[SOLVED] AirPods Not Working On Messenger Calls

It may be pretty annoying to be unable to answer phone calls. Even while connected to your iPhone, your AirPods may sometimes fail to operate correctly, which may aggravate you. On the other hand, when AirPods won’t function with phone calls but work OK with other apps, it’s a different (and quite strange) ballgame.


In this post, we’ll go through the probable causes of your AirPods not working correctly for phone conversations and remedies to these issues. Before proceeding, ensure that your AirPods are wholly charged or have adequate power.

Furthermore, we propose you call someone, not on your contacts list. If the AirPods do not produce sound when the contact is being called, the person being contacted is probably the source of the problem. There might be network troubles preventing you from hearing anything, or the person’s Microphone could be broken. If your AirPods do not work for any phone conversations, regardless of who is on the other end of the line, you should try the troubleshooting steps listed below.

Why is my Microphone not working on my AirPods?

The Microphone on your AirPods may need to be fixed because you upgraded your phone or Messenger with the most current corrupted installation pack or because you are using an earlier version with specific problems, an unstable wireless internet connection, and a build-up on the speaker mesh.

We tried various approaches to tackle my problem, but we were only successful between 10 and 15 minutes into my study. Continue reading to the conclusion to understand how to resolve the pathetic issue of your AirPods not working on Messenger.

How To Solve AirPods Not Working During Calls On Messenger

When connecting with an iPhone or another device, the call audio is only sometimes instantaneously transferred to the AirPods. This can occur in certain circumstances, but only occasionally. This has already been proved to us. If you’re having trouble using your AirPods for phone calls on your smartphone, make sure your iPhone is configured to utilize the AirPods as the audio output device. In any case, there are a few possible explanations for why this is happening on your device, but none of them are definitive.

On the other hand, there are presently no particular solutions available on the market that can help you. As a result, we decided to speak with numerous expert persons. After doing so, we determined that the methods outlined below will be sufficient to aid you in addressing the issue with your AirPods. If you are experiencing problems, we recommend that you restart your device as soon as possible.

This might be aggravating if you see the video that says Restart your device before you get the first response. Let us share something with you; however, restarting your device can cure a number of problems that you haven’t even considered. As a result, tap the power button on your smartphone and select Restart from the menu. Check to see whether the matter has been handled.

Quick Tip: Check the battery life indicator to see whether your AirPods still have any battery life remaining in them. If there is even a sliver of energy left in your AirPods, you should let them charge for a while before rechecking the battery level using Messenger.

Choose Microphone

We assumed that the AirPod would automatically silence me whenever there was a lull in the discussion. On the other hand, this was not the case in the least. The issue is fixable by going to the Settings menu and changing the audio mic position from automatic to either left or right. Both of these alternatives are available.


The instructions are included in their total in the following paragraph.

  • After going to your device’s Settings menu, tap the Bluetooth icon.
  • You may access the Microphone by touching the I icon on the right side of the AirPods.
  • When you wish to speak into the Microphone, tap it—adapted to function without external assistance. Purchase a new pair of AirPods. If it has been chosen for you, you must choose one of the other two options from the list.
  • Put an end to everything and put your smartphone through its paces by making a voice or video call.

If this doesn’t solve your problem with your AirPods not working, try switching to the other one to see if it works. However, if this step does not address your problem, go to the next stage in the procedure.

Reset Network Settings

Now is the time to reset your device’s network settings so that it behaves as if it were factory unlocked. As a consequence, if there is a problem with the network, the device you have will be able to solve the problem.

  • You can go to the Settings menu on your iPhone and select the option to view the General settings.
  • Select Reset Networking Settings from the drop-down menu after pressing the Reset button.

If altering the network settings does not help, this suggests that a network problem did not cause the pain. There is a chance that your iPhone or AirPods have further issues that require repair.

Turn off the Low Power Mode

Turning off your iPhone is the best approach to verify that it is not in battery-saving mode. When the method is selected to save battery life, the maximum volume potential of the AirPods themselves may be lowered. To be successful in this endeavor, you must:

  • You may reach the Battery option by heading to your smartphone’s Settings menu and choosing it.
  • You may turn it off by simply pressing the slider located beneath the Low Power Mode.
  • Your device’s home screen should now be available; you may reconnect to your AirPods.

Check the volume on your AirPods

It’s conceivable that your AirPods’ volume is turned down or muted, resulting in no sound being produced at any time throughout the call. Another possibility is that your AirPods’ battery has died. If you’re using AirPods and have chosen them as your preferred audio device on the call page, but you still can’t hear the other person talk, we recommend turning up the volume on your AirPods.


If you continue to have difficulty hearing the other person, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Apple Support. You can adjust the importance of your AirPods by checking the volume on your iPhone and tapping either of the volume keys. You can assess the volume level of your AirPods by looking at the indicator shown in the top-left corner of the screen.

You may increase the volume of your AirPods by hitting the volume-up button on your device’s screen, which is situated on the right side. Following that, you should establish whether or not you can make phone calls. As a result, to offer a guarantee, you must:

  • To reach the Music option, go to the Settings menu and scroll down until you locate it.
  • Spend some time listening to music. Scroll all the way down, and if Sound Check is enabled, disable it by clicking the toggle button.
  • Choose the highest volume level. Check to ensure that it is working to its full potential. look-into-volume-limit

Before proceeding, please restart your phone and ensure it is connected to your AirPods. You should make an audio or video call to see if it helps address the problem.

Reinstall Messenger

The Messenger program you put on your smartphone may malfunction in some manner. The issue appears not with your iPhone or AirPods but with the messaging program you are currently using. You should delete the Messenger software from your device before reinstalling it and then check to see whether the problem remains. To accomplish this:

  • Maintain your finger pressure on the Messenger.
  • You can hit the Uninstall button or tap the minus sign symbol.
  • Begin by heading to your device’s Google Play Store and searching for Messenger.
  • Select Uninstall from the menu.
  • Uninstall-Facebook-Messenger
  • If no symbols resemble the (-) sign, you will see the word uninstall.

Clean your AirPods

If you use your AirPods for an extended period of time without cleaning them, dust can accumulate on the speaker mesh, causing both the speaker and the Microphone to malfunction. This will not happen if you tend your AirPods.

  • As a result, you may have issues with Messenger and other programs as a result of this. Cleaning your AirPods is as simple as wiping them down with a clean and dry cloth or brushing them off with a delicate brush.
  • If your AirPods come into touch with any liquid, whether water, shampoo, conditioner, perfume, or any other liquid form, you should dry them off as quickly as possible using a towel.

Fix the Call Audio Routing

Your Microphone will not function properly because the Call Audio Routing settings are incorrect, preventing it from operating correctly. To resolve this issue, you will need to perform the following:

Navigate to the Settings menu item.

  • Touch should be selected from the menu that appears after selecting Accessibility.
  • To make your choices, click on Call Audio Routing.
  • Choose Bluetooth Headset from the drop-down menu.

Launch Messenger and check in with a buddy while on the phone to see whether the problem has been resolved. If this is not the case, you should continue reading and completing the exercises with the tools available.

Make changes to the AirPlay settings

When AirPlay is activated, select iPhone from the list of devices to utilize as the receiver’s audio source. Doing so will help you solve the problem at hand. To achieve this aim, then:

  • Launch Control Center.
  • When the Not Playing screen appears, select AirPlay by clicking the button in the screen’s upper-right corner.
  • Choose iPhone from the drop-down menu.

Check the Privacy Settings

When there is a flaw in the software, it has the potential to cause a number of issues, one of which is that the program will not operate correctly when used in conjunction with other programs. In this exact scenario, you must do the following actions to resolve the issue where your AirPods are not working correctly on Messenger:

  • Navigate to the Settings menu and then select Bluetooth.
  • After sliding the slider to the off position, click the button to turn Bluetooth off.
  • Return to the Settings menu, and then scroll down until you locate the Privacy option.
  • Return to the Settings page after you’ve ticked the Privacy choices.
  • Select Bluetooth once more, and then move the toggle switch to the On position to enable the feature.
  • Reactivate the iPhone’s Bluetooth feature. Make a call using Messenger to check whether the issue persists, and report back with your results.
  • You may restore the connection between your iPhone and the AirPods by turning off and then on Bluetooth on your iPhone. First, remove the AirPods from your ears and place them in the charging case provided by Apple. This will allow you to reconnect your iPhone to your AirPods.

Then get on with what you were planning to accomplish. Remove the earpieces from your ears, reinsert the AirPods and attempt to make the phone call again.

Check Bluetooth Access

If many applications are using your iPhone’s Bluetooth capabilities simultaneously, you may need help while attempting to utilize the AirPods for specific activities. We learned via an Apple Community discussion that a handful of iOS consumers successfully fixed the problem of their AirPods not working correctly for phone conversations by blocking Bluetooth access for a specific program known as the Tile app. This app was the source of the problem.

  • If the app is loaded on your iPhone, you may disable its Bluetooth access by going to Settings > Bluetooth on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth on your iPhone to see a list of programs using Bluetooth capabilities.

After temporarily disabling Bluetooth access for the programs on the list, check to see whether you can still use the AirPods to make calls and, if so, whether you are successful.

Reboot your device

If you’re becoming increasingly frustrated as you attempt each step only to realize that none of them solves the problem, you should think about resetting your iPhone. It will make it easy for you to revert to the factory default settings pre-installed on a new factory-unlocked device when you utilize it. This is the correct procedure to follow:

  • Navigate to the Settings menu item.
  • Select the General menu option, then scroll down until you see the Reset option.
  • To begin, go to the menu and select Reset and Reset All Settings.
  • If none of these approaches worked for you, we recommend waiting for Apple or Facebook to produce a cure for the problem.

How to answer a Messenger call on AirPods

To answer a Messenger call while wearing AirPods, do a double touch on the exterior of either AirPod. Furthermore, you must do a double touch outside of either AirPod in order to complete the conversation on either AirPod. By doing so, a call may be answered and ended very quickly and efficiently. If your AirPods do not display on the list of audio devices that may be linked to your phone, they are most likely not connected to your phone.

To test if your AirPods are related to your iPhone, open the Control Center and long-press the Bluetooth icon. This will indicate if the AirPods are linked or not. If your AirPods are connected to your iPhone, a symbol like a pair of headphones will show next to the Bluetooth icon.

Apple’s AirPods are reliable for listening to and making phone calls since they have microphones. The Microphone may give the impression that it needs to be fixed at times. A wide range of simple maintenance can be performed on them as long as they have been adequately maintained. A significant number of customers have discovered that placing the AirPods back into their case for a short period, restarting the iPhone, or completely charging the AirPods helps address connectivity difficulties with the headphones.

There are a few more popular options, such as resuming the practice of pairing the devices after first unplugging them. If you encounter a man wearing what seems to be a white-colored earbud-like material in his ear, he is most likely wearing AirPods connected to his phone. If you ask him what he’s listening to, he’ll almost probably tell you it’s music on his iPhone. Wireless earphones are expanding faster than any other category in the history of the headphone business. As a result, people in our day and age are acutely aware of the situation.


Why are earphones not working on Messenger calls on iPhone?

You may check whether your settings need to be changed by going to your device’s Settings menu, selecting the Accessibility option, then clicking the Touch menu, and finally hitting the Call Audio Routing option. This page allows you to choose whether the Bluetooth headset or the iPhone speaker will be utilized to answer incoming calls on the iPhone. This option is only accessible if the Bluetooth headset or iPhone speaker does not link automatically. It would be best if you tried it, and then we can discuss the results afterward.

Why does my AirPods mic not work on calls?

If the Microphone on your AirPods headphones isn’t working, it’s likely that the headphones need to be fully charged. This might have happened to you if you last used your AirPods a while ago. You may check the charge on your AirPods by opening the case while they are still connected to your iPhone.