[SOLVED] PS5 Media Remote Not Working

The PlayStation 5 media remote may be used in place of a standard controller to navigate the menu system, launch content, and access the System’s applications. The media remote control is a very useful piece of technology. It allows you to easily navigate the menus of your PS5 and the other programs that are loaded on it.

It’s especially useful when attempting to view a movie on your PS5 while connected to your HDTV. Even though the controller is wonderful in and of itself, having to memorize all the buttons on the controller and then assign them to the functions you want to use is a significant annoyance. We will lead you through the stages of setting the PS5 Media Remote in this post so that you may put an end to this perplexing situation.


By any stretch of the imagination, the PlayStation 5 is not a traditional gaming system. Sony has made significant efforts to improve this product. You are not confined to playing video games on the device; it can also be used to watch high-definition movies. As a result, the PlayStation 5 represents exceptional value. Sony has continuously released updates that improve the overall performance of the device.

By connecting your game console to your television, you may use it as an additional monitor. You may proceed with the process as soon as you have an HDMI cable in your hands. You may use the controller to navigate the menu and the apps at this time. However, using a media remote control is easier and more convenient. Despite this, a sizable proportion of users are experiencing difficulty using the remote. Continue reading if you’ve been experiencing similar issues since you’ve come to the proper location to find solutions.

Does the PS5 Media Remote take batteries

It is correct that the PS5 media remote requires the use of two AA batteries for it to function properly. You will receive two batteries in conjunction with your purchase remote control. If you were curious about the matter, the answer is yes, and you are free to use any regular AA cells in the PS5 media remote.

Does the PS5 Remote Work on TV

As long as the television in question includes the HDMI-CEC capability, it will function well. The exception here is that the feature must already be installed. The ability to use the primary television remote to control any devices connected to the television via HDMI has become an expected feature but is not required on modern televisions.

It is known as HDMI-CEC. However, it is known by many names depending on the television maker. HDMI-CEC is the most often used moniker. Sony refers to it as Bravia Sync; however, LG’s Simplink and Samsung’s Anynet+ are the most often used titles in the industry today. There is no difference between the two regarding how they carry out their tasks.

If you enable the option in your TV’s settings and on the device connected to your TV, you will be able to operate all of your devices with a single remote simultaneously. This is feasible because your TV’s settings and the device connected to your TV enable the option.

Why Do You Need a Media Remote

The PlayStation 5 can play Ultra HD Blu-ray discs and a wide range of critical streaming applications and services. This feature debuted with the PlayStation 5. These functions are included as part of the console’s media capabilities. When using a controller, however, it is difficult to govern media playback because it is impossible to remember which buttons handle specific duties.


This makes managing media playback a laborious procedure. The Media Remote is essentially a PlayStation 5 squeezed into a more portable, space-saving form factor. A thin band of black wraps around the white section of the stick’s curvature, which is softly curled and white. This product looks similar to the PlayStation 5, with white sides and a black centre. It has a height of 5.7 inches, a width of 1.6 inches, and a thickness of 0.8 inches. It measures 0.2 cm thick.

The menus may be accessed through a directional pad with a chosen button. There are other controls for the volume, the power of the TV, and video playback. You also get the PlayStation home button, which, similar to how it works on the DualSense controller, puts up a bar menu at the bottom of the screen that doubles as a control centre for a range of activities you may employ.

There are four specialized shortcut buttons on the underside of the remote control, one for each of the streaming services Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, and YouTube. It is a really useful feature of the PlayStation 5 since the System will launch the program for you as long as you maintain pushing the button. These items can’t have their programming changed in any manner, shape, or form.

The Media Remote for the PS5 is an important device in instances like this since it facilitates the process of streaming all of your preferred programs. It is, in fact, remote control for a PlayStation 5, as stated in the product description. If you want to use your PlayStation 5 (PS5) as your primary device for streaming video, you must purchase this add-on for an extra $30.

How to Setup PS5 Media Remote

The procedure for configuring the remote is not difficult in any manner. It takes a set of AA batteries to function, and the PS5’s main menu has an option to connect a remote control to the console. Once you’ve chosen this option, all you have to do to complete the pairing procedure is hold down two buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.

This tutorial will go through how to set up the PS5 media remote.

Pair it with PS5

For it to operate correctly, you must first link your Media remote with the PlayStation 5. You were inserting the batteries into the gadget before use is insufficient preparation. Even though it should be that way, we believe it is something we will notice in the next years.


Following these steps, you can connect your media remote to your PS5.

  • Insert the AA batteries into the battery compartment of the media remote.
  • Switch on the PlayStation 5.
  • Join your Dual Sense.
  • Now we’ll look at the configuration choices.
  • Scroll down to see all of the available accessories.
  • Tap the media device button on the remote control.
  • The X button on the media control should be pushed.
  • Choose the one that best meets your requirements.
  • To reach the PS & Options menu, press and hold the “PS & Options” button on the media remote for 10 seconds.
  • To complete the pairing procedure, press the x button on the pair control panel.

Following the installation of this update, your Media remote should be able to operate your PS5. On the other hand, you could be wondering how you might connect it to your television set.

Pair with your television set

The PlayStation 5 will quickly recognize your television set. If it does not, the instructions listed below should be followed. The following procedures must be taken to connect a PS5 media remote to your television:

  • Continue to the section containing the accessories.
  • Tap the media device button on the remote control.
  • Choose the remote control for your electrical device.
  • To link the gadget to your television, press the following button.
  • Choose the option that necessitates manual configuration.
  • Do some study to find out who built your television.
  • To confirm that the remote is working properly, press the volume adjustment button.
  • Choose the strategy that is currently providing results to complete the procedure effectively.

Once you’ve located the volume control button on your television, double-check that it’s operational. If your television isn’t recognized by the PlayStation 5, you might try switching to a different brand.

How to Fix PS5 Media Remote not Working

In the following paragraphs, you will find simple instructions that will act as a road map for you to follow as you work through the procedures required to resolve this problem. As we have discussed in previous postings, it is possible that the PS5 media remote you are using is not working properly due to a variety of various reasons.

As a result, we highly suggest you try each possible way. If, after completing all of the processes, you are still unable to use the PS5 media remote, go to the instructions listed below.

The following steps should be taken to repair the PS5 media remote if it is not working:

Make sure you check the batteries

In response to your question, the average lifespan of AA batteries is somewhere around 12 hours. However, if you buy low-quality AA batteries, they will only last around five to six hours, which is comparable to about one and a half months of use. This implies that 12 hours of use should last around three to four months.

Turn on Bluetooth on the PS5 console

It’s possible that you don’t have Bluetooth enabled on your device. You will be unable to use your PS5 remote if the Bluetooth option on your PlayStation 5 is turned off.


The steps below will teach you how to enable Bluetooth on a PlayStation 5:

  • Now we’ll look at the configuration choices.
  • Continue to the accessories menu.
  • Choose Bluetooth from the drop-down menu.
  • Simply touching the button activates Bluetooth capabilities.

At the stated time, the PlayStation 5 system will resume. Following the launch of anything entirely new, If you connect your media remote to the PlayStation 5, you should be able to use it with the System.

Turn on the HDMI Device Link

Even though the remote has already been linked to the PlayStation 5, there is still a chance that it will not operate with the television. I’m talking about the fact that your television’s remote control will no longer work as it typically would. To achieve this, you must enable the HDMI device connection on your PS5 as well as the HDMI-CEC functionality on your display.

The following steps should be taken to enable the HDMI Device connection on a PS5:

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Choose System from the drop-down menu.
  • Navigate to the HDMI connection menu.
  • Change the mode to HDMI Device Link and power it on.
  • Make the link available with a single tap.
  • It is advised to enable power off-link.
  • turn-on-ps5-hdmi-device-link
  • Follow the on-screen directions to access your TV’s settings menu.
  • Search for HDMI.
  • Turn on HDMI-CEC.

Following a recent update, your PlayStation 5’s media remote may now be utilized with your TV. You have control over the power switch and the volume settings on your television, which you may change as you see appropriate. Unfortunately, you are unable to change the station on your television set.

If you’re having trouble using your media remote for the first time, there are a few extra factors to consider. If you’ve been using it for a long time without incident, it’s conceivable that something as simple as batteries that have past their expiration date is the root of the problem. As a result, try using them in their place and see if the result is affected.

When reporting their problems with the product, a few customers mentioned a conflict with their DualSense controller as an additional issue they were having. Turning off your controller is the first thing you should do if you want to see whether your media remote will operate regularly again. When nothing seems to work, it is necessary to contact PlayStation Assistance directly for further information and support, as is always the case when nothing seems to work.

In the great majority of situations, however, all that is required is a simple reset, which may be accomplished by first unpairing and then repairing your PS5 media remote. This is all that is necessary.


Why is my PS5 media remote not working?

If you are having trouble connecting or pairing your Media remote with your console, you should try performing a factory reset on the remote. This will reset the remote to its default settings. Under these conditions, the best course of action would be to erase the remote from your console and then repair it as if it were brand-new hardware. This would be the most efficient line of action.

Can the PS5 media remote be used to switch on the television?

You’ll find buttons on the front panel of the TV for turning it on and off, adjusting the volume, muting the sound, accessing the instructions and settings, entering the settings, and returning. In addition, there are standard play and pause controls. There are also shortcut buttons that allow you to immediately begin using Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, and YouTube.