[SOLVED] AirPods Double Tap Play/Pause Not Working

AirPods’ wireless built-in Bluetooth connectivity alleviates users’ device’s bothersome clicks and tabs by giving excellent features like Siri, automatic ear identification for playing audio, noise canceling, denying phone calls, and so on. Double Tap is a touch-sensitive feature of AirPods that allows you to use the previously described AirPods features.


Let’s go through some of the primary reasons why AirPods double-tap don’t function, how to fix them, and other circumstances where double-tap may fail. Don’t worry if it doesn’t. We studied it as tech enthusiasts and created a list of simple answers to your problem.

Airpods Double Tap Not Working

It has come to everyone’s attention that tapping on AirPods will only sometimes have the desired impact. An issue with the touch-sensitive feature may occasionally make our skin itchy. When Bluetooth associates an iOS device with another iOS device, the double-tap feature may not function properly when the user is trying to accept audio calls, play or stop music, use Siri, or perform double-tap operations on its own.

Why is AirPods Double Tap not Working

Double tapping to control your music experience is a great time saver for AirPods users. However, despite Apple’s magic engineering and superb efforts, people still experience issues using Airpods. Not working with the double tap feature is a good example of this.

The following are some potential underlying explanations for this phenomenon:

  • A layer of dust has accumulated and created a coating on the speaker of the AirPods.
  • It’s possible that there’s a problem with the hardware in both the left and right AirPods.
  • The configuration for double-Tap is NOT turned on at this time.
  • Sensor issues using technology are causing problems.
  • Reduced battery life on the iPhone device that is compatible with AirPods The iOS version of the iPhone device that is compatible with AirPods has not been brought up to date.

How to Fix AirPods Double Tap Play/Pause Not Working

The Apple AirPods are currently the most advanced headphones presently available. AirPods stand out from the competition because of their exceptional sound quality, powerful performance, aesthetically pleasing design, and user-friendly operation. Playing, stopping, and resuming playback are all easily accessible through their snappy controls. You must push the force sensor once to start and stop the music or sound effects. Simply tap the screen one more to create the music playing again. When you push the force sensor twice, or three times in succession, the game will skip either forward or backward. Isn’t this an incredible amount of a time saver? It’s true. Therefore, when you obtain it, merely thinking about the benefits that unfortunately require you to deal with the downsides, your delight will turn to despair. This is because you will be forced to cope with the drawbacks. A number of users have voiced their dissatisfaction with the fact that double-tapping to play or pause music needs to be fixed.

Check Your iOS Version

AirPods cannot be used with any iPhone model that was released before iOS 8.3. It is necessary to install the update since it fixes bugs and improves the functionality of the iPhone and the AirPods. Here is how to find out what version of iOS your smartphone is running.


You can check the iOS version from Settings>General>About>Version

Enabling The Option To Double-Tap

If the double-tap feature is not active, using the shortcut twice will have no impact. This is the most crucial step that must be completed before using the AirPods. It is impossible to utilize AirPods until the “double-tap” function is activated. The following is a list of the ways double-tapping may be enabled on iOS devices:

  • Begin by opening the Settings program on your iPhone.
  • Proceed to the Bluetooth menu.
  • Tap the information icon (I) that is to the right of the name of your AirPods.
  • Double-Tap on AirPod is located farther down the page; scroll down to reach it.
  • Pick the one to the left from the available choices.

One of the essential features of the AirPods is that you can give each earpiece a different set of settings to customize. While double touching the left AirPod, you may access the Play/Pause menu. There is a total of five different options to select from.

  • Navigate back to the settings screen for the AirPods.
  • Pick the right option.
  • Double tapping the right AirPod will bring up a menu with five options. Play and Pause are two of those options.
  • Check if playing or pausing your music requires you to double-tap the force sensor.

And that is it. It is the least complicated solution, and the vast majority of customers have successfully fixed their AirPods problem by modifying the settings on their iPhones in this way.

Deactivate the Automatic Ear Detection

One alternate method that maintains a healthy lifestyle is turning off the Automatic Ear Detection feature. The AirPods may now be controlled and commanded by hand, thanks to this feature. Please let me know what happens when you try disabling this function. The following are the several ways in which the automatic ear detection feature on the iPhone can be disabled:

  • Start up the Settings application on the iPhone once more.
  • Make sure that Bluetooth is selected from the menu.
  • Tap the information icon (I) that is to the right of the name of your AirPods.
  • You may locate the Automatic Ear Detection feature by scrolling down a little.
  • Remove your finger from the button.

You are done! Determine at this point whether the problem with your AirPods has been resolved.

Reconnect Your Apple AirPods

However, if you are unable to remedy the issue with your AirPods, you should attempt to reconnect them to the iOS devices you are using. Do not overlook the necessity of removing your AirPods from the associated devices on your iPhone list. It is hoped that this will allow you to accomplish two tasks with the same effort.


It’s possible that the AirPods and the smartphone can’t be paired together due to specific technical difficulties.

  • Start the program for configuring the settings on the device.
  • Choose the Bluetooth option.
  • Simply click the button labeled “Information.”
  • Choose the option that is located at the very bottom of the screen.
  • Select “Remove your Device” from the menu.
  • Keep your AirPods stored away in the case for the time being.
  • After thirty to forty seconds, you should re-establish the connection between your smartphone and the Airpods.

If the problem is not fixed by the remedies described above, you should get in touch with Apple Customer Care.

Airpods Double Tap Not Working On Spotify

IOS and Android users extensively use Spotify on their mobile devices. Despite the sophisticated design and high-tech capabilities of the AirPods, quite a few consumers need help to use the headphones with Spotify to listen to music or podcasts. When attempting to troubleshoot double-tapping on Spotify, there are a number of different factors to consider. These items are:

  • It is essential that the software on the iOS device be updated to the most recent version.
  • DO NOT participate in double or triple tapping on the earbuds if you use AirPods Gen 3 or AirPods Pro. These models of AirPods are not compatible with these actions.
  • After a certain amount of time has passed, the application should be uninstalled and reinstalled.
  • Check the remaining battery life on the AirPods.

What Should You Do If Only One AirPod Is Connected

Apple’s AirPods customers complain that one of the earbuds is not adequately fastened and is not functioning correctly. There is a high probability of encountering a connection error while using a single AirPod. Do you know how to get out of this building? Let’s look at the possible solutions. The following are the possible solutions to an AirPod that is not connected:

Return both AirPods to their charging case when you can use them simultaneously. Now, I ask that you please wait for around ten seconds. After that, take them out of the case by removing the cover. Test the operation of the headphones by inserting them into your ears.

If you have not yet succeeded in accomplishing your objective, proceed to the previous step and do it again. Only one thing should be added. Adjust the setting for Bluetooth on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) before taking the AirPods out of the charging case. Then it would be best if you let me know whether it is successful. However, one of your pods is not operating correctly; you should try to reset both of them.

These are the most practical solutions to the problem with the connection occurring on one of your Pods.

You can address the issue quickly by reinstalling the Spotify software on your iPhone equipped with the latest iOS version.


Why won’t my AirPods pause when I tap them?

Your AirPods will only put a pause on music, podcasts, or any other apps if the Automatic Ear Detection feature is turned on.

Why is my double tap not working on my iPhone?

Open settings and go to Accessibility. First, “Touch,” then the “Back Tap” option should be tapped at the bottom of the screen. Then select None for both the “Double Tap” & “Triple Tap” options. The next step is to force quit Settings and then reactivate Back Tap by going to Settings > Accessibility >Touch > Back Tap.

Why won’t my AirPods skip songs?

Access the Bluetooth settings on your linked iPhone by opening the Settings app. Tap the symbol that looks like an I to choose your AirPods. Select your right or left AirPod from the menu that appears under Double-Tap on AirPod to adjust the double-tap default settings for that AirPod. Choose Next Track to make skipping songs the default action performed by double tapping on that AirPod whenever it is used.