[SOLVED] AirPods Not Working on Snapchat

It is not very pleasant when AirPods stop working on Snapchat. Insert your headphones so that you may listen to music without distraction. Launch Snapchat’s application. The capture tab will appear when the button is pressed and held for a lengthy amount of time. Before removing the AirPods, ensure that the volume is turned to the maximum level. Verify that the volume is not increased when the AirPods are removed from the ear.


In order to correctly record audio with the Airpods microphone, the Voice Memos app must be launched, the red button must be clicked, and the switch must be touched again once the recording is complete. Depending on your personal preference, you can either modify or delete your audio recording. You can also direct Siri to launch the recording app on your behalf so that you may begin.

Because we have dealt with this issue in the past, we recognize that the situation you’ve described has the potential to be quite frustrating. If you are experiencing problems with your AirPods on Snapchat, the post you are currently reading provides a summary of potential fixes as well as the fundamental causes of this issue.

Why is my Airpod not Working

The malfunctioning of your AirPods on Snapchat is primarily due to bugs and problems in the Snapchat application. In addition, out-of-date Airpod software, an out-of-date version of the Snapchat app, issues resulting from the most recent software upgrade, and incorrect pairing of the AirPods may potentially contribute to this issue.

We have examined the most frequent causes of the AirPods not working problem. We will discuss a variety of possible underlying reasons and describe every treatment that helped me. If you wish to discover more, continue reading. As previously noted, the incompatibility between the AirPods and Snapchat can be caused by various causes, and we will examine each in this section.

  • Using an earlier version of the Snapchat application is one of the most common causes of connectivity issues.
  • If you have just updated the firmware and are now experiencing this issue, the likely reason is a flawed firmware update.
  • There are instances in which operating system bugs may cause difficulties like these.
  • Imagine that when you are recording a Snapchat video, one of the other applications on your device is also running. If this is the case, then it is likely that another app is blocking Snapchat from using the Airpod.
  • Inconsistencies and mistakes inside the Snapchat app are partly to blame for the AirPods issue.
  • If your device’s volume level is set too low, you may experience recording issues, which may also impair voice notes and AirPods recordings.

Regardless of whether your phone is running iOS or Android, you need to check the settings to ensure that the Microphone permissions are enabled. Activating the permissions will benefit you in the long term, even if you cannot hear what is being recorded. AirPods from Apple have Automatic Ear Detection.

Using this capability, they are able to detect when they are in your ears and playing your music. As soon as one of them is eliminated, the item will be placed on hold. Prepare yourself for the possibility that these sensors may occasionally malfunction. These reasons are to blame for the situation you currently find yourself in with Snapchat and your AirPods. Please allow me five minutes to handle this issue definitively.

How to Solve Airpod not Working on Snapchat

It is well-known that Apple prohibits some third-party applications from capturing video or audio notes with the AirPods. You may confirm this is not the case by recording a video or conducting a phone call while the AirPods are connected to your smartphone. It is hoped that the Airpod will operate flawlessly. In this scenario, you may choose to try out the following tactics.

If you are able to overcome the following obstacles, I can guarantee that you will no longer be concerned about the issue.

However, prior to implementing the changes, you must ensure that you have double-checked the volume settings. The microphone and media volumes must be turned up to their maximum levels. Ensure that your mobile device is entirely turned off if it is set to silent mode. And as a final piece of advice, ensure that Snapchat is the only application running in the background.

We have faith that you have finished all of these things. Now, all that is required of you is to behave in line with the instructions we are about to deliver.

Change Snapchat Settings

If the microphone on your AirPods is functional with other applications but not with Snapchat, this fix will restore its functionality.


Unlock your phone, then continue with the subsequent steps.

  • Proceed to the Settings option on your mobile device.
  • Select Snapchat from the application’s menu of available options.
  • Tap the Microphone icon to see whether Snapchat has access to the device’s microphone.
  • If it is already on, it should be turned off. Please wait a moment and then attempt to activate it again.

After completing the operation, you should verify that it is operating correctly. The microphone and sound issue with the AirPods should be rectified if this method is implemented.

Unpair and Re-pair Airpods

If there is a potential that an improper pairing of the AirPods causes the problem, you should attempt to repair the device. You have no notion how to do the task, correct? You might try the following steps.

  • Access the Settings application on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down to view the Bluetooth settings.
  • Tap the information button positioned alongside the AirPods.
  • Select the option Forget about this device from the menu.

As a result of this operation, the Airpod will become unpaired. Afterward, place the AirPods into their carrying case. To repair the device, press and hold the button located on the back of the enclosure, then follow the on-screen instructions. After the pairing has been completed, it is essential to assess whether the issue has been resolved. If this is not the case, try the options below.

Reset your Network Settings

In your device’s settings, you will discover the ability to connect to various networks, including Bluetooth devices. It is conceivable that a problem with your network configuration might cause the AirPods to malfunction. You can avoid this by resetting the network settings in the manner outlined below.

  • Proceed to the Settings option on your mobile device.
  • After scrolling all the way down to the General Settings section, tap the Reset option.
  • Select the option Reset network settings from this menu.

You are all set. This process might take up to one minute. Remember, however, that you will need to reset the network settings to, among other things, repair the Bluetooth devices and reconnect the Wi-Fi password.

Update Your Device

Check that the most recent software version is installed on your device to connect the AirPods. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, ensure that it is running the most current version of iOS; this will ensure compatibility with the AirPods. Installing the most recent firmware upgrade can remedy errors and issues with your operating system.

Simply perform an Internet search for the most recent update, download and install the appropriate files, and then restart your device. If an out-of-date software version causes the issue, this solution will resolve the issue.

Reset AirPods

Attempt a factory reset on the AirPods if none of the preceding troubleshooting methods effectively resolve the issue with the non-functioning headphones.


You may complete the task by following these straightforward procedures in succession.

  • Place your AirPods in the smart case ( charging case).
  • Take off the lid. There will be a white button on the rear of the case for you to push.
  • Hold the button down for a duration of thirty seconds. Throughout this procedure, you will observe a blinking white notification light.

After executing this method, the AirPod will be reset. Connect the AirPods to your smartphone after completing the mandatory pairing procedures. When you connect any Apple device to your computer, your Apple ID will be used to automatically pair all of your other Apple devices.

Clean The Microphone

A buildup of grit and debris in the microphone port hole of your smartphone might prevent the Snapchat microphone from operating correctly. For example, a few users have complained that the video volume on their Snapchat was too low despite being set to the highest setting. However, the problem was resolved once they removed the debris from the mic port hole on their smartphone.

You may use a soft cotton swab or a can of compressed air to remove particles that obstruct Snapchat’s microphone, which will result in enhanced audio recording levels.

Update Snapchat application

Okay, we’ll quit discussing the device and the AirPods. If you have followed the instructions above and are still having issues, the fault rests with the Snapchat application you are using. As the primary remedy, the application should initially be kept up-to-date. Here is how to update the app to resolve the issue where it is not functioning:

  • Visit the Apple store on your mobile device (if you own an iPhone) or the Google Play store to determine whether there is an available update (if you have an Android device).
  • If an “Update” button is there, you should click it.

Complete the program installation process.

If the problem was caused by a bug or malfunction in the software, updating the application will remedy it. Developers of mobile applications frequently release updated versions of their programs that fix any found bugs or flaws.

Re-install Snapchat

If you reinstall the program, you will be able to erase the application’s settings and any malfunctioning processes that prevent the AirPods from operating correctly. You may reinstall Snapchat by using the following steps:

  • After tapping the Snapchat icon on your phone, hold it down.
  • To uninstall the application, locate a button shaped like an x and label it “uninstall.”
  • You may accomplish this on your mobile device by visiting the App Store or Play Store.
  • Select “install” from the menu once you’ve located Snapchat.
  • After attempting this last option, your difficulties with the AirPods not operating correctly on this app should be fixed.
  • These are the most efficient solutions you may implement when confronted with a problem on your smartphone. If applying one or two of these options does not resolve the issue, you should not be scared to implement the remaining remedies. In reality, if you want to fix the problem permanently, it is advised that you implement these methods in the order presented above.

Note that in order to capture audio on Snapchat, the device’s volume must be turned up. Before attempting any of these methods, you should examine the volume level.

Disable Silent Mode

When you activate silent mode on your iPhone or Android smartphone, all sounds are muffled and stopped. Certain Snapchat app users can address the “microphone not functioning” issue by exiting silent mode and increasing the volume of their media. Therefore, give that a try to see whether it also solves your problem. On the iPhone, swipe up from the home screen to access the Control Center.

You may deactivate the silent mode from there. To deactivate the silent mode on your smartphone, tap the bell symbol until any red diagonal lines on it vanish. If you are using an Android smartphone, you need to press the volume up button and tap the notification icon until you see a bell without a horizontal line across it. You may also access the Sound settings on your smartphone by selecting the Sound option from the Settings menu.

Check Third-Party Apps Interference

Do you have any reason to suspect that another application is blocking Snapchat from accessing the microphone on your device? For instance, recording videos with Snapchat while also using an app like AlwaysIpodPlay to play music in the background may cause microphone issues.

To prevent other programs from interfering with Snapchat’s performance, you must leave all currently running apps on your smartphone and then restart Snapchat alone. In this scenario, you should close the app and relaunch Snapchat.

Now that you have a good knowledge of the process behind why you are experiencing the connectivity issue and how to solve it, it is time to implement the method. We can assure you that you will be able to solve the problem on your own if you have carefully read the whole essay and followed the way I have outlined. This is something we can absolutely promise.


How do you turn on the Airpods microphone for Snapchat on iPhone?

Start by navigating to Settings > Snapchat > Microphone to see whether Snapchat can utilize the microphone. If so, go to the subsequent step. Hit the toggle button to disable it, wait a while, tap it once more, and test Snapchat. Models of Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch: After exiting the application, relaunch it.

How do I connect Airpods on Snapchat?

You may search for “Snapchat” in the app’s settings menu or browse until you locate it. To choose the available option, click on the application. There are other settings on the list, ranging from the microphone to the notifications. Ensure the ‘camera’ option is activated on the page.