Boost Your Mic Volume For Discord

After a while, you began making a lot more phone calls, but you kept having the same issue…Friends complain that you aren’t loud enough or that they can’t hear what you’re saying properly. There is always a problem with the loudness of your Discord. But don’t worry; in this post, we are going to show you how you can boost your mic volume for Discord.

Discord, a voice-over-IP communication application, is very renowned among gamers and other online groups in general. And besides, connectivity is one of the most critical aspects of any game that requires even the smallest amount of cooperation.


Communication, on the other hand, might worsen over time if you or your friends are having difficulty hearing one another. Worse than that, the microphone is taking up annoying background noise that might be difficult to hear.

So, what can you do to make your communication better?

After reading this post, you will understand how to resolve this issue in terms of making your voice and video conversations go much more smoothly and boosting your mic volume for Discord!

How to Boost Your Mic Volume For Discord

Luckily, in Discord, you will find numerous options to increase the sensitivity of your microphone. It is possible to configure the settings either via the Windows sound options or using the Discord application’s voice configuration settings.

You may increase your microphone in a matter of minutes by using one of the strategies we have discovered while researching. To assist you, we’ve listed every one of them and created an outline for you to follow. Then you may use them to cure your mic problem and improve the functioning of your microphone in Discord.

In Discord, the following are the techniques through which you can boost your mic volume for Discord:

1. Reset Voice Settings on Discord

If you have mistakenly changed or altered some settings in Discord regarding the Voice and Video settings, then it may cause the issue. In this case, resetting the voice settings may solve the issue.

Therefore, to increase your microphone volume in Discord, you must first clear all of your existing settings. This is necessary because if any prior settings in Discord have reduced your mic strength, you will need to reverse those to get the increase.

Don’t be concerned if it seems to be complicated. My step-by-step tutorial will allow you to complete this job in a matter of a few seconds. Simply follow the below steps carefully to restore your voice settings:

  • Launch Discord desktop client and go to the Settings by clicking on the gear icon located beside your username.
  • On the left sidebar, locate Voice and Video under the App settings section, and hit it.
  • Now scroll down to the bottom and click on the red-colored Reset voice settings

reset-voice-settings (1)

  • A new confirmation window will appear. Click on Okay to confirm it.

Once you have done all the steps above, your voice settings have been reset to their default configuration. Restart your Discord and participate in a voice conversation to test whether the microphone is working properly.

If not, follow the below solutions.

2. Get A Dedicated Mic and Select The Correct Input Device

Whether changing your voice settings does not resolve your microphone problem and does not increase your microphone volume, check to see if you have chosen the right input device for your microphone in the Discord client.

When you’re utilizing a third-party microphone to chat with your Discord pals, this is a typical problem. Usually, if you reset the voice settings on your computer, it may result in the built-in microphone of your device being selected as your main input device for Discord, which is not what we are seeking.

As we already know and are well aware that built-in mics are not very good in terms of quality, but you can get by with these if you absolutely must. However, you will have to compromise sharpness and efficiency.

So, you will need to buy an external mic and change the default input device to that microphone.

Follow the below steps to do that:

  • Launch Discord desktop client and go to the Settings by clicking on the gear icon located beside your username.
  • On the left sidebar, locate Voice and Video under the App settings section, and hit it.
  • Click on the pre-selected default input device to open the drop-down menu.
  • Now select your desired microphone and click
  • Restart the Discord and participate in a voice call. Now check to see if the problem is solved or not.

If the low volume issue persists, move on to the below solutions to solve your problem.

3. Adjust the Input Volume

Generally, resetting the voice settings and selecting the right input device solves the problem. But If none of the above-mentioned solutions work for you, then you should adjust the input volume in the Discord settings menu.

The input volume on certain computers is reduced by half by default, making it more challenging for your microphone to pick up your speech properly.

So, to modify the input volume of Discord in a matter of a few seconds, follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Launch Discord desktop client and go to the Settings by clicking on the gear icon located beside your username.
  • On the left sidebar, locate Voice and Video under the App settings section, and hit it.
  • In the Input Volume section, use the slider to adjust the mic volume depending on your preferences.adjust-input-volume
  • You should set the slider to 100% to be in the safe zone.
  • Restart your Discord and see if it’s performing well or not.

4. Turn Off Automatically Determine Input Sensitivity

Discord automatically adjusts the input sensitivity of your microphone to prevent high pitch noises from being sent to your friends during a voice conversation. However, this function has the unfortunate side effect of lowering the microphone’s volume.

As a result, you may increase the volume of your microphone by deactivating the automatically determined input sensitivity option on Discord.

To do that, follow the methods outlined below:

  • Launch Discord desktop client and go to the Settings by clicking on the gear icon located beside your username.
  • On the left sidebar, locate Voice and Video under the App settings section, and hit it.
  • In the Input Mode section, click on the Voice Activity
  • Now below that section, you will find the Input Sensitivity section. Toggle off the Automatically Determine Input Sensitivity
  • By using the slider, set the value to -100db to boost your mic volume for Discord.

The sensitivity of your Discord microphone has now been increased to its maximum level. Make a Discord voice call with your friends to see whether the problem persists.

If the problem doesn’t solve, continue pursuing the following solutions.

5. Adjust Attenuation Settings

If turning off the Automatically Determine Input Sensitivity option doesn’t fix your issue, it’s time to adjust the attenuation settings. Discord’s Attenuation settings are yet another tool for improving your mic’s volume. The audio activity of other applications may sometimes be heard over your speech. Attenuation settings will assist you in overcoming this problem and improving your microphone output in Discord.

To adjust the attenuation settings, go through the following procedure:

  • Click on the Start menu and type Discord, and open the desktop client.
  • Navigate to the Settings by clicking on the gear icon located beside your username.
  • On the left sidebar, locate Voice and Video under the App settings section, and hit it.
  • Search for the Quality Of Service section by scrolling to down.
  • Now you can use the slider to adjust the volumes of other applications that you want to hear while talking to someone on a voice call. If you don’t want to hear any other applications’ sound, set it to 0%.
  • Turn on the When I speak option and turn it off When others speak.adjust-attenuation-settings
  • Restart Discord and make a voice call and see if it works.

6. Change Microphone Sensitivity in Windows

When you tried every solution in this post outlined above but still faced the low mic volume problem, then it’s certain that the problem is occurring from your Windows settings. Tuning the sensitivity of your microphone from the Windows settings is yet another means of improving its responsiveness.

It’s a rather basic procedure that may be completed in a matter of seconds. My step-by-step instruction will walk you through the process of setting your Microphone’s sensitivity in Windows.

The following are the procedures to take to change the microphone sensitivity in Windows:

    • Open the Run command dialog box by pressing the Win + R button on your keyboard.
    • On the blank box of the dialog box, type Control, and then click the Enter key on your keyboard, or you can hit OK.


  • The control panel window will appear. Select the Sound
  • Select the Recording tab on the Sound window.
  • Choose the device of your choice and then click on Properties.
  • click-properties
  • Navigate to the Levels
  • Modify the microphone’s sensitivity setting to suit your needs. I think 100 is a good number to start with.
  • adjust-mic-sensitivity
  • To get the greatest results, turn up the Microphone Boost level to its highest setting on your Microphone’s properties.
  • To save the Microphone settings adjustments, click Ok.
  • To keep your modifications, click Ok in the Sound window.
  • Restart your computer, and you are good to go.

Once done, test the increased microphone sensitivity by calling someone on Discord now.

7. Clean Microphone Port and Hole

If you have tried all the solutions above and still facing the problem, then there is a high chance that the reason behind the issue is clogged or dusty microphone holes. And this is a common issue that the dusty mic holes are causing this low volume on Discord problem.

Especially when you are using an external microphone, this is a usual thing. You should check for any volume slider on your microphone to see if it can adjust the volume.

However, if you can’t find one, the problem is certainly because of the clogged holes. You can make sure it by removing your microphone from the computer and inserting another one. If the other one is working fine, but your one isn’t, then you can make sure of it.

Follow the below steps carefully to clean the ports of your microphone:

      • Remove the charger or power line of your microphone from your computer and turn it off.
      • To start cleaning, take a little amount of wiping alcohol and soak a q-tip or soft fabric in it.
      • Put the wet q-tip into the microphones port and carefully massage the interior to remove the dirt and fungus that has formed inside.
      • Make use of a dry q-tip to wipe away any leftover alcohol from the portholes.
      • Allow for at least ten minutes for the alcohol to evaporate before continuing with the procedure.
      • Now after connecting the microphone, make sure it is turned on and see if it’s functioning properly.

But if you are using a laptop, and you don’t use any external microphone, then you may follow the below steps to know how to clean the laptop’s built-in microphone:

      • Make sure you turn off your laptop and disconnect the power cord.
      • Find the microphone, which is usually beneath the trackpad on the front of the device.
      • Now get yourself an unused toothbrush. But make sure that it is clean enough.
      • Clean the microphone hole with that toothbrush to remove any remaining dust.
      • Continue using the preceding procedures until all of the dust has been removed.

Hopefully, your microphone port and gap are now completely cleaned. Now, you should Discord call one of your buddies and test whether the microphone is functioning properly or not.

Why Your Mic Volume For Discord Has Decreased

Now that we learned the methods on how to boost your mic volume for Discord, it would be great if you also know what the possible reasons why this problem occurs sometimes are. Let’s have a look at why the mic sensitivity can be low, making your voice difficult to hear on Discord.

There are a variety of factors that might affect the microphone quality in DIscord. Luckily, the majority of them seem to be software-related problems that can be resolved in a matter of minutes. So let us talk about these reasons.

We’ve given all of the probable causes below, along with explanations, to ensure that you have a clear understanding.

The following are the reasons why you may be experiencing microphone problems in Discord:

1. Improper Discord Settings

The Discord app provides a variety of settings that allow you to customize your microphone and input device.

Ans these settings might well be personalized to suit your needs. Activating the incorrect option, on the other hand, might lead to broken input devices. So, it would be great if you consider the ramifications and needs of your audio and input methods before setting them up.

2. Defective Audio Port Devices

An audio connection may get loose, or a defective headphone may cause Discord to not operate with your device.

Earphone users who constantly connect and remove their earphones will have to deal with an unstable headphone port after just a few days of persistent usage. This information is genuine as it is based on my own experience.

You’ll have a hard time connecting your headphones to your computer, and even a little activity might cause them to separate from your computer.

3. Wrong Windows Audio Settings

By default, the mic strength and boost levels are set to a high value in Windows. Microphone problems might occur if the sensitivity or boost values are reduced to zero or too low in the default configuration. You will not be able to hear yourself speak in Discord or any other program if the microphone’s volume is set too low by any means.

Because of this, Discord will remain to have mic difficulties until you manually alter those settings.


Should I purchase an external microphone?

The default mic of a laptop or any other device is not good enough to provide you with the best service. So, if you want to Livestream, and want the best quality, then purchasing an external microphone would be the best choice for you.

How to boost your mic volume for Discord?

Click the gear icon next to your nickname to access Discord’s settings, where you may increase your microphone volume. Under the App Settings section, choose Voice and Video from the left-hand menu. In Discord’s Voice Settings, you may now modify the loudness of your input device’s volume.


There you go! If you follow these instructions, you’ll be able to increase the volume of your mic in Discord and be heard clearly. You don’t have to waste time looking for a Discord mic booster solution on Google since we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all your options. But before implementing any of the solutions in this post, make sure you read the entire post.