre ARGB is a bang for your buck because it is Mystic Light SYNC Ready, compatible with all MSI motherboard and other BitFenix RGB products.You might have seen the Alchemy 3.0 ARGB LED Strips. These strips show much more color saturation, amplified brightness, and longer life because of the Tri Bright LED Technology. The Bitfenix Spectre is no exception to the rules.



The Spectre ARGB features the TriBright LED Technology making the RGB lights more evenly scattered, showing softer shadows, and increasing the overall lighting effect.

The case fan is engineered for maximum pressure and airflow. Spectre Addressable RGB provides a torrent of air that will keep your system cool even when you are in the middle of intense gaming. You can either connect the 3-pinned plug to your motherboard directly or connect the plug to an adapter to drive them towards the power supply.

Coming to the Blades of the fan, this simply designed fan is made up of sickled blades to reduce noise and generate high static pressure.

While you are in an intense gaming mode and the cooling fan rotates at maximum speed, the high rotation speeds can distort fan blades. As a result, there can be more turbulence and noise. The Bitfenix ARGB features nine Sickled fan blades that resist the fans’ distortion even when spinning at high speeds for maximum cooling performance. The fan’s LEDs are located at the core, providing a dazzling illumination throughout the fan blades.

So, don’t worry if you are planning to connect each of the fans. You can quickly Daisy chain the fans, and the benefit of this daisy chaining is that you can control all the fans by one RGB header.

DeepCool RF120

DeepCool CF120 are the industry leading radiator fans in terms of cooling your high-end gaming pc.



This fan can provide an optimal cooling solution at just half of its speed limit of these gorgeous case fans. But I personally run these fans at 1000RPM as it feels sufficient and creates only 17.8decibals of sound which is barely hearable.

The RGB illumination is rich and shows vibrant and the design is fairly decent but these fans trap more dust due to its fan blade structure.

There’s nothing to worry about if you want to put it in 100% load. You will gradually catch some noise footprint after putting it to full speed. But you really don’t need 1500RPM unless you are really strictly into overclocking your PC components.


RGB fans are a sign of a gamer’s hobby but the performance of these case fans takes this to the next level. That is why I have taken a long time to review all these best selected RGB fans.

Now that you have gathered all the important pieces of info you can easily get a good set of MSI Mystic light Sync compatible RGB fans for your gaming PC.